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The Mirror Cracked?


Ah, the difference over four months regarding the preparation, momentum and mental toughness of the Windies Test team which shall be on display for all to see over the first three sessions of tomorrow's first Test match against the Poms.
This writer was clear in conviction when he ably predicted a home victory against the same opposition at the beginning of the year. That conviction is now quite feeble as I have been compelled to witness the Wisden-holders lapse back into half-assed regional match preparedness for what is admittedly a series that almost begs classification as a farce in both its conception and implementation.
Two Tests? One in a non-traditional sub-zero-degree-guaranteed ground? What is really going on here?
With the team's captain arriving only yesterday, the writing seems already on the wall. However England themselves have also suffered personnel reversals and shall also be presenting a non-gelled squad.  Harmison, the only English pacer to unsettle the Windies since that Welsh bolt of lightening Greg Thomas (figures never gave justice to the shock he gave us back then), remains not himself and Flintoff is out. These factors alone should provide the reprieve for Windies to find themselves through the wind chill.
At the end of the day though, I really wonder if the West Indian Test team of January were to look at it's reflection today over this divide of time what it would observe and consider.
At the end of the day neither team has anything to gain from this genuinely foolish calendar-filling arrangement but one has MUCH to lose in terms of an actual trophy, long-sought-and-finally-gained momentum and that intangible of 'big-league belonging'.
Go windies (muttered nervously).

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