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Rustom Deboo is a cricket blogger and freelance writer from Mumbai. He is an ardent devotee of Test cricket and has an insatiable hunger for the history, snippets and statistics that this great game has to offer. He blogs at The Cricket Cauldron.

15-Feb-2018 About the 700 club in Test cricket

Facts and stats from the 23 times that teams have scored a total of over 700 in a Test match innings.

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07-Feb-2018 Oman's big chance to take a big step

The ICC World Cricket League (Division Two) offers a chance for Oman to aim for the World Cup.

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07-Feb-2018 6 players to watch out for in the WCL Division 2

As Canada, Kenya, Namibia, Nepal, Oman and the UAE face each other, here are key players from each team.

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02-Feb-2018 Heroes of the past Under-19 World Cup finals

11 Under-19 World Cup finals, 11 Man of the Match awards for exceptional performances.

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09-Jan-2018 Cricket's tippling tales

Alcohol and cricket make for an interesting cocktail, though it can cause a few regrets as these players know.

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05-Jan-2018 Best of the Tests at Newlands

With India visiting South Africa, we look at 5 Cape Town classics from the history of the Proteas.

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03-Jan-2018 Cricket's Avian XI

Bird is the word for this team of cricketers whose names are related to our feathered friends.

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12-Dec-2017 The ICC World Cricket League XI

A team of world beaters made up of the best players from the recently concluded World Cricket League.

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11-Dec-2017 Best of the Tests at the WACA

Perth, for a long time Australia's fieriest pitch, has witnessed many astonishing games of Test cricket.

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08-Dec-2017 Best of the Tests: Windies in New Zealand

West Indies tours of New Zealand have produced some entertaining Test cricket over the years.

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