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WC 2015

Scorecard - Final, New Zealand vs Australia at Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Australia (29 Mar 2015)

New Zealand

183/10 (45) RR:4.07

Australia won by 7 wkts

MOM: James Faulkner

186/3 (33.1) RR:5.61

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41.1 - Faulkner to Elliott, FOUR, Elliott meanwhile continues to impress. Fraction short outside off, Elliott short-arm jabs a pull over mid-wicket, a couple of bounces and into the deep mid-wicket fence. Strong wrists from Elliott on display

39.2 - Faulkner to Elliott, FOUR, delicately played. Saw the width outside off, opens the face of the bat and runs it down, beats the diving short third to his right. Needed to hit the gap and did so

37.4 - Faulkner to Vettori, FOUR, brilliant on-drive. Vettori showed the full face of the bat and punched it past Finch at mid-on. He couldn't get across and Vettori gets a pressure-releasing boundary

34.5 - Watson to Elliott, FOUR, just out of the the reach of the diving Haddin. Elliott opens the face of the bat and delicately guides that, Haddin dived with one hand to his right, but didn't even get a finger on it. Watson has his hands on his head

33.1 - Hazlewood to Elliott, FOUR, well played! Short outside off, Elliott just ramps it over the vacant slip cordon. Beats third man with ease. Controlled shot that

26.3 - Watson to Ross Taylor, FOUR, that is a genuine outside edge and no slips means four for Ross Taylor. Ross Taylor was pushing out and got an edge that beat Haddin, third man had no chance

25.3 - Faulkner to Elliott, FOUR, last over off Faulkner he went over the fielder, now wide of the fielder. Hit all along the ground as well as Faulkner overpitched. Drilled wide of cover and splits mid-off too. Clarke has a worried expression while a couple of Kiwis fist pump in the crowd

23.4 - Faulkner to Elliott, FOUR, Elliott is a confident man. Picks the slower delivery and goes over mid-off. Lofted cleanly and beats the man inside the ring. The width was there and he used it beautifully

21.1 - Maxwell to Elliott, FOUR, shortish outside off, very short and Elliott rocks back to cut to deep backward point, beats the cover-point fielder and races away

11.3 - Maxwell to Ross Taylor, FOUR, 'that is very friendly from the Australians to start Ross Taylor's innings off' says AB on air. Full toss outside off, a gift for Ross Taylor and he doesn't miss out. Drives hard and wide of cover. Gets off the mark with a four

9.2 - Hazlewood to Williamson, FOUR, lovely off-drive from Williamson. Just relied on timing and timed it on-the-up, past mid-off. Even Hazlewood is impressed, just has a look and walks back

2.4 - Starc to Guptill, FOUR, Guptill will get a lot of confidence from that shot. Very full and outside off, with the angle, Guptill bends his knee a little and laces a drive to sweeper cover, two fielders give chase, but the ball wins the race

1.4 - Hazlewood to Williamson, leg byes, FOUR, second time that Hazlewood has drifted down leg this over. Williamson doesn't get bat, but gets thigh pad and it runs away to the fine leg fence

42.1 - Johnson to Southee, SIX, Southee welcomes Johnson with a six over long-on. Made room and cleared his front leg, before lofting it into the crowd. Connected it off the middle of the bat and is a bit surprised by his hit. Punches gloves with Matt Henry

22.4 - Starc to Elliott, SIX, second top edge that has gone for a six today. Down leg and Elliott swivelling on the shot got a biggie. Carried all the way into the crowd

3.4 - Hazlewood to Guptill, SIX, Haddin running back signals six. It was dug in short and Guptill top-edges the pull, it was a big top edge too and it carried all the way. These aren't short boundaries at the 'G' and to have carried for six shows how thick the edges of the bat are

45.0 - Johnson to Boult, out Southee Run Out!! Fab from Maxi and he has just produced a spark from nowhere to extinguish this innings. It was pushed to him at a short mid-wicket position, he fielded and realised that Southee was out of his crease, rifled in a throw and hit direct. Southee was trying to get the bat in, then tried with his foot, both failed as Maxi was too quick. Maxi knew it as soon as he hit, the third umpire was needed as the fielder was very quick. No way the umpire would've known. Southee run out (Maxwell) 11(11) [6s-1]

44.5 - Johnson to Matt Henry, out Caught by Starc!! Low full toss outside off, Matt Henry has somehow sliced that to cover-point. A very soft dismissal that. Johnson pumps his fist. Matt Henry is cursing himself as he walks back. That should've been put away, with all in on the off-side. Matt Henry c Starc b Johnson 0(7)

41.5 - Faulkner to Elliott, out Caught by Haddin!! Faulkner and Haddin give Elliott a send-off. Not needed I guess. Elliott looks at them and doesn't respond at all. Just keeps walking back. Before he goes off, raises the bat and goes in. It was a brilliantly disguised back of the hand slower delivery, Elliott early into the leg-side swipe and the thick outside edge looped to Haddin. He did all he could, but his lack of partners at the other end meant he had to go for it. Elliott c Haddin b Faulkner 83(82) [4s-7 6s-1]

41.0 - Johnson to Vettori, out Bowled!! Johnson yorks Vettori. Well almost as replays show that the attempted yorker was a foot short. Full and sliding down, but tail involved, Vettori as is his wont, looks to clip to leg, all the time, this time the ball brushes the pad and goes onto hit the stumps. Vettori nods in appreciation at that delivery from Johnson and walks off head bowed. Johnson roars in delight. The last batting stint for Vettori in New Zealand colors. Vettori b Johnson 9(21) [4s-1]

36.2 - Starc to Ronchi, out Caught by Clarke!! Ronchi goes for a duck. Good catch at slip to his left by Clarke. He catches and then throws the ball up in the air in delight. Pitched up outside off, Ronchi went for a big drive and edged it, the ball was travelling and safely pouched by Clarke. New Zealand threatening to come apart here in the batting powerplay. Ronchi c Clarke b Starc 0(4)

35.3 - Faulkner to Corey Anderson, out Bowled!! Look at that roar from Faulkner. He has knocked over Corey Anderson. Full fast and straight on middle, Corey Anderson like McCullum was slow in bringing the bat down. Was he expecting a short one? The weight was on the back foot, the feet didn't move, the bat came down slow and the ball found its way through. Australia come storming back after a hundred run stand. Corey Anderson b Faulkner 0(2)

35.1 - Faulkner to Ross Taylor, out Caught by Haddin!! If he had left that, would've been close to a wide. But Ross Taylor reached out and jammed at the fuller length back of the hand slower delivery, it wasn't a bump ball, went straight off the edge and Haddin diving took it one-handed to his right. The ball got stuck in the webbing and he was sure initially, that he took it, but then seemed unsure. Strange. It was referred and the third umpire made the right decision. Ross Taylor c Haddin b Faulkner 40(72) [4s-2]

12.2 - Johnson to Williamson, out Caught&Bowled!! Now Williamson chips one back to Johnson. Johnson points at someone in the dressing room and pumps his fist. The Aussies surround the bowler. Was it a cutter? Looked like it, on a length and on middle and off, Williamson was early into the flick and lobbed a dolly back to Mitch. He won't drop those and the nervy Williamson walks back. Australia well on top at the 'G'. Williamson c and b Johnson 12(33) [4s-1]

11.2 - Maxwell to Guptill, out Bowled!! How has Guptill missed that? Haddin gives him a send-off. Clapping right in front of the batsman. It spun back in from a short of length and cramped Guptill for room, on the punch, Guptill made room to play the stroke and the ball somehow escaped to hit the outside half of off. Guptill stood there disbelieving, before Haddin's celebrations woke him up. Maxwell strikes 2nd ball. Guptill b Maxwell 15(34) [4s-1 6s-1]

0.5 - Starc to Brendon McCullum, out Bowled!! Gone! Got 'im! Starc has the early wicket and that too of Brendon McCullum. Superb bowling this from the left-armer. The 'G' stand up and applaud the Aussie. Starc runs with his finger pointed upwards. Inswinging fuller length delivery, nearly a yorker, but just a few inches short of that length, Brendon McCullum stood rooted to the crease and was beaten for pace. The ball cannonned into the base of off after the batsman couldn't bring his bat down in time. What a start that is for Australia. Disaster for New Zealand. Brendon McCullum b Starc 0(3)

39.1 - Faulkner to Elliott, no run, nips back in and catches Elliott on the back thigh, wasn't forward and missed the defensive shot. Clarke relcuctantly went for a review, he was forced to by Haddin and Faulkner. It was umpire's call as it was just clipping

36.1 - Starc to Elliott, 1 run, had Smith hit Elliott was gone! It was dabbed to the left of Smith at point, Ronchi was halfway down and that pushed Elliott to go for the run. He had no option, ran and gave up. Smith had all three stumps to aim and missed. Lucky escape for Elliott

33.2 - Hazlewood to Elliott, 1 run, width on offer, but Elliott has mistimed the front foot slash, but gets it wide of Smith at point, takes a quick single. The 100-run stand is up

28.0 - Maxwell to Elliott, 1 run, the Kiwis in the crowd are up on their feet, applauding that fifty from Elliott. Who would've thought that it would be Elliott who would play the match-winning innings in a semi and now in a final get a fifty. I didn't see that coming, honestly. Gets there with a mistimed loft, was early into the shot and luckily for him it landed in front of the fielder at long-off. Elliott has a wry smile after reaching the other end

20.0 - Maxwell to Elliott, no run, Elliott knelt down to sweep and was struck in line, missed the sweep and the ball struck him pretty low down. Dharmasena thought about it for a while and lifted his finger. Elliott and Ross Taylor had a chat and the former went for it. Reviews show that it was missing. After the decision came, Elliott and Ross Taylor punched gloves. A big moment in the game

33.1 - Matt Henry to S Smith, FOUR, Australia win the World Cup for the fifth time. 1987 - Eden Gardens, 1999 - Lord's, 2003 - Wanderers, 2007 - Kensington Oval, but winning at the MCG at home must be really special. India did it four years ago chasing at the Wankhede in a final and today, Australia have done it at the MCG. Michael Clarke's won a World Cup in his first attempt as captain and what a way to end your ODI career. Shortish slower delivery just outside off stump, Smith rocks back and pulls it behind square on the on-side, the ball runs away to the fence. Smith punches the air in delight, has his hands aloft as he runs, takes off his helmet and gloves, jumps and hugs Watson

30.4 - Southee to Clarke, FOUR, Clarke wants to get it done with it. He is improvising. Shortish and outside off, Clarke backs away and cuts it in the air to the right of backward point, no one protecting the boundary on the off-side

30.3 - Southee to Clarke, FOUR, hat-trick of boundaries for Clarke, short and outside off, Clarke goes back and cuts it fiercely past the diving backward point fielder, the power on that took it to the rope

30.2 - Southee to Clarke, FOUR, fabulous shot! Australia inch closer to the target. A long half volley outside off, Clarke reaches out and drives it through the diving cover fielder, looked like he didn't middle it, but the ball raced away to the fence

30.1 - Southee to Clarke, FOUR, Clarke wants to get his hands on the trophy in a hurry. Length delivery on off, Clarke clears his front leg and heaves it wide of long-on, it almost carried the distance. One bounce and into the fence

29.4 - Boult to Clarke, FOUR, Australia coasting along now. It was a nice juicy full toss from Boult, Clarke needed to hit in the gap, he did that with ease, driven to the left of cover, even a spirited chase from Baz can't stop the ball from reaching the fence

28.2 - Southee to S Smith, FOUR, short, wide and four. There was plenty of width on offer, Smith threw the kitchen sink at it, the ball takes the outside edge over the slip fielder, no chance for Boult at third man

26.0 - Boult to Clarke, FOUR, "that is glorious", says Ian Smith. He couldn't have put it better. Pitched up on off, Clarke drives through the line, it was in the air but straight down the ground. Almost took the umpire with him

23.0 - Matt Henry to Clarke, FOUR, top shot! That is Michael Clarke showing his authority. It was a length delivery on off, Clarke doesn't bother to get behind the line, stands and tonks it over mid-on, ball bounces once before reaching the fence

18.5 - Matt Henry to Clarke, FOUR, enough width on offer on this delivery and Clarke frees his arms, he slashes hard and it was uppish, but well wide of the gully fielder who was diving to his right, the ball runs away to the fence as there was no third man in place

18.4 - Matt Henry to Clarke, FOUR, banged in short and slightly wide outside off, Clarke waits for it inside the crease, goes for the upper cut and gets it very fine. Clarke was looking to go squarer there, but he wouldn't mind these runs one bit

17.4 - Southee to Clarke, FOUR, edged and four! There was no third man there for Southee, it was fuller and slightly wide outside off, Clarke is lured into the drive, who goes hard at it. The ball flies off the outside edge and goes over the slip cordon, goes on the bounce and crashes into the third man boundary. It would have been a regulation catch if there was a third man fielder

12.1 - Matt Henry to Warner, FOUR, smashed! You just can't bowl to Warner there, it was short and just outside off, Warner had all the time in the world to rock back and he muscles the pull to the deep mid-wicket fence

9.3 - Boult to Warner, FOUR, that's creamed! Very full and just outside off, Warner took half-a-step forward, plays with a slightly open face and drills it through extra cover for a boundary

8.1 - Matt Henry to Warner, FOUR, almost a wicket! Did Anderson misjudge it? This was short and on the stumps, Warner swivelled across on the pull, didn't bother to keep the ball down. Anderson ran in and then had to go sideways, the ball bounces wide of him and races away to the fence

5.5 - Boult to S Smith, FOUR, Smith's too good on the short ball, this wasn't a bad delivery by any means, perhaps, fractionally short, Smith is quick to swivel back and pulls it to the left of square leg, no need to run for those

4.3 - Southee to Warner, FOUR, where are the slips? Just one slip and the ball grazes past Taylor at 1st slip, this was pitched up and nipped away from outside off, draws Warner into the drive, the edge is found, it flies to the left of first slip, Taylor dives in vain, the ball races away to the fence

4.2 - Southee to Warner, FOUR, that looked like a mistimed pull, but it almost went all the way! This was dug in short by Southee, Warner rocks back and flat-bats it, over the bowler's head, one bounce and over the ropes

4.1 - Southee to Warner, FOUR, cracking shot, too short and too wide from Southee, Warner waits on it and cracks it square past mid-off, the ball whistles away to the fence in a jiffy

3.3 - Boult to Warner, FOUR, that's lovely placement from Warner, tad fuller and well outside off, Warner gets a good stride forward and caresses it sweetly through extra cover, the fielder gives chase but the ball races away to the fence

24.5 - Vettori to Clarke, SIX, fabulous shot! Clarke is now putting on an exhibition in his last ODI innings for the packed MCG crowd. Skips out of the crease, gets to the pitch of the ball and lofts it beautifully over long-off for a maximum. Great use of the feet from the Australian skipper

31.1 - Matt Henry to Clarke, out Bowled!! Ohhh he's dragged that on! He can't believe it. The MCG is on its feet to applaud Michael Clarke as he walks off the field for one last time in ODIs. Brendon McCullum runs up to Clarke and congratulates him. Tim Southee joins in as well. Clarke raises his bat to the crowd and gets a bit emotional as well. Now he points the bat up towards the sky, probably in remembrance of Phil Hughes. Off-cutting slower delivery just outside off stump, Clarke tries to run this down to third man, but gets an inside edge that crashes into the leg stump. The Australian skipper has played an exceptional innings in the final. Clarke b Matt Henry 74(72) [4s-10 6s-1]

12.2 - Matt Henry to Warner, out Caught by Elliott!! Finally, New Zealand get the crucial breakthrough and it's Warner who is gone. It was again short of length from Henry but this time Warner didn't have enough room to free his arms. He was also in two minds there whether to go through with the pull or not, he goes for it but ends up hitting it half-heartedly. McCullum had placed the fielder there after the previous ball and Elliott runs in from deep square leg and takes a good low catch. Warner c Elliott b Matt Henry 45(46) [4s-7]

1.4 - Boult to Finch, out Caught&Bowled!! New Zealand and Boult have struck early! He has been NZ's answer to Mitchell Starc. This was full and swings back in late, Finch was shuffling across on the flick, closed the face of the bat and gets an inside edge, the ball lobs off the pads and it's a simple return catch to the bowler. Boult accepts it gleefully and is immediately mobbed by his captain and the rest of the team. Excellent start for New Zealand. Finch c and b Boult 0(5)

31.5 - Matt Henry to S Smith, 2 runs, full delivery outside off stump, Smith drives it past backward point and returns for the second. That's another fifty for Smith - fifth in a row

26.3 - Vettori to Clarke, 1 run, Michael Clarke notches up his 58th ODI fifty, in his last ODI innings. The whole of MCG is on their feet applauding the effort. He waves his bat around and acknowledges the applause. Slower and on the stumps, Clarke works it to backward square leg, for a single