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Sri Lanka tour of England 2016

Scorecard - 5th ODI, England vs Sri Lanka at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, Wales (02 Jul 2016)


324/7 (50) RR:6.48

England won by 122 runs

MOM: Jos Buttler
Sri Lanka

202/10 (42.4) RR:4.73

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49.5 - Pradeep to Plunkett, FOUR, another handy boundary from Plunkett. Too predictable was Pradeep with his slower ones, Plunkett sits back and pulls over mid-wicket, beating the fielder in the deep

49.2 - Pradeep to Plunkett, FOUR, Plunkett gets a bouncer and he swivel-pulls it behind square on the on-side for a boundary

48.1 - Lakmal to Woakes, FOUR, sloppy cricket from Sri Lanka. What should have been just a run is now a boundary. Slower delivery outside off stump, Woakes swings hard and gets a thick edge, the fielder lets that go right through his legs

47.5 - Chaminda Bandara to Root, FOUR, cheeky and effective. Full toss outside off stump, Root goes for the reverse paddle and sends it fine, Root has a look at the square leg umpire to see if it was above the waist, but it wasn't

46.4 - Pradeep to Buttler, FOUR, this is short and on the stumps, Buttler pulls it towards backward square leg, the fielder in the deep dives but it beats him

46.3 - Pradeep to Buttler, FOUR, Nasser Hussain on air spoke about how Buttler uses his bottom hand to hit wide of long-off and there's the example. Buttler was deep in his crease, anything within the stumps would have been over mid-wicket, but Pradeep bowls a slower ball outside off stump, drills it for four

45.4 - Chaminda Bandara to Root, FOUR, low full toss outside off stump, Root lofts the drive wide of cover and hits the gap, handy runs these

45.2 - Chaminda Bandara to Buttler, FOUR, that's poor from the bowler, Buttler went early across the stumps, you can't bowl a middle stump line when a batsman does that because he'll be easily able to free the leg-side, this is helped fine to fine leg

42.2 - Pradeep to Buttler, FOUR, Buttler opens the bat face and steers it wide of short third man, the fielder gave chase and dived in front of the ropes, but couldn't keep the ball back in

42.1 - Pradeep to Buttler, FOUR, leg-cutter from Pradeep on the stumps, Buttler gets inside the line and scoops it over the keeper. The ball goes fine and bounces a couple of times before hitting the ropes

41.4 - Lakmal to Buttler, FOUR, very full delivery on the stumps, Buttler gets his front leg out of the way and drills the drive along the ground wide of the man at cover, no chance for the long-off fielder

38.0 - Chaminda Bandara to Root, FOUR, lovely drive from Root and the man at sweeper cover had too much to do. Full and wide outside off stump, Root reaches out on the front foot and drives nicely from the middle of the bat

33.4 - Chaminda Bandara to Buttler, FOUR, is that leg-byes? No, given as runs. Good call from the ump, the ball took the inside edge and then ran away off the thigh pad. Bandara pays the price for bowling a leg stump line, the length was short enough to allow Buttler to go back and attempt the glance

29.5 - S Prasanna to Bairstow, FOUR, tossed up delivery on the stumps, Bairstow comes down the track and gets to the pitch to drill this wide of the bowler and gets a boundary

28.2 - Kusal Mendis to Root, FOUR, reverse sweep from Root, gets low and sweeps it fine towards the third man fence. Short boundaries there helped Root's cause

22.1 - Gunathilaka to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, Morgan gets his reverse sweep right this time and finds the backward point fence with ease. He got it right off the screws

20.3 - Gunathilaka to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, lucky for Morgan, gets low to paddle it fine and ekes out a toe-end over the slip fielder, Mathews moves to his left anticipating the reverse paddle, he was wrong-footed and is late to get back into position, streaky boundary

15.0 - Gunathilaka to James Vince, FOUR, tossed up from Gunathilaka but down leg, swept very fine past the diving fielder who had to run in all the way from fine leg

13.3 - Lakmal to Root, FOUR, what timing! Looked like just a front foot punch past the left hand of a diving bowler, has the feet to go all the way to the fence

12.3 - Pradeep to James Vince, FOUR, glorious! Ahh that is elegantly done. Gets onto the front foot and punches a length ball on the up to deep extra cover where Perera mistimes the flick to parry the ball in, concedes a boundary

12.0 - Lakmal to Root, FOUR, he doesn't need any sighters! Is gifted a half volley outside off to start off and accepts it gleefully driving off his front foot to the deep extra cover fence

8.3 - Chaminda Bandara to Jason Roy, FOUR, and Roy decides to take on the new man, takes a couple of steps down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball and lofts it over the man at mid-on. Couples of bounces into the fence

8.1 - Chaminda Bandara to Jason Roy, FOUR, strays in line again, too straight and down leg as well, Jason Roy walks across and tickes it off his thighs to fine leg.

6.3 - Chaminda Bandara to James Vince, FOUR, full and very wide outside off, James Vince throws his bat at it and gets it off the thick outside edge to fly over the slip to the third man fence

4.0 - Chaminda Bandara to James Vince, FOUR, crunched again through the covers! Chaminda Bandara dishes it outside off on that perfect driving length and James Vince obliges getting a big stride forward and driving it on one knee to deep extra cover for another boundary. 11 off the over

3.4 - Chaminda Bandara to James Vince, FOUR, elegant! Copied out of the coaching manual as James Vince leans well forward onto one knee and punches this square of the wicket into the fence

1.4 - Chaminda Bandara to Jason Roy, FOUR, gifted a half volley well outside off, leans onto the front foot and drives it firmly to deep extra cover

0.3 - Lakmal to Jason Roy, FOUR, and off he goes, fullish from Lakmal and Jason Roy leans forward to drive it elegantly through the covers to get off the mark with a boundary

48.5 - Lakmal to Woakes, SIX, fullish delivery on the leg stump, Woakes whips it away nicely with a strong bottom hand grip and it went all the way over fine leg

43.1 - Lakmal to Buttler, SIX, clubbed. very full delivery just outside off, Buttler clears his front leg and tonks it over long-off, the ball goes well into the stands

23.5 - S Prasanna to Eoin Morgan, SIX, tossed up delivery from Prasanna, Morgan comes down the track and clubs this over the long-on fence, gets a maximum

50.0 - Pradeep to Plunkett, out Plunkett Run Out!! That's an angry throw at the bowler's end from Pradeep. Low full toss hit back at the bowler, Woakes sets off trying to steal a run, Pradeep had enough time to take aim and hit the stumps. Plunkett run out (Pradeep) 9(4) [4s-2]

49.1 - Pradeep to Root, out Bowled!! Slower delivery from Pradeep, Root steps out and slogs, misses and is castled. So unselfish from Root. He was close to getting a hundred and he's now out for 93. Well, this is the last over and understandably he went for a big hit to get maximum benefit from what's left, but missed the ball completely. End of a fantastic knock from a star batsman. Root b Pradeep 93(106) [4s-6]

47.1 - Chaminda Bandara to Buttler, out Bowled!! Maiden ODI wicket and it's a big one and that too at a crucial stage. Buttler has the ability to muscle them quickly at the fag end of the innings. Yorker at the stumps from round the wicket, Buttler fails to get under it, swings but the ball sneaks under the bat and hits the base of leg stump. Buttler gets a great ovation as he walks off. Buttler b Chaminda Bandara 70(45) [4s-7 6s-1]

32.5 - Gunathilaka to Bairstow, out Caught by Dasun Shanaka!! Now then, now then, would you believe it! This man has the knack of picking key wickets and he has three now. Even in the last game, he got Joe Root to end a massive stand with Jason Roy. Bairstow will be livid with himself when he sees this on the screen/replay. Can't really blame him because he didn't intend to hit to long-on. As the ball came full at him, he went for the lofted drive more towards long-off, the ball got the inside half of the bat and had enough legs to carry all the way to the fielder in the deep. Bairstow c Dasun Shanaka b Gunathilaka 22(28) [4s-1]

24.1 - Gunathilaka to Eoin Morgan, out Caught by Kusal Mendis!! Too good a shot to lose his wicket. Morgan steps inside out and chips this tossed up delivery well outside off wide of sweeper cover, Kusal Mendis runs to his left and dives forward to take a brilliant catch inches off the ground to send the English captain back to the pavilion. Eoin Morgan c Kusal Mendis b Gunathilaka 20(18) [4s-2 6s-1]

18.4 - Gunathilaka to James Vince, out Stumped!! The round the wicket angle pays off and Vince is tricked into coming down the ground looking to play for the spin. The ball however just angles away ever so slightly to beat the outside-edge and Chandimal has one of his easiest stumpings. A maiden fifty comes to an end. James Vince st Chandimal b Gunathilaka 51(56) [4s-5]

11.3 - Lakmal to Jason Roy, out Caught by K Perera!! Aggression and that brings about his downfall. Charges down the ground and looks to spank this delivery that looked like it stopped on the wicket after pitching. Doesn't get to the pitch of it and ends up getting it high on the bat and in the air to Perera, who had a few yards to cover from deep mid-wicket, sprints forward, dives and takes it with both hands. Jason Roy c K Perera b Lakmal 34(34) [4s-4]

48.0 - Chaminda Bandara to Root, 2 runs, oh dear! That was a sitter and it's been dropped. Slower delivery on the stumps, Root mistimes the slower ball high in the air, Lakmal runs forward from deep mid-wicket, he had it covered but probably took it casually towards the end and spilled it

19.4 - S Prasanna to Root, no run, a chance gone down. Mathews at cover and Prasanna were looking at each other as Root chips this delivery in the air off the front foot. Falls short of Mathews as he decides to dive in late. Opportunity gone down. Once again Root was playing for the angle, the ball straightened and took the leading edge. Prasanna took a couple of steps to his left and aborted, hence Mathews was late to go for the catch

43.5 - Lakmal to Buttler, 2 runs, Buttler cuts this to square third man and raises his fifty, another brisk knock from the England wicket-keeper

32.3 - Gunathilaka to Root, 1 run, fifty for Root off 61 balls. He gets there with a step down the pitch and then a nudge along the ground through mid-wicket. The customary raise of the bat from Root to acknowledge the applause

18.0 - S Prasanna to James Vince, 1 run, that's his fifty. First time he bats in an ODI and he gets a fifty. Clips a fullish delivery to backward square leg and there is an appeal for a run-out on the non-striker's end. Safe. Vince was a bit casual while grounding his bat. Hence the umpire went upstairs to check..

5.3 - Pradeep to James Vince, 1 run, streaky, very streaky! James Vince bunts this delivery to point where Gunathilaka flies 180-degrees to his right to stop this and fires a throw at the non-striker's end. The initial hesitation meant that Vince was surely gone had the throw hit

1.5 - Chaminda Bandara to Jason Roy, 1 run, tapped to cover and Jason Roy is late to shoot across to steal a single. Direct hit from Shanaka and he would have been a goner

41.1 - Woakes to Pradeep, FOUR, full toss and Nuwan Pradeep is trying his best to improve his ODI average here, steps to leg and whacks it off the meat through extra cover

39.0 - Willey to Lakmal, FOUR, full and Lakmal spanked the straight drive, just that he released too much of power into that stroke, scorched off past mid-off

34.2 - Plunkett to Chandimal, FOUR, good start to the over. Once again takes a step out of the crease, goes through the loft even the length was not there, manages to clear mid-on and collect four more

24.2 - Jordan to Dasun Shanaka, FOUR, Jordan has struggled with his consistency today. After keeping it well outside off, he splays it down leg now, Shanaka glances it fine and picks up his first boundary

22.2 - Plunkett to Chandimal, FOUR, Chandimal keeps going at the other end. A scoring opportunity and he doesn't miss out. Full and in the slot, Chandimal drives it straight past mid-off, no chance for Morgan

20.5 - Plunkett to Mathews, FOUR, Mathews would have been in jail. He almost murdered Plunkett. Gives the charge while giving himself some room, converts it into a length delivery and smashes it straight back, Plunkett was in his followthrough and did well to get underneath it. That was heading straight to his temple

18.4 - Plunkett to Mathews, FOUR, short and hooked in front of square. Mathews rocks back and front-arm slaps it past the man at deep mid-wicket for his first boundary. SL need a lot more of these

15.4 - Adil Rashid to Gunathilaka, FOUR, short again and punished suitably, Gunathilaka pushes deep into his crease and swivels across to pull it towards the backward square leg fence. Not the ideal start for Adil Rashid

12.1 - Jordan to Gunathilaka, FOUR, spanked! Jordan pitches this one up and Gunathilaka gets on top of it and slaps it through extra cover for a boundary. Raced away like a bullet

11.4 - Plunkett to Gunathilaka, FOUR, very full on the off-stump, but Gunathilaka adjusts superbly as he opens the face of his bat at the last instant to steer this delivery very fine towards the third man fence

9.1 - Willey to Kusal Mendis, FOUR, Mendis is looking in good touch, Willey bowls this full on the stumps. Mendis looked like he was waiting for it and lofts it over mid-on for his second boundary

9.0 - Woakes to Gunathilaka, FOUR, short of length delivery outside off, Gunathilaka opens the bat face and steers it wide of backward point, times it well and the man at third man had no chance to stop it

8.1 - Woakes to Gunathilaka, FOUR, short delivery and angling away from outside off, Gunathilaka gets on top of the bounce and cuts it wide of point who has no chance. The ball races away of the turf

6.4 - Woakes to Kusal Mendis, FOUR, dismissive from Mendis. He gets froward and times the drives, finds the gap between cover and point for his first boundary

5.4 - Willey to Gunathilaka, FOUR, full and too straight from Willey, Gunathilaka gets forward and clips it in the vacant mid-wicket region, Plunkett give chase but to no avail

34.1 - Plunkett to Chandimal, SIX, unlucky! Not where Chandimal intended but he will take that. Short and on off, Chandimal shimmies down and decides to take on the pull, the top-edge flies over third man for a maximum. The pace of Plunkett was the undoing there

25.1 - Adil Rashid to Dasun Shanaka, SIX, that is excellent batting. Shanaka chose to hit it with the wind and he middled it to perfection. Danced down the wicket, gets to the pitch and lofts it handsomely over long-on. Almost taken in the crowd

42.4 - Willey to Pradeep, out Caught by Woakes!! Done deal! England have whiplashed the Lankan Tigers and seal the series 3-0. Has been a spectacular show from the English boys and they walk off with their heads held high as the crowd stand to acclaim the triumph. FINAL WICKET: Pradeep clears his front leg and clatters a full ball sprayed at his toes, only succeeds in getting a thick leading edge. Woakes, at mid-on, could have sipped a coffee and taken that. He has bucket hands and had enough time, ain't dropping that. Pradeep c Woakes b Willey 7(8) [4s-1]

41.0 - Willey to Chandimal, out Bowled!! The reverse swing - Yep! It's still alive in ODI cricket. Even MJ seems to be baffled after watching the replays. Nothing much Dinesh Chandimal could do about this delivery: Gives himself room and tries to open up the off-side with a fiercing willow, Willey pitched it on a perfect length and generated some reverse swing which tailed away late - To miss Chandimal's swing and clllllling the timbers. Chandimal b Willey 53(66) [4s-2 6s-1]

40.4 - Willey to Lakmal, out Caught by Eoin Morgan!! Lakmal walks off after playing a typical Test match knock. Excuse the pun! He's played according to the situation but I'm sure the management must have expected something better. Slower full ball enticing a drive outside off, Lakmal chases - All brawn, no timing and he picks out the English skip. at short cover. FYI: This is Suranga Lakmal's highest ODI score. Lakmal c Eoin Morgan b Willey 10(23) [4s-1]

34.4 - Plunkett to S Prasanna, out Caught by Willey!! A magnificent catch by Willey. The short ball is undoing of Prasanna once again in the series. England recognised that weakness right after the first game and since then Prasanna has faced lot of short stuff. Being an adventurous man, he takes it on and pulls it to fine leg. Willey might have lost it in the shadows, but does well to run forward and take it with his left hand. All this while diving forward. S Prasanna c Willey b Plunkett 5(17)

28.0 - Adil Rashid to Dasun Shanaka, out Stumped!! Rashid has his man! Shanaka was always looking to take on the leggie. The bowler was clever, he pushed it well outside off, Shanaka came down the track, was nowhere close to the ball and didn't have a second line of defence. Easy stumping for Buttler. Shanaka tried to get in, but Buttler was too quick for him. Dasun Shanaka st Buttler b Adil Rashid 22(29) [4s-1 6s-1]

21.2 - Adil Rashid to Tharanga, out Bowled!! Oh dear! Tharanga is gone for a golden duck. Rashid is delighted with the wicket. England are a happy bunch. They keep getting closer to 3-0 with every wicket. It was the normal leg-break, which didn't turn in, went on with the angle, Tharanga drives away from the body, leaving a big gap for the ball to go through. The off-stump is disturbed and Sri Lanka have lost half their side. Tharanga b Adil Rashid 0(1)

21.0 - Plunkett to Mathews, out Bowled!! Whatta reply! He enjoyed that and even did the double-fist pump. After being hit back over you, that is the best response anyone can come up with. Fast, swinging in and right in the blockhole, Mathews fails to keep it out, was a tad late in bringing his bat down and the ball sneaked through to hit the base of middle stump. Sri Lanka needed their captain to build a partnership with Chandimal, but not to be as they slip further. Mathews b Plunkett 13(15) [4s-2]

16.3 - Plunkett to Gunathilaka, out Lbw!! Comes round the wicket to Gunathilaka and raps him on the front pad as he was walking away across the stumps looking to flick it onto the on-side. Loud appeal from Plunkett and the umpire certainly thinks so. Gunathilaka is walking upto his partner to check whether to review it, but hey, there are none left after it was wasted on a pretty straightforward decision earlier. So Gunathilaka has to depart. Looked like one of those 'umpire's call' decisions again. Gunathilaka lbw b Plunkett 48(45) [4s-6]

13.4 - Plunkett to Kusal Mendis, out Kusal Mendis Run Out!! 1 run completed. And looks like he has fallen short of his ground! Flicked it to deep mid-wicket and the batsmen come back for a non-existent second. Bairstow with his rocket arm throws it back towards Buttler and Kusal Mendis is short. By a decent few inches even with a dive. Yes, the third umpire thinks so as well. Kusal Mendis after doing all the hard work perishes to a bit of adventurous running. Kusal Mendis run out (Bairstow/Buttler) 22(34) [4s-2]

4.0 - Willey to K Perera, out Lbw!! England draw first blood. Poor run of form for Perera continues. Willey bowls this on a good length angling in from off-stump, Perera fails to get bat and a huge appeal goes up from the Englishmen, umpire Paul Reiffel thinks and raises his finger. Perera consulted Gunathilaka and went for the review. K Perera lbw b Willey 6(15)

38.4 - Willey to Chandimal, 1 run, 4th successive fifty for Lokuge Dinesh Chandimal. Take a bow son! Without any doubts, one can affirm how valuable a player he is for his country. Full and wide, he slices the drive over backward point and reaches the landmark. Muted celebrations...