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WC 2015

Scorecard - 34th Match, Pool B, India vs Ireland at Seddon Park, Hamilton, New Zealand (10 Mar 2015)


259/10 (49) RR:5.29

India won by 8 wkts

MOM: Shikhar Dhawan

260/2 (36.5) RR:7.06

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48.2 - Shami to Cusack, FOUR, unconvincing, but Ireland will take it. Full and outside off stump, Cusack looks to drive but is late on the shot, ends up slicing it past backward point and the timing was good enough to beat third man

46.0 - U Yadav to J Mooney, FOUR, full and outside off stump, Mooney leans forward and drives with an angled bat, the ball goes through point and goes for four. These are handy runs for Ireland

39.4 - Shami to G Wilson, FOUR, off the mark in style! Full and outside off stump, Wilson leans forward and drives it to the left of the man at cover

38.4 - Ashwin to N O'Brien, FOUR, he had to fetch that from well outside off stump, but he's done very well to meet the ball! Flighted delivery way outside off stump, O'Brien goes for the slog-sweep and hits it over mid-wicket

38.1 - Ashwin to Balbirnie, FOUR, sweeps with the turn and gets the placement tight. Fifty partnership comes up off just 41 balls. Flighted delivery on the stumps, Balbirnie splits deep mid-wicket and long leg to perfection

37.5 - Ravindra Jadeja to Balbirnie, FOUR, top-edge and it goes over Dhoni! Flighted from Jadeja, Balbirnie goes for the sweep and gets lucky with the edge. This is a great over Ireland

33.4 - Mohit Sharma to N O'Brien, FOUR, top shot! Short of a length delivery just outside off stump, O'Brien rocks back and pulls it over mid-wicket, there is no one in the deep and O'Brien picks up his 6th boundary of the match

33.2 - Mohit Sharma to Balbirnie, FOUR, slower ball goes very full, Balbirnie waits and drives well, Rohit dives to his left at cover, but fumbles the ball. A lazy effort from Rohit and he is disappointed. That should have been a dot ball

33.0 - Raina to N O'Brien, FOUR, down on one knee again, O'Brien is mindful of the fact that there is no one at fine leg, there is no one inside the ring at 45 as well, O'Brien paddles it fine and beats Umesh Yadav in the deep

32.1 - Raina to N O'Brien, FOUR, full and on the leg stump, O'Brien gets down on one knee quickly and paddles it to fine leg. The fielder was very square and he had no chance

29.2 - Rohit to N O'Brien, FOUR, goes inside-out this time and that's back-to-back boundaries for Ireland and O'Brien. Good use of the feet again, he gives himself a bit of room as well and meets the drive very well

29.1 - Rohit to N O'Brien, FOUR, has that gone all the way? No it bounces just inside the rope. Flighted delivery from Rohit, O'Brien steps out and flicks it over mid-wicket, beats the man at long-on who runs to his left

28.1 - Raina to Porterfield, FOUR, makes room to this flighted delivery and lofts the drive inside-out over extra-cover. That was a good shot

21.4 - Raina to N O'Brien, FOUR, O'Brien gets lucky. Comes down the track, looks to go big and gets away. It was on a shortish length, he threw the bat and the thick edge went wide of backward point and raced away

13.1 - Ravindra Jadeja to Porterfield, FOUR, short and outside off, begging to be hit, Porterfield rocks back and cuts powerfully wide of point, the quick outfield does the rest

8.2 - Mohit Sharma to Stirling, FOUR, just a mere extension of the chip and it's a one bounce four to long-off. Pitched up outside off, Stirling got forward and chipped it over mid-off. Held the pose too after playing the shot. No big followthrough at all as he played the shot

7.5 - Shami to Stirling, FOUR, Stirling picks the off-cutting slower delivery from Shami, it sat up short and Stirling slashed it up and over cover-point. Can't afford to give width on this pitch. Not sure how many times I will say that today

6.3 - Mohit Sharma to Porterfield, FOUR, look at the outfield. It's like a billiards table. Kept running away from the chasing Kohli. Superb back foot punch from Porterfield, timed that so well and beat Kohli at mid-off

5.4 - Shami to Stirling, FOUR, stand and deliver from Stirling. On-the-up and just powered that through cover. On a good length and outside off and Stirling didn't miss out. He looks to be in the mood today

5.0 - Mohit Sharma to Stirling, FOUR, beautiful shot. Fraction short from Mohit Sharma, outside off too and Stirling stood up tall to force that through cover, no chance for the chasing fielder

2.3 - U Yadav to Porterfield, FOUR, now he unfurls a fabulous off-drive. Alastair Cook-esque. From Porterfield. He leans forward and just pushes the very full ball past mid-off, the fast outfield is on display as the ball races away. Yadav has bowled short and full and has been punished both times

0.4 - U Yadav to Porterfield, FOUR, Porterfield gave that everything and it has flown to the third man fence. Width outside off and Porterfield slashed, got a thick edge that went over the slip cordon, two bounces and over the ropes. Porterfield is off the mark with that shot

43.5 - Ravindra Jadeja to Dockrell, SIX, timely blow from Dockrell! Flighted delivery spinning away outside off stump, Dockrell waits and lofts it over long-on for a maximum

40.3 - U Yadav to N O'Brien, SIX, he's muscled that, his third maximum of the day. Length ball in the slot, O'Brien takes his front leg out of the way and lofts it easily over long-on

37.3 - Ravindra Jadeja to N O'Brien, SIX, had Shami been right on the edge of the rope, he would have taken it. O'Brien advances, Jadeja drops it short, O'Brien goes through with the pull, Shami runs back at deep mid-wicket, jumps high and tries to grab it with both hands, but palms it over the rope

37.0 - Ashwin to N O'Brien, SIX, good finish to the over! 14th ODI fifty for O'Brien and he gets there in style! Flighted delivery just outside off stump, O'Brien steps out, gets to the pitch of the ball and lofts it handsomely over long-on

13.5 - Ravindra Jadeja to Stirling, SIX, Dhoni was telling Ravindra Jadeja, just before the ball, to make Stirling play off the front foot, make him hit over the top. What does Ravindra Jadeja do? Drags it down and midway, enough time for Stirling to go back and muscle a pull over deep mid-wicket. Too easy

3.4 - Shami to Stirling, SIX, Stirling has gotten off the mark with a magnificent pull shot. Dug in short, sat up nicely for Stirling to pull and he met the ball brilliantly, sending the ball into the deep mid-wicket area. He is a very good puller and cutter, and we just saw evidence of that there

2.2 - U Yadav to Porterfield, SIX, that is a cracking pull. Maybe Porterfield knew the short ball was coming. He was in position very early and sent the pull way back into the grassy banks over deep square leg. Connected with the shot, from the meat of the bat. A statement of intent from the Irish captain early on

49.0 - Shami to Cusack, out Caught by U Yadav!! In the air and straight to the fielder. Short ball outside off stump, Cusack stays leg-side off the ball and guides it uppishly, third man takes an easy catch and he didn't have to move an inch. Cusack c U Yadav b Shami 11(13) [4s-1]

45.3 - U Yadav to Dockrell, out Caught by Dhoni!! Umesh Yadav gets a wicket too. Short of a length ball outside off stump, Dockrell swings across the line and gets a thick edge. Dhoni takes an easy catch and throws the ball up in joy. Dockrell c Dhoni b U Yadav 6(12) [6s-1]

42.3 - Shami to J Mooney, out S Thompson Run Out!! This is not what Ireland wanted after the start they got. They have now lost 5 wickets for 21 runs. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, Mooney defends it towards cover and takes a step forward, that forces Thompson to take off thinking his partner was calling for a run, but Mooney says "no, no, no." Kohli moves to his right, picks up the ball and fires a brilliant direct-hit at the bowler's end. Even a full length dive wasn't good enough for Thompson. S Thompson run out (Kohli) 2(2)

42.1 - Shami to N O'Brien, out Caught by U Yadav!! Oh that's a soft dismissal! Ireland, be careful and ensure that you bat 50 overs. Nothing great about this ball. Full and on the off stump from round the wicket, O'Brien walks across the stumps and flicks, but Dhoni has a man at backward square leg and it goes straight to him. End of a quality innings from O'Brien. He was 2 off 19 balls earlier and he ends with a run-a-ball 75. N O'Brien c U Yadav b Shami 75(75) [4s-7 6s-3]

41.2 - Ravindra Jadeja to G Wilson, out Caught by Rahane!! A good catch from Jinks. Flighted delivery down the leg-side, Wilson goes for the sweep, but gets a top edge, Rahane runs swiftly to his left from short fine leg, dives full length and takes it with both hands. Ireland have lost their last 3 wickets for 16 runs. G Wilson c Rahane b Ravindra Jadeja 6(7) [4s-1]

39.3 - Shami to K O'Brien, out Caught by Dhoni!! Edged and taken. Good length delivery around the off stump, O'Brien doesn't get fully forward, looks to drive and gets an outside edge, which goes to Dhoni at a good height. The ball actually just left the batsman after pitching. This is a big wicket as it could make a difference of 15-20 runs to the final score. K O'Brien c Dhoni b Shami 1(2)

39.0 - Ashwin to Balbirnie, out Caught by Shami!! Flighted ball from Ashwin, Balbirnie goes for the sweep but gets a top edge, short fine leg runs to his left and just about manages to hold onto the ball. Ashwin gets his second wicket and has broken this positive 61-run stand. Ashwin ends his spell on a high. Balbirnie c Shami b Ashwin 24(24) [4s-3]

31.2 - Mohit Sharma to Porterfield, out Caught by U Yadav!! The bowling change has worked for India. Nothing but a length ball from Mohit Sharma, Porterfield comes down the track and tries to flick, gets a big leading edge, the ball goes up in the air, Umesh runs a few steps back and takes an easy catch at mid-off. That ends a fine 53-run stand. Porterfield c U Yadav b Mohit Sharma 67(93) [4s-5 6s-1]

17.2 - Raina to Ed Joyce, out Bowled!! Cleaned up by Raina. He roars in delight. Fired in and skidded on flatter, Ed Joyce was on the back foot and making room to cut, it was an ill-advised shot, and the ball clatters into middle. The stump is uprooted. After a good start, Ireland have lost two quick wickets. Ed Joyce b Raina 2(9)

15.0 - Ashwin to Stirling, out Caught by Rahane!! When he hit that, I thought it was a six. But Stirling has picked out Rahane at long-off. Beautiful flight from Ashwin, it hangs in the air and then dips on Stirling, who chipped the lofted shot straight to the fielder. Maybe he should've gone for it whole-heartedly rather than playing a tame neither-here-neither-there stroke. Stirling c Rahane b Ashwin 42(41) [4s-4 6s-2]

36.2 - Ashwin to Balbirnie, no run, flighted delivery just outside off stump, Balbirnie tries to reverse sweep, misses and the ball goes off the arm to leg slip

24.0 - Raina to Porterfield, 1 run, driven off the front foot to deep extra cover, and that's fifty for Porterfield

10.2 - Ashwin to Stirling, 1 run, if Mohit had hit direct Stirling would've been gone. Stirling came down the track and pushed it uppishly through mid-wicket, he wanted two and was a few steps down, Ashwin left the throw, thinking that it will hit direct, but it didn't. Stirling gets away

36.5 - K O'Brien to Kohli, FOUR, India have recorded their fifth consecutive in this World Cup. Kohli dispatches this with utter disdain. Full and outside off, he walked down the crease and hammered it past the cover fielder, long-off had no chance of cutting that off

35.5 - Cusack to Kohli, FOUR, cracking shot! Short and outside off, Kohli stands tall and cracks the cut to deep backward point, not a muscle moved in the field as the ball whistled across to the fence

35.2 - Cusack to Rahane, FOUR, lovely shot! Rahane allowed the ball to arrive, opened the face of the bat and used the pace of the bowler, third man was inside the circle and he had no chance of cutting that off

35.0 - J Mooney to Rahane, FOUR, edged and four! The third man fielder was square and the ball went very fine. It was full and on the fourth stump line, Rahane was looking for the flick, closed the bat face early and the leading edge runs away fine

33.3 - Cusack to Kohli, FOUR, bad delivery and Kohli says thank you very much. Short and well wide of off, Kohli had all the time to pick his spot, he cuts it between backward point and short third man

32.5 - J Mooney to Rahane, FOUR, it keeps getting better and better and better. This one is on a bent knee, width offered by Mooney and Rahane got forward to cream the drive, cover dived in vain again and this time sweeper didn't even bother to chase it down

32.2 - J Mooney to Rahane, FOUR, now Rahane gets into the act. He gets forward and slightly reaches out, but times the drive so well, that he beats cover to his left and the sweeper to his right. Came right off the middle of the bat. So easy on the eye too

31.5 - S Thompson to Rahane, FOUR, that is a fine, fine late cut by Rahane. Rahane opens the face of the bat and delays the cut, then plays it very late and sends it wide of third man, running and diving across to cut it off, it was all in vain eventually

30.5 - K O'Brien to Rahane, FOUR, when the Indians are playing so well, half-volleys are like a red rag to a bull, that's what O'Brien does and he is punished. Rahane just timed that past Kohli and mid-on had no chance

29.1 - S Thompson to Kohli, FOUR, arrogance. Sheer arrogance from Kohli. Another step forward out, then almost takes it on the half-volley, drilled to the right of Rahane and gave mid-on no chance. How well-timed was that? The bowler too is impressed by that, puffs his cheeks out and just walks back to his mark

23.0 - K O'Brien to Dhawan, FOUR, one more boundary and Dhawan is tearing this Irish attack to pieces. Full and on the stumps, clipped uppishly over the diving mid-wicket fielder, beats deep mid-wicket and long-on, trying to get to the ball. Just a hit away from notching up his second hundred of the World Cup

22.1 - K O'Brien to Dhawan, FOUR, Dhawan is toying with the pedestrian Irish attack. This one is a pre-meditated stroke once again, kneels down and paddles a low full toss to the fine leg fence, O'Brien could do nothing there

16.5 - Stirling to Dhawan, FOUR, now finesse! Pre-meditates the paddle, kneels down low and gets it fine, fine leg had no chance

13.5 - Dockrell to Dhawan, FOUR, short and wide outside off stump, Dhawan rocks back and cuts it to deep backward point, beating the fielder in the deep

13.3 - Dockrell to Dhawan, byes, FOUR, flighted delivery, bit of spin for Dockrell, Dhawan gets across the stumps and tries to sweep it fine, but misses, the ball brushes the pad and goes past the leg stump. The umpire signals byes though

13.2 - Dockrell to Dhawan, FOUR, straightish ball from Dockrell, Dhawan gets down on one knee and paddles it fine and to the left of the man at backward square leg

13.0 - Stirling to Dhawan, FOUR, short and width on offer outside off stump, Dhawan rocks back and cuts it very well through backward point and there was no one in the deep

8.3 - S Thompson to Dhawan, FOUR, more runs. Short ball on the stumps, Dhawan pulls over mid-wicket and it runs away to the boundary. Batting is so easy out there

7.2 - Cusack to Dhawan, FOUR, this time he goes very straight and mid-off is very square. Length ball outside off stump, Dhawan drives it to the right of Rohit Sharma and it runs to the boundary. 4, 6, 4, 4 for India in the last 4 balls

7.1 - Cusack to Dhawan, FOUR, again Dhawan is not afraid to use his feet, short of length delivery outside off stump, Dhawan cuts it through point and it rockets to the boundary

6.5 - J Mooney to Rohit, FOUR, delightful cover-drive! What a shot from Rohit! Full and outside off stump, Rohit leans forward and focusses on timing the ball than hitting it very hard, times it sweetly and sends it through cover

5.0 - J Mooney to Dhawan, FOUR, Dhawan just shimmies down the pitch as the bowler was approaching his crease, Mooney offers a full ball and Dhawan drives it nicely from the middle of the bat through extra-cover

3.4 - Cusack to Rohit, FOUR, that's more like it. Presents the full face of the bat and gets full value for the shot. It was full and in the slot, Rohit doesn't try to hit the ball hard, just plays an on-drive to perfection and beats mid-on

2.1 - J Mooney to Dhawan, FOUR, first boundary for Dhawan. Short ball from Mooney, not high enough to trouble the batsman, Dhawan pulls uppishly and sends it to the left of the man at mid-wicket

0.4 - J Mooney to Rohit, FOUR, much like the way he opened his account against UAE, Rohit plays a lovely back foot drive. Short of a length and width on offer outside off stump, Rohit gets on top of the bounce and sends it through cover-point

27.2 - S Thompson to Kohli, SIX, Kohli has had enough of Thompson. A step or two out and then thunders the length ball over long-on. What power in that hit, only bottom-hand doing the trick, a flat hit as the spectators had to duck for cover. Kohli certainly made a statement there

21.5 - Dockrell to Dhawan, SIX, Dhawan is making this look ridiculously easy now. This is a one-handed six. One-handed! Down the track and the bottom hand came off as he lofted it way over long-on, the ball kept going and going for yet an another six for the Delhi man

20.1 - K O'Brien to Dhawan, SIX, that's Gordon Greenidge, left-handed style says Deano on air and he is dead right. Look at the bravado of Dhawan, he is signalling six to the umpire. That is the confidence of the man, who couldn't buy a run when he stepped foot on Australian soil four months back. He moves across off even as K O'Brien was running in, then nonchalantly lifts one leg up in the air and then pulls it flat over backward square leg, the ball hits the glowing ad board on the bounce, but it definitely went over the ad-cushions. Third umpire confirms the same

19.3 - Dockrell to Dhawan, SIX, Dhawan is now having fun! Skips out and then swings across the line, more of a Sourav Ganguly-esque shot that, against the left-arm spinner, the ball went a long way back into the grass banks at deep mid-wicket

18.2 - Stirling to Rohit, SIX, that is a Rohit special! So easy, as he skips out and lofts inside out over wide long-off, clean strike and that will be fifty for Rohit too. His 25th in ODIs

16.4 - Stirling to Dhawan, SIX, Dhawan celebrates getting to his fifty by smashing a six. Comes down the track and then goes across the line, really belted the ball and the white ball went a long way back at deep mid-wicket

9.2 - Dockrell to Rohit, SIX, too short and Rohit goes all the way. 4000 ODI runs for Rohit Sharma. He is the 14th Indian batsman to get there. Rohit rocks back and smashes the pull over the deep mid-wicket boundary

8.2 - S Thompson to Dhawan, SIX, he's helped that all the way. Fifty partnership comes up as well. Rank long hop, Dhawan gets back and times it very well and it goes all the way over backward square leg. This is the first 50-run opening stand for India in this World Cup

7.0 - J Mooney to Rohit, SIX, even better, this time all the way. Overpitched from Mooney, it was in the slot and Rohit went over the top of mid-off. It was a super shot from Rohit

27.4 - S Thompson to Dhawan, out Caught by Porterfield!! Excellent catch and Kohli pats Dhawan on the head as he walks past him. Dhawan wanted to finish the game off as soon as possible, went for the leg-side hoick, was early into the shot, the leading edge seemed to be landing in no-man's land, but Porterfield ran back from cover and held on with both hands over his shoulder. Never an easy catch that, but Porterfield made it look easy. Tumbled down and then got up to be surrounded by his mates. Dhawan walks off to a standing ovation from the Seddon Park faithful - 11,000 odd and something. Dhawan c Porterfield b S Thompson 100(85) [4s-11 6s-5]

23.2 - S Thompson to Rohit, out Bowled!! End of Rohit and some joy for the beleaguered Irish. Hint of nip back in for Thompson, Rohit was trying to run it down to third man, played with an angled bat and the inside edge clattered into leg stump. Rohit has missed out on an easy World Cup 100 against a very average Irish attack, on a belter. Rohit b S Thompson 64(66) [4s-3 6s-3]

6.3 - J Mooney to Dhawan, no run, dropped again, but this is a very tough chance. Good length delivery wide outside off stump, Dhawan square-drives and doesn't bother to keep it down, he had to reach out for it, Porterfield at point flies full length to his left, gets both hands to it, but it pops out. Great effort though

3.0 - J Mooney to Dhawan, no run, dropped! How costly is that going to be? Mooney is disappointed, it was an easy chance. Mooney goes round the wicket and delivers an inswinger on a fuller length, Dhawan doesn't control the drive and hits it straight back to the bowler, who doesn't hold on. It went straight to him and he should have taken it

34.2 - J Mooney to Rahane, no run, tails back in from a length, Rahane stays rooted to the crease and is rapped on the pads, he missed the nudge through the on-side. Luckily for him, the impact was around off and the ball struck him a bit high on the pad

26.5 - K O'Brien to Dhawan, 1 run, there it is! 100 for Dhawan. His second hundred in this World Cup and how his fortunes have turned! Eighth overall in ODIs. Was this the same Dhawan who struggled so miserably against Australia all summer? Back then, he couldn't buy a run. Was even dropped for the last Test at Sydney. People were behind his back, some even questioning his place in the World Cup 15. Some wanted Murali Vijay to take his place in the final 15. What a way to respond to your critics. There is something about ICC tournaments and Dhawan! It certainly spurs him on

16.2 - Stirling to Dhawan, 1 run, fifty for Dhawan. He continues his good run. 13th fifty for him in ODIs. He gets there with a flick to deep mid-wicket. A raise of the bat and a smile from Jinks is all we get to see

14.1 - Stirling to Rohit, 1 run, the 100-run stand comes up with a back foot punch to long-on. Rohit and Dhawan shake hands in acknowledgement of the landmark