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The teams in green don’t want to win


Well, that’s not entirely true; Ireland don’t win because of their batting line up and rain. Neither do Bangladesh, but the tragedy is there is the fact that they actually have the capacity to win. It didn’t look like that against Pakistan, though. Some of the bowlers looked like they had no idea what they were doing. Mashrafe had just returned from injury, so he was customarily bad. But it was worse that Shakib continues to overlook Mashrafe’s inability to bowl during the death overs. He gave away too many runs against Pakistan and he gave away too many against Australia. I mean, who gives runs to Michael Hussey in T20? Oh yes, Bangladeshi bowlers.
Shakib’s captaincy has been rather strange. He is allowed to make mistakes, of course but it stings when the mistakes repeatedly come when Bangladesh are actually doing well.  Mahmudullah didn’t bowl a single over against Pakistan and Naeem joined him in the match against Australia. Instead Shuvo and Shafiul bowled. There is no way of justifying these decisions... simply because they are wrong. Shakib honey, if Tamim ain’t playing, don’t allow Shafiul to bowl and give away all those runs! If the Aussies hadn’t made 43 runs in 3 overs, and then some more, we might have even won this. The bowling, fielding and batting had almost come together in that game. At least they were fighting till the end. The Pakistan match was a lost cause the minute we had to rely on Ashraful to win us the match. I am not crazy; Ashraful is just that unpredictable.
Of course the Aussies should have understood that facing us in the second round is much better than facing Pakistan and lost on their own. But since they are too dumb to realize that, I will sulk and wait till Pakistan finishes them off.  It will happen, just you wait!
Then there is the other team in green, South Africa. They knew perfectly well that the game against India was a dead rubber. The Afghans were admirable, but even people who lack common sense would have known that the Saffers and Indians would have made it to the Super 8’s. So it’s no wonder that half-brain Smith knew it too. That’s exactly how they played the game, not caring whether they win or lose. This is the attitude that separates South Africa from Australia, who they try to emulate in every aspect (Graeme Smith even says “Aah, look” repeatedly!). When you play, play to win, not for the god damn net run rate!
Of course they then moved on to stomp all over the minnows, which they are famous for. I would just like to let Graeme and his men know that there is no honour in showing your killer instincts against those who can’t help themselves. I am so glad that Afghanistan managed to hold their own against the Saffers. Hamid Hassan brilliantly exposed the out-of-form Saffa line up and then went on to show Graeme Smith, what the world already knows: Albie Morkel should NOT bowl.
I love Albie, but every time he bowls, I cry. It’s like I am Pavlov’s dog and he is the meat. In both cases, there are body fluids involved, which make a huge mess.
I’ve already said that the Saffers aren’t going to go far, but I would have wanted them to at least feign authority over every single opposition, no matter how out of form they are. I think it’s time someone walked into their dressing room and told them a story of one of their own: Allan Donald. Donald was in terrible form before England’s tour of South Africa in 1999-2000. But his captain and coach still relied on him and he realized that he needed to find something that worked and still act like he was the best bowler in the world. Donald ended up taking 11 wickets that series.
The Saffers have everything, literally everything they need to be a world beating side. Only the attitude is lacking. Or maybe it’s just because they wear green like Bangladesh.
(Purna Hassan pretends to be a lot of things but is actually just a cricket lover and nothing else. She has been watching cricket ever since she can remember and is an avid supporter of Bangladesh and South Africa, which also means that she is frequently heart-broken and angry. She dislikes Stuart Broad immensely. Purna also blogs at cricketminded.blogspot.com )

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