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10-for in a tour match but still not ready for a Test match

Ron Archer represented Australia in 19 Test matches.

He was in the Australian squad that left for England in 1953.

In one of the early tour matches, he took 11-61 against the strong Surrey side.

He was full of confidence after taking 6 wickets in the first innings, and when he went out to bat, he was in the mood of enjoying his time. He thought that he had done his job with the ball and, being complacent, gifted his wicket to Tony Lock.

He ran through to the dressing-room but before he could even take his pads off, he heard the voice of senior teammate Arthur Morris. It was only a few overs to go for the second new ball and Arthur was furious with Archer throwing his wicket away at that time.

Morris actually said to him: "This tells me that you're not ready to play Test cricket."