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India weeps after Aussies win over Pakistan


Pakistan entered the Adelaide oval today with high confidence and high hopes, but destiny did not support them. Neither did their fielders. After Australia lost three early wickets, it seemed that we were in for an exciting encounter. That excitement died in the hands of Rahat Ali, who dropped a simple top edge lolly off Watson, who was on 4 of 16 balls at that time.

This eventually reduced Wahab Riaz to tears. The Pakistan fans still had their hopes high, but eventually had to accept reality. With a good partnership between Smith and Watson, Australia easily secured their berth to play the semi-final against India on 26th March at Sydney.

Apart from the Pakistani fans who cried, their neighbors, the Indians, were not happy with the result. Many Indian fans had started crying as well. When asked why, it was stated by some (who were taking a break from crying) that they wanted Pakistan in the semis.

This was NOT because the Indian fans were afraid of facing Australia, but a more interesting reason:


Now who shall we mock? Tell me… Tell me..


– A dejected & agitated Indian fan was seen fetching the collar of a Pakistani outside the stadium with tears in his eyes.

“Kyu nahi diya aapne humhe mauka?” –Another Indian fan to a Pakistani. 

He later said “Had Pakistan won today’s QF against Australia, the Indians would have got yet another Mauka to tease and mock the Pakistanis. With them going home now, Pakistan have left us high and dry”

He later asked our Indian reporter, Deepak Chaurasia to join a meeting where they were planning to hijack the Pakistan team’s plane and force them to play a friendly against India before the semi-final.

It is assumed that the Mauka Mauka ads will not have much meaning or interest now, as Pakistan leave Australian soil and the tournament behind.

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