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Formula One; Loves Ferrari and Kimi Raikkonen, Regales all things black and a bit of Orange, adores Lara but Dravid is the role model. Has a fair share of love for all things random such as recliners, toothpicks and old abandoned houses. Can stop the world to listen to Jazz. Roots for the underdog and loves unsung heroes. Also a fan of chivalry and of Field Marshal Rommel and Netaji Bose.

20-Apr-2017 The Curious Case of Kieron Pollard

Is Kieron Pollard more Mumbai Indian than West Indian?

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31-Mar-2017 Leadership and the gentleman's game

Steven Smith and Virat Kohli provided different takes on leadership and sportsmanship.

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27-Mar-2017 Shaun Tait's career: Nasty, brutish and short

A gifted fast bowler with rare pace, he couldn't control his line or his body's injuries.

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25-Mar-2017 Will the Windies rally against Pakistan?

Nobody knows which West Indies wll turn up to battle Pakistan.

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21-Mar-2017 No drama, just cricket

Steve Smith and Cheteshwar Pujara's innings were silver linings in a series filled with diversions.

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10-Mar-2017 The beginning of the end for Windies cricket?

With the 3-0 drubbing from England and loss of senior players, West Indies are in real trouble.

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07-Mar-2017 An eagle of the Caribbean

Sir Viv Richards, 65 years old on March 7th, was one of the greatest batsmen of all time.

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01-Mar-2017 Bye Bye Boom Boom

After a long career spent bringing joy to fans, Shahid Afridi's international retirement brings sadness.

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22-Feb-2017 Learning from the 2001 Australia tour of India

The classic 2001 Border-Gavaskar Trophy has some timeless lessons for today's players.

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14-Feb-2017 A true victory for cricket

India beat Pakistan in the 2017 Blind World T20, but cricket would have been richer no matter who won.

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