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Lanka back in business


Looking at the percentage chance of winning each team had at different points in the game tells some interesting stories.

India were in the game at only at two points: In the first innings at the end of the 4th over (with a COW - Chance of Winning - of 73%) and at the end of the 9th over in the second innings (with a COW of 48%). However, Sri Lanka dominated a whopping 32 out of the possible 40 overs in the match.

First Innings COW graph:


India gave away a commanding position after the 4th over to end with a COW of 33%, a drop of 40 points. Jayasuriya's 22-run 5th over marked the start of Sri Lankan mauling.

Second Innings COW graph:


Gambhir's cameo brought the game back in balance following which the remaining batsmen started a fierce race to be the first to reach the dressing room. Result: Lanka had wrapped the game up by the end of 14th over. The defining period of play here was a 5 over phase shared by Jayasuriya and Matthews which raised their COW by 45 points!

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