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They think Kohli will fail again


Virat_Kohli_Test_Cricket_Captain_IndiaThe Champions Trophy has just begun, and cricket fanatics can’t wait just that little bit more to watch it unfold in front of their very own eyes. It is a big achievement in the end to win this trophy; the trophy of champions. While many are excited, but those who have developed a deep passion for cricket and have an extensive knowledge about the game are into many heated debates day in and day out.

India would like to retain the trophy that they won under MS Dhoni in 2013 with a nail biting close finish and a very young and amateur team. It won’t be that easy though, as every team in the tournament is one of the top and strong teams in cricket, and every other team would want to snatch away the cup to take it home proudly.

Kohli will be leading the Indian team this time around instead of the legendary captain that MS Dhoni was. Well, Dhoni will play but just as a member and surely his experience will count a lot in helping Kohli in crucial situations.

This makes the Indian team much stronger, but many believe Kohli will fail, and fail again in English conditions.

They think his bad patch of form has once again begun, and that the curtains will be down for India because of Kohli failing.

It is very stupid of the people to think that Kohli will fail badly in England just because one bad patch of form in 2014. Kohli was young back then and it could have happened with any player. He was a bright prospect for the future but he wasn’t as settled as a batsman as he is now. He wasn’t as solid and, most importantly, he wasn’t as close to perfection as he is now. He has worked on his weaknesses all around like hitting the sweep shot and also the weakness outside off stump has been rectified to a great extent.

They also think that Kohli’s bad patch has begun since the Australia tour, but what they forget is that he got injured just after the first test which India lost and after that how can someone expect him to play perfectly even with an injury in the rest of the matches. Those bad performances were bound to happen after the injury. They just see the Australian, and they don’t see how Kohli was performing right before that.

The IPL performances raise some debates about his performances, but it should always be kept in mind that making a comeback right after an injury is pretty tough. Well, his comeback hasn’t been as bad as some people make it seem but such is his stature and class that even those performances seem ordinary to everyone coming from Kohli. One reason for the downfall of his performance at the Royal Challengers Bangalore was that the whole team was not performing well and that puts a whole lot of an impact on the performance of a player, whether it be batting or bowling. The team environment and atmosphere didn't look as great as it did in the last edition and that affected the performance of all the players not just Kohli. Even the likes of AB de Villiers, Chris Gayle, Travis Head etc.

If Kohli’s performances of 2016 are to be taken into account and even the start of 2017 then it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Kohli will be a game changer in the Champions Trophy.

They think Kohli will fail again, and they are wrong.

Well, he wouldn’t be someone to watch out for as it is expected of him to perform in almost each and every match of the tournament. It is expected of him to perform at that level, and it is most probable that he will perform according to the expectations and lead the Indian team to victory by producing sensational batting performances single-handedly, and producing extra ordinary team performances from his aggressive captaincy. Do not forget MS Dhoni’s experience at all. It wouldn’t be wrong to call India the red hot favorites for the Champions trophy.


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