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When the master batsman met the master barracker

S.H. Gascoigne, more famously known as 'Yabba', was a barracker who 'worked' from the top of the hill in the SCG. He was popular among the fans as well as among the cricketers.

C.B. Fry once stated that he wanted to visit Australia to 'see Australia and hear Yabba'.

When Jack Hobbs played his final match at the SCG in December 1928, the patrons of the Hill took up a collection with which they purchased an ornate boomerang and then presented it to Hobbs. 

During an interval in that match, Hobbs walked around the ground to a standing ovation. When he reached the Hill, he asked for Yabba. Yabba came forward and the master batsman shook hands with the master barracker.