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NZ the attention seekers

Everyone in the world was talking about India vs Australia.

The UN had a special meeting about Harbhajan vs Ponting.

Lindsay Lohan stopped eating carpet to watch the first over.

And Osama Bin Laden placed a halt to all shenanigans while Kumble was bowling.

But New Zealand stole the show.

They produced a result so extraordinary that Ponting beating his India hoodoo and several contentious umpiring decisions were over looked.

New Zealand, who earlier that day were mentioned in the ‘other’ column on BCCi TV, were suddenly the story.

Because they lost to Bangladesh.

Which in the current climate is quite an achievement.

Bangladesh have been all sorts of rubbish since Jamie Siddons took over.

He had Crashraful’s head all screwed.

He pensioned off all the old guys.

And the team had lost the plot in almost every series it had played in.

Not this match though, New Zealand collapses, and then rallied, and usually that would have been enough.

But the Deshi’s grew some claws, and once Crashraful and the Bangladeshi player with the name like Jamie Siddons, took over, New Zealand had no more love to give.

Now New Zealand will get media attention all over the place.

Those cunning bastards.
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