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Sri Lankan ground staff stripped of pants, SLC to investigate

The Sri Lankan ground staff at the Hambantota ground were asked to remove their pants after the fifth ODI between Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. 

The ground staff were wearing pants with the SLC logo on it and were therefore asked to remove them before even getting paid. 

Sri Lanka Cricket had given the hired ground staff a uniform which had to be worn during their dutites. However, they didn't know they would be asked to remove their pants and so they had no new set of clothes. 

Groundsmen said, 


They only paid us for our three days worth of work after taking our clothes. They hadn't told us to come prepared with another set of clothes. They asked us to hand over the trousers, so we had no choice but to do that.

Sri Lanka Cricket has apologised for the above act and have promised that stern action will be taken against those who were responsible for the act. 

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