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I was always crazy about cricket from the age of 7 and used to have the names of players and their stats on my fingertips. After getting bored with aviation I decided to write on cricket combining my knowledge of the game with my aptitude for stats. I am an amateur numerologist and love reading espionage novels along with cups of filter kappi.

16-Feb-2018 7 reasons why India won against South Africa

India played a far more impressive brand of ODI cricket than the Proteas.

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09-Feb-2018 Are we expecting too much from Rohit?

Is Rohit Sharma going through a dry patch or are the South African conditions tough for openers in general?

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07-Feb-2018 India: Mission 2019

India need to identify the ideal squad for the 2019 World Cup in England without losing the series to South Africa.

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23-Jan-2018 Comparing Pujara to Dravid is blasphemous

Cheteshwar Pujara is talented, but he has a long way to go before he can approach the level of Rahul Dravid.

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17-Jan-2018 7 reasons why India lost the South Africa Test series

After losing the first two matches of the three Test series against the Proteas, here's a look at where India went wrong.

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11-Jan-2018 A look at AB de Villiers' Test career

Famous for his ODI and T20 batting blitzes, AB de Villiers has been impressive in Test cricket as well.

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04-Jan-2018 5 things India need to do to win against South Africa

The Proteas are formidable at home, but this Indian side is on a roll and has the potential to beat the hosts.

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13-Dec-2017 Why England are 0-2 down in the Ashes

Australia have taken every chance, outscored and outbowled England, and have shown more initiative.

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13-Dec-2017 6 takeaways from the NZ vs WI Test series

The 2 Test West Indies tour of New Zealand ended with a 2-0 home victory and many lessons learnt.

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08-Dec-2017 India in the 4th innings

Whether at home or away, India have shown a lack of killer instinct towards the end of a match.

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