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An Indian umpire with a rather dry sense of humour

During their 1969 tour of India, Australia played against the Noth Zone at Jalandhar.

John Gleeson was the 'mystery spinner' who had, by then, bamboozled the West Indian batsmen in the previous Australian summer.

In North Zone's first innings, after several exasperting overs, he finally got Vinay Lamba caught by the wicketkeeper Brian Taber.

Everyone went up but the umpire was rather relaxed and seemed to take his time at making the decision.

After a minute or so he finally raised his finger.

As the Australians gathered around congratulating Gleeson and Taber, the umpire walked the length of the pitch, tapped Gleeson on the shoulder and said, "Oh, Mr. Gleeson, I'm very sorry to take so long over that decision but there was a strong wind blowing against me and it took a long time for the snick to carry to my end!"