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What is made of terracotta, about six inches tall and may originally have been a perfume jar?

It is always fun answering questions and quizzes (except when you are getting none of them right), but it gets better when there is a good context to it.

So here it is : You have 20 'deliveries' (i.e. questions) to score as many 'runs' as you can. You score runs by answering questions. You choose the difficulty level of the questions, the more difficult they are, the more runs you get (there are 1 run, 2 run, 4 run and 6 run questions)

There is a catch, of course. If you go for 'big shots' you stand to lose wickets. So, getting 4 run and 6 run questions wrong costs 1 and 2 wkts respectively.

And you have only 10 wickets you can afford to lose before your innings winds up.

Even 20 questions can take a bit of time so if at any point in the middle of your 'innings' you wish to leave, just logout. Your innings will be saved automatically, and you can resume it whenever you want to.

Enough talk, let's get going.....
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