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Influence on games won & games lost


Graph shows Dhoni & Gilchrist's frequency of 50+ innings

An indication of how valuable a player is to a side is his/her performance in the games the side loses. If in such games, a player's performance levels are below his standard performance levels, it is an indication that the team's performance is directly related to his performance. This leads to a rather unusual equation where the worse a player performs (given these specific conditions), the more valuable he is to the team.

In games India have lost, Dhoni averages 9 points lower than his normal ODI average. While he manages a 50+ score every 3.3 games when India has won, he crosses 50 only once every 7 inninngs in games India have lost. Gilchrist's average drops even further, down to 12 points below his overall ODI average, and he crosses the 50 run mark only half the times he does in games Australia win. Very little to choose from, but Gilchrist gets a slight edge over Dhoni.

Once again, it is quite clear that Gilchrist is far more consistent than Dhoni is. Irrespective of whether he is playing home, abroad or away, Gilchrist scores a fifty roughly every 4 games. Dhoni, on the hand, fluctuates from a fifty every 3.6 inninngs to as extreme as scoring one every 8.5 inninngs when plaing in neutral venues.




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