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Everyone loves the KnightRiders


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A somewhat quirky twist of events in the points table has meant that everybody, including you, you and you, will suddenly be supporting Kolkata.

It's true. It goes like this. Practically every other team outside of KKR is in with a chance now to reach the semis. Deccan and Delhi are reasonably safe, but not necessarily by much. The Mumbai Indians, Chennai SuperKings, Bangalore Royal Challengers, Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals are either level or within a point of each other.

So it doesn't matter which team you support, you'll want Kolkata to hammer the hell out of everyone else they play. If you are a neutral observer you'll want the KnightRiders to win something, because you can't watch any more of the violence. And if you are a KnightRiders fan you belong to an extinct species so that probably doesn't count.

What this also proves is that losing miserably can get you more supporters than all the corny music videos and cheesy promotional campaigns you can come up with.

So now, with the support of a billion people and more, Kolkata march out to play those who have been giving them smug, condescending looks for so long.

They'll lose anyway, of course.

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