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G Venkatesh (born 1972) is a senior lecturer in Energy and Environment, at Karlstad University in Sweden. He holds a PhD in Industrial Ecology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, a Masters in Industrial Ecology from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and Technical University of Munich (Germany) and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Mumbai (India). He worked as a journalist in the niche media in Mumbai for a few years in the past, and currently freelances for some magazines and newspapers around the world. He has, on date, published one book of poems on water-related issues, an e-book on cricket and another one on sustainable development. He can be contacted at venkatesh_cg@yahoo.com.

22-Mar-2017 From March & marching on

March is home to a number of firsts, including the very first Test match.

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17-Mar-2017 The lefts are right for India

India hasn't had too many left-arm fast bowlers, but a few have made quite an impact.

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07-Mar-2017 Expected, can we say?

Virat Kohli will be happy that the Bengaluru victory against the Aussies was truly a team effort.

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28-Feb-2017 The February Men

Some very famous - and some not so famous - Indian players who were born in February.

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27-Feb-2017 Brought down by the Steves

A pair of Steves, Smith & O'Keefe, brought India's glorious home run to a screeching halt.

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22-Feb-2017 Tempting fate with Kohli's praise

Should we stop praising Virat Kohli, for superstition's sake?

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21-Feb-2017 On cricketing grounds

So many cricketing stadiums! The 1st Test between Ind & Aus wil be played in Pune on 23rd Feb, 2017.

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23-Jan-2017 Leadership is much more than winning matches

Why MS Dhoni gave up his ODI/T20 captaincy may not be clear, but part of his legacy is the growth of Virat Kohli.

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04-Jan-2017 Curtains for some

It’s very difficult for the selectors to pick the best 11 as they have to replace a stopgap who has given an outstanding performance.

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04-Jan-2017 "Cricket Odyssey" - Two journeys converging

This book includes several deftly drawn portraits of great and well beloved cricketers.

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