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Words from Ireland : Beat England!


One has to wonder how Eoin Morgan feels about the prospect of facing his former team mates when Ireland meet England in the T20 World Cup this coming Tuesday. Obviously, he will be looking to perform and help his adopted country qualify for the Super 8’s – but deep down he must be thinking what would’ve happened if he hadn’t made the jump and been there playing against the English instead.
 There is no doubt in my mind that Ireland would be a stronger team if Morgan, or Ed Joyce for that matter, were still playing for their country of birth. While one player does not make a team, they can go a long way in influencing results, and that is exactly what Morgan has done for the English in limited overs cricket for the past 12 months. But unfortunately, the lure of the shining lights is hard to resist for the aspiring cricketer; and who can blame them? Give me the chance to play regular matches against the best in the world (for good money too!!) and I’d bite your hand off.
One thing is for certain. Friendships will be left at the gate come Tuesday as far as Ireland are concerned. They will still be smarting from their crushing defeat at the hands of the Windies on Friday, and nothing short of a convincing win will do this time round.
Since that defeat, the Irish team has come under immense scrutiny from their supporters who have become accustomed to Ireland taking at least one test scalp at a world tournament. While their fielding was top drawer and the bowling not the worst either (considering the big hitters they were up against), I can understand the criticism for their batting. For only one player to make double figures in an international tournament is not acceptable by anyone’s standards and for extras to be the top scorer is even worse.
I’m not an international cricketer...far far from it, to tell the truth. But a lot of these players are full time professionals playing regular first-class cricket and should be competing with the bat in hand. However, I know what these batsmen can do and we’ve all seen it before; I’m just hoping this was a bad day at the office and that everything will be back to normal come Tuesday.
Basically, what I’m saying is...we have to beat England and teach them a lesson for stealing our players!

David Gash is an Irish writer who writes at www.munstercricket.com  


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