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1 Revisiting five Asia Cup classics

5 iconic Asia Cup games that are among the most exciting matches in the history of the tournament

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2 Celebrating Afghanistan's 100th ODI

As Afghanistan approach their ODI century, here are 5 of their most memorable wins in ODI cricket.

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3 The best of Ajit Wadekar

Remembering some of the best batting performances by one of India's finest captains.

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4 Players on both batting and bowling honours boards at Lord’s

10 cricketers who have scored a Test century as well as taken 5 wickets in an innings at the Home of Cricket.

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5 Best of the Tests at Trent Bridge

The Nottingham stadium, which will host the 3rd Test of the England vs India series, has witnessed plenty of exciting matches.

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6 When Pakistan played cricket on Independence Day

Five matches in history when Pakistan were involved in international cricketing action on their Independence Day.

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7 Indians on Lord's honours boards

22 cricketers from India have scored a century or taken 5 wickets in an innings at Lord's, the Home of Cricket.

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8 Botched Test match chases

3 games from Test cricket history where an easily achievable target was not chased down.

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9 The greatest ODI knocks in successful 300+ chases

Even though chasing down totals over 300 has become more common in ODI cricket, it still takes special innings to make it happen.

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10 Rewind to 1992: When the Proteas faced the Lions for the first time

South Africa faced Sri Lanka in an ODI for the first time during the 1992 World Cup in an exciting, low scoring thriller.

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11 Revisiting England's milestone Tests

In honour of England's 1000th Test match, against India at Edgbaston, here is a look at their centenary Tests.

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12 4 great innings by Indian batsmen in England

In conditions that often favour the bowlers, these innings in 2 victories, a defeat and a draw are still remembered.

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13 Edgbaston: Not a happy hunting ground for India

Historically, India has done badly in Tests in Edgbaston, the location of the first Test in the tour of England.

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14 Best of the Tests at Edgbaston

Five memorable Tests played at the venue of what will be England's 1000th Test match, against India.

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15 Remembering Nelson Mandela's contribution to cricket

Following his birth centenary, here is a look at how Nelson Mandela made a difference to cricket in South Africa.

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16 Galle: The fortress of Sri Lanka

Galle has been one of the most successful grounds for the Lions in Test cricket.

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17 Best of the Tests: South Africa vs Sri Lanka

Five classic, exciting examples of Test cricket from the history between the Proteas and the Lions.

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18 Best of the Tests at Sabina Park

Seven classic Test matches at one of the most iconic grounds of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica.

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19 West Indies vs Bangladesh: Past battles

As the two countries who are at eight and nine in the Test rankings face off, we look at some highlights from their previous encounters.

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20 8 exciting matches from India vs England history

When these two teams clash in ODI and T20 cricket, the results are often eventful and memorable.

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