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South Africa tour of India 2015

Scorecard - 1st T20I, India vs South Africa at Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharamsala, India (02 Oct 2015)


199/5 (20) RR:9.95

South Africa won by 7 wkts

South Africa

200/3 (19.4) RR:10.17

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18.5 - C Morris to Dhoni, FOUR, not convincing but Dhoni will take it. Full and in the slot, Dhoni advances and slogs, gets a thick inside edge that rolls through backward square leg and beats the fielders in the deep

17.1 - de Lange to Dhoni, FOUR, where is fine leg? Poor ball from de Lange, down the leg-side, Dhoni goes off-side and helps it on its way, fine leg was actually inside the ring but he was way too square

14.5 - de Lange to Rohit, FOUR, four more! He's now just a hit away from getting a hundred. The crowd is absolutely elated. Full and angling in, goes down the leg-side as well, easy picking for the batsman and Rohit flicks it through backward square leg beating long leg

13.4 - C Morris to Rohit, FOUR, four more. Rohit Sharma moves into the 90s now. Short of a length delivery on the off stump, Rohit rocks on the back foot and pulls, more off the inside half of the bat and it goes through backward square leg

13.3 - C Morris to Rohit, FOUR, oh the fielders aren't helping Morris either. This should have been just a single but JP Duminy has fumbled and it escapes for four. Low full toss angling in, Rohit helps it to long leg

9.5 - Kyle Abbott to Rohit, FOUR, oh that's cheeky and very effective. Fullish and just outside off stump, Rohit moves across the stumps and scoops it over the short fine leg fielder, not from the middle of the bat but good enough to get a boundary

9.3 - Kyle Abbott to Rohit, FOUR, so easily done and that raises the fifty for Rohit Sharma, his 8th in T20Is. Short delivery outside off stump, Rohit allows the ball to come and guides it very fine past the keeper for four. Rohit raises his bat to the crowd and the dressing room

8.3 - Tahir to Rohit, FOUR, there is no one at sweeper cover and Rohit gets the placement right. Leg-break way outside off stump, can't bowl there with no protection in the deep, Rohit reaches out and slaps it past cover-point

7.2 - C Morris to Kohli, FOUR, short of length delivery on the leg stump, Kohli works this behind square and the fast outfield does the rest. There was a man at fine leg but he had no chance

5.3 - C Morris to Rohit, FOUR, aggressive hit from Rohit. He races down the track and flicks as Morris strays on the pads, the ball goes over backward square leg, Duminy runs to his right and gets to the ball, but as he dives his knee gets stuck in the grass, he fumbles and the ball touches the rope

4.3 - de Lange to Rohit, FOUR, the short ball attempted but not high enough to unsettle Rohit. The batsman plays off the front foot and rolls his wrists while playing the shot, places it over backward square leg and beats the fielder in the deep

3.0 - de Lange to Rohit, FOUR, this is a brave shot from Rohit. He exposed his sticks and made some room by going leg-side, de Lange bowled a length ball on the off stump, Rohit drove on the rise and played it to the left of mid-off, Faf gave chase and dived but lost the race

2.4 - de Lange to Rohit, FOUR, short delivery from de Lange but Rohit was up for it. This was not all that high enough to trouble the batsman, Rohit stands tall and pulls it over mid-wicket, no one in the deep and it escapes for four

1.5 - Rabada to Rohit, FOUR, driven on the rise and there's a big gap at cover. Lovely timing from Rohit Sharma and he gets his second boundary. A lot of width on offer on this length ball, Rohit frees his arms and drives from the middle of the bat splitting mid-off and cover to perfection

0.5 - Kyle Abbott to Rohit, FOUR, not convincing but Rohit and India will take it. Fullish and swinging away outside off stump, Rohit goes hard at the drive, gets a thick outside edge that flies to the left of backward point and beats third man

20.0 - Kyle Abbott to Dhoni, SIX, finally, Dhoni connects well and we all know that he knows how to finish it off in style. Full and in the slot, Abbott misses the yorker, Dhoni muscles it hard over long-on

17.4 - de Lange to Raina, SIX, that's bread and butter for Suresh Raina. He loves the mid-wicket area, so please don't bowl length balls to him. This was right in the slot and Raina slogs that over the mid-wicket boundary, didn't clear the rope by much though

16.5 - Rabada to Raina, SIX, top edge and it goes all the way. Short delivery on the stumps, Raina goes for the pull, luckily the edge flew over the man at short fine leg. Kohli tries to catch that beyond the rope but drops it as he goes with one hand

15.0 - de Lange to Rohit, SIX, wow! Just wow! What a shot to bring up the hundred. Rohit Sharma becomes the second player to record a hundred in India-South Africa T20Is. This is also the second hundred by an Indian in T20Is and he now becomes the second Indian batsman to score hundred in all three formats. This is the 9th hundred by a batsman in T20Is. Rohit raises his bat to the crowd and the dressing room. The entire Indian team stands and applauds. Full and just outside off stump, Rohit doesn't try to do anything fancy, just lofts it through the line over mid-off, didn't even try to hit it hard and it sailed a long way back over the boundary. The replay shows that Kohli hugged Rohit and patted him on the helmet for playing an exceptional knock

12.4 - Rabada to Rohit, SIX, slower ball and baaaang! Rabada took pace off the ball this time but banged it short, sat up nicely for the batsman and Rohit didn't miss out. He pulled off the back foot and even though the ball didn't hit the sweet spot of the bat, it cleared the deep mid-wicket fence

12.1 - Rabada to Rohit, SIX, my word! What a shot. That ball went into the second tier. This is a juicy full ball from Rabada, Rohit waits for the ball to come and muscles the loft, doesn't bother to move after playing the shot and watches the ball all the way into the stands

11.4 - Tahir to Kohli, SIX, this is the third time Kohli has teased a fielder in the deep and got a six. This is a flat hit from Kohli. Fast and full outside off stump, Kohli loft-drives it hard, it didn't have enough height on this but the ball cleared the leaping fielder at long-off

11.3 - Tahir to Kohli, SIX, now Kohli slogs, the sound wasn't right when the ball hit the bat, but it's good enough to just clear the man at deep mid-wicket. 1000 runs for Kohli in T20Is. Flighted delivery on the stumps, Kohli mistimes it completely, deep mid-wicket jumps but the ball evades him

11.1 - Tahir to Rohit, SIX, oh where has that gone? Is that out of the ground? What a way to bring up the 100 for India. Full ball around leg stump line, Rohit clears his front leg out of the way and slogs it high over the mid-wicket boundary

7.1 - C Morris to Kohli, SIX, ohhh that's just cleared the fielder at long-on. For a moment, Kohli was worried as de Lange, the tallest fielder, was stationed there. Length delivery on the off stump, Kohli lofts with a strong bottom hand grip, he timed that well but it went flat, de Lange jumped high and tried to grab it with his right hand but the ball escaped

6.0 - C Morris to Rohit, SIX, in the airrrrr and it goes all the way. That gets the crowd going in the stands. Rohit has played the pull shot well so far and he times this well enough to clear the rope. Short delivery attempted, once again not high enough to trouble the batsman, Rohit pulls over long leg for his first maximum of the day

18.4 - C Morris to Rayudu, out Rayudu Run Out!! What was Rayudu doing? Surely he had to go for the run with under two overs to go and Dhoni at the other end, he hesitated for a while and even a full length dive couldn't save him. Full ball from Morris, Rayudu digs it out to square leg, Dhoni always wanted the run and it was on, but Rayudu was late to take off and the bowler rushed back to the stumps to collect and disturb the stumps. Rayudu run out (Amla/C Morris) 0(1)

18.3 - C Morris to Raina, out Lbw!! Easy call for umpire Vineet Kulkarni. Full and on the stumps, Raina walks right across the stumps and tries to glance it fine, but misses and the ball hits him in line with middle stump. Good over from Morris so far, just two singles and the big wicket of Raina in 3 balls. Raina lbw b C Morris 14(8) [6s-2]

16.0 - Kyle Abbott to Rohit, out Caught by C Morris!! Top edgeeeee and Morris makes no mistake. How many times have we seen one bring two? Short delivery on the stumps, Rohit plays the pull shot, only manages to get a top edge, the ball goes high up in the air, fine leg settles under it and takes a wonderful catch. A big smile on Morris' face after completing the catch. Rohit gets a great round of applause as he walks back to the dressing room. Rohit c C Morris b Kyle Abbott 106(66) [4s-12 6s-5]

15.3 - Kyle Abbott to Kohli, out Caught by Duminy!! In the airrrr and gone, this time Duminy takes it. Shortish and angled in, Kohli goes on the back foot to pull, doesn't get the timing right as he was cramped for room and holes out to deep mid-wicket. End of a handy knock from Kohli and end of a sensational 74-ball 138-run stand. In fact, Duminy was actually running in, but realised that he had to go back and made the adjustment just in time to take it above his head. Kohli c Duminy b Kyle Abbott 43(27) [4s-1 6s-3]

3.1 - Rabada to Dhawan, out Dhawan Run Out!! 1 run completed. Poor call from Rohit to go for the second run. Rabada misses the yorker and bowls a low full toss, Dhawan drives it to the right of de Lange at mid-off. The fielder fumbles and Rohit called for the second, Dhawan wasn't fully ready, the throw came adjacent to the stumps and the keeper made no mistake. Even a full length dive wasn't good enough for Dhawan. No wonder why ABdV was confident. In fact, the replay shows that Dhawan actually put his hand out to stop Rohit, but his partner simply did not listen. Dhawan run out (de Lange/de Villiers) 3(4)

17.0 - Rabada to Raina, no run, dropped! Short of a length delivery on the stumps, Raina is cramped for room as he goes leg-side, tries to flat-bat it, doesn't get the timing right, the bowler tries to catch it with his right hand in his followthrough, but it pops out

5.0 - de Lange to Rohit, no run, in the airrrr and dropped, but that's a tough chance. Short of a length delivery just outside off stump, looked like the ball stopped on the batsman, Rohit checked his defence and hit it uppishly, the bowler dives full length to his left in his followthrough but could only get his fingertips to it

12.2 - Rabada to Rohit, 1 run, fullish and outside off stump, Rohit gets a thick outside edge that rolls towards third man. 100 partnership comes up with that single

8.5 - Tahir to Rohit, leg byes, 1 run, googly from Tahir, Rohit misses the glance, the ball rolls off the pad to short fine leg

18.1 - Bhuvneshwar to Duminy, FOUR, 8th T20I fifty for Duminy. This is also his first boundary in this innings, after hitting 5 sixes. Bhuvi went for the yorker on this occasion, Duminy took it on the full and drove it back past the bowler, long-on runs to his right, puts in the dive but the ball escapes through to the fence

14.0 - Mohit Sharma to Behardien, FOUR, another boundary off the last ball of the over. 11 runs came off it. This was on a length and around off, Behardien just lofts it through the line, clears mid-off, who was inside the ring and adds another four to the South African total

13.3 - Mohit Sharma to Behardien, FOUR, another short delivery from Mohit and Behardien takes full toll of it. He swivels on the pull and splits long leg and deep square leg to perfection, collects four

13.0 - A Patel to Behardien, FOUR, nice way to end the over for South Africa. Floated up outside off, Behardien comes on the front foot and lofts it inside-out over extra cover, it was intentional and the timing was good, runs away to the fence in no time at all

10.4 - Aravind to Behardien, FOUR, that's a good start from Behardien, short of a length and just outside off, Behardien rocks back and pulls it wide of mid-wicket, the man in the deep is very square and the ball beats him to the fence

9.4 - Ashwin to de Villiers, FOUR, cracking shot, this was tossed up on the stumps, AB gets forward, plays with the spin and executes a superb looking on-drive, splits mid-wicket and races away to the fence, raises his fifty as well

8.3 - A Patel to de Villiers, FOUR, lovely shot, flatter and well outside off, AB saw the ball early, gets quickly into position and slaps it fiercely, the timing was sweet and the man in the deep had no chance at all

5.5 - Mohit Sharma to Amla, FOUR, the slower ball from Mohit, Amla seemed to have picked it up early, gets down low and slogs it wide of mid-on. The ball teases Dhawan all the way before beating his dive at the ropes

5.0 - Aravind to de Villiers, FOUR, that's a poor ball from Aravind, he doesn't have the pace to attempt a short delivery, this one sat onto the batsman, AB gets across and pulls it behind square on the on-side, collects yet another boundary

4.2 - Aravind to Amla, FOUR, lovely shot, fraction too short and too wide from Aravind, bowling right into Amla's strengths, he crashes it square and past the diving cover-point fielder for another boundary

3.4 - Mohit Sharma to de Villiers, FOUR, lovely shot, fraction too short and just outside off, AB makes some room and cracks it square, bisects the two men at cover and cover-point, races away for another boundary

3.3 - Mohit Sharma to de Villiers, FOUR, top-edge and four, banged in short and just outside off, AB was looking to swat it over square leg, is late on the shot and gets a top-edge, goes over short fine and races away to the fence

3.0 - Bhuvneshwar to Amla, FOUR, cracking shot, short and on the stumps, Amla swivels across, rolls his wrists and pulls it behind square on the on-side for a boundary

2.4 - Bhuvneshwar to de Villiers, FOUR, AB has already got into the groove! Bhuvneshwar gets his length wrong, ends up overpitching outside off, AB gets a big stride forward and thumps it over mid-off, one bounce and over the ropes

2.0 - Aravind to de Villiers, FOUR, that's easy pickings for AB, fraction fuller and outside off, he has the room here, picks the gap and goes over cover-point with a free swing, a couple of bounces and over the ropes. Expensive start from Aravind

0.3 - Bhuvneshwar to Amla, FOUR, edged and four, on a good length and holding its line outside off, Amla flashes hard at the ball, gets a thick edge that flies past the slip cordon, races away to the third man boundary

0.1 - Bhuvneshwar to Amla, FOUR, that's a dream start for South Africa, poor ball from Bhuvneshwar, full and on Amla's pads, he gets inside the line and flicks it very fine, off the mark with a boundary

19.3 - Aravind to Duminy, SIX, a full toss and it has been sent to the cleaners. 100 of the partnership also comes up and the scores are level. Aravind tries to bowl the yorker but misses his length by a long way. Duminy swings hard and sends it over the cow corner fence for another six, his seventh of the innings

18.2 - Bhuvneshwar to Duminy, SIX, Bhuvi misses the yorker and has been deposited into the stands. A full toss and Duminy just clubs it over the deep mid-wicket fence. That came right off the meaty part and no one was ever going to stop that

17.1 - Mohit Sharma to Duminy, SIX, Duminy is taking the game away from the Indians. This was very full and just outside off, all Duminy had to do was to loft it through the line, he does exactly that and clears the leaping fielder at long-off. Great start to the over for South Africa

15.5 - A Patel to Duminy, SIX, this is poor bowling from Patel and South Africa are right back in this game. Third consecutive six for Duminy. It was short and well wide outside off, Duminy goes back and across, waits for the ball to arrive and nails the pull over the deep mid-wicket fence

15.4 - A Patel to Duminy, SIX, 50 of the partnership comes up with this maximum. Patel is struggling with his line. You can't bowl this short at this pace. Duminy rocks back and pulls it over the deep mid-wicket fence for another six

15.3 - A Patel to Duminy, SIX, a miscued shot goes for a six. This was floated up just outside off, Duminy heaves it towards the cow corner fence, didn't get it off the middle but it had enough on it to sail over the rope

14.5 - Ashwin to Behardien, SIX, Ashwin is angry with himself for bowling a poor delivery. 3 dot balls and he concedes a six. This was dragged down well short and on the stumps, Behardien had all the time in the world to rock back and he muscles the pull over the deep mid-wicket fence for a maximum

12.2 - A Patel to Duminy, SIX, smashed! Slightly flatter this time around from Patel, Duminy reads it early and slogs it up and over the cow corner fence for a maximum

1.4 - Aravind to de Villiers, SIX, AB, you beauty, not a bad ball by any stretch, short of a good length and on the stumps, AB shimmies down the track, swings it through the line and clears wide long-on with ease, the first six of the chase

10.3 - Aravind to du Plessis, out Bowled!! First T20I wicket for Aravind! Another big wicket for India, South Africa's captain falls! This was the slower delivery from Aravind, he rolled his fingers across it, du Plessis was camping on the back foot as he looked to punch it square on the off-side, the ball didn't come onto him, might have stayed a tad low as well. He ends up getting a thick inside edge and the ball crashes into the stumps. Aravind is mobbed by his mates, India are firmly on top now. du Plessis b Aravind 4(5)

9.5 - Ashwin to de Villiers, out Bowled!! Ashwin has his man. This was beautifully bowled, saw AB coming down the track, slowed down the pace and gets it to drift into the batsman, AB was completely done in by the variation, ends up swinging across the line and misses, the leg-stump is pegged back. Ashwin is chuffed to bits, a huge wicket for the Indians. de Villiers b Ashwin 51(32) [4s-7 6s-1]

7.4 - Ashwin to de Villiers, out Amla Run Out!! 1 run completed. Excellent piece of fielding from Bhuvneshwar and Amla has to depart. This was tossed up and on AB's pads, he clipped it behind square on the on-side and quickly set-off. He was always coming back for the second run, Amla was late to respond. Bhuvneshwar spots that his chance was at the bowler's end, the throw is flat and accurate. Ashwin collects the ball and breaks the stumps with Amla well short of the crease. No need for the third umpire, a much needed wicket for India. Amla run out (Bhuvneshwar/Ashwin) 36(24) [4s-5]