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Dhoni gets a new sponsor


Mahendra Singh Dhoni, captain of the Indian cricket team in limited overs matches, has a brand new sponsor. While the details are currently uncertain, it is widely known that his new sponsor is a yo-yo company.

A manager in the yo-yo industry, Mr. Singh, had this to say about Dhoni's sponsorship: 


Dhoni is the perfect face for the yo-yo industry. One match he's making costly mistakes, the next match he's single-handedly saving the entire team. This up-down performance makes him the ideal representative for every yo-yo company.

Dhoni's performance in the ongoing Gandhi-Mandela series against South Africa has been alternately condemned and praised. After losing the first ODI in Kanpur, the brickbats were raining down on MSD. After the rest of the team collapsed in Indore where he prevented a complete breakdown and took India's score to almost 250, praise was being showered on him.

Mr. Singh added:


It's this sort of consistency that makes him the most sought after man among yo-yo companies.

In response to this sponsorship, rumours are circulating that Dhoni's detractors/admirers are also being approached for sponsorship by the flip-flop industry, as the articles calling for Dhoni's resignation and praising him as one of the greats are again a perfect representation of flip-flopping.


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