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Is this Cricket or...?


Cricket_Money_PowerThe integrity of the IPL has been called to question. Spot-fixing, illegal betting, Srini sinning, son-in-law running, Rauf escaping and Chennai reaching the final are some of the things that have gone wrong this IPL. It has completely ruined the experience for cricket fans. One can't help but look at no-balls, wides or otherwise genuine happenings in cricket with 'fixing goggles.'

We've picked out a few bits from here and there. We put these up without any comment. Simply we ask, is this cricket or...?

Match 4: Delhi vs Rajasthan

Delhi needs 22 runs in 18 balls, RR 8.47, RRR 7.33. Score 144/2 in 17 overs and Chance of Winning (COW) 90%. Warner 74*(52) and Juneja 19*(15). Delhi lost 4 wickets and lost the game by 5 runs.

Match 14: Delhi vs Hyderabad

During Delhi's innings...

16.6 Ishant Sharma to Pathan, 1 wide, full and wide, out of Pathan's reach, and is called wide.
16.6 Ishant Sharma to Pathan, 1 wide, wide full toss, and this one is a big wide, and called again.

Sharma went for 18 in his first three overs, but has conceded 16 in this one already. He also bowled a front foot no ball in the first ball of this over. In total he gave 17 runs in this over.

Match 16: Chennai vs Bangalore

Chennai needs 2 runs off the last ball.

19.6 RP Singh to Jadeja, (no ball) 1 run, gone! RCB have snatched victory! Oh no, they haven't! RP has bowled a no-ball! Chennai have won, that was short and wide and Jadeja edged it straight to third man as he tried to cut that. But the umpire Chowdhary has called it a no-ball, RP overstepped according to the umpire. RP overstepped by a big margin there, definitely a no-ball, they get a run for the overstepping and another one for the single they snatched as the catch was taken. 
Match 21: Bangalore vs Delhi

During Bangalore's innings...

By the time the 15th over of their batting innings came to an end, Delhi had only 8% Chance of Winning (COW) and then the collapse followed for Bangalore leading to a super over.

Umesh Yadav follows up three yorkers with a bouncer and two length balls in the super over to AB de Villiers which disappear to the boundary. Bangalore won the over-eliminator.

Match 22: Pune vs Hyderabad

Pune needed 19 runs from 18 balls (17 overs 101/5) with 5 wickets in hand and then they were all out at 108 adding merely 7 runs in their total.

Match 25: Hyderabad vs Punjab

While Punjab batted, they lost 4 wickets in 4 consecutive deliveries from 17.4 to 18.1.

Match 49: Mumbai vs Chennai

Kieron Pollard drops Michael Hussey thrice in consecutive balls in the first over bowled by Mitchell Johnson.

Match 60: Kolkata vs Bangalore

Bangalore lose 6 wickets from 15.5 to 19.4.

Match 63: Bangalore vs Punjab

During Punjab's innings...

6.5 Muralitharan to Gilchrist, 1 leg bye, a huge appeal for lbw, Murali can't believe it's not out. Gilchrist came forward and closed the face of the bat and was hit plumb in front by the doosra, don't think the umpire picked it either.

Umpire was S Ravi.

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