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Drawing parallels between the teams and actual companies


If you have a concept where you are being allowed to trade on shares of cricket teams, who represent companies, in a virtual 'cricket stock exchange', and you need to give a clear idea of each team and where they stand as far this stock market is concerned, what would you do?

A super-intelligent, super-sophisticated (both words not used in the same sense as, err, 'superkings') top-level business-type senior manager would suggest a heavy dose of statistics, graphs, deep level analysis and lots of jargon.

The normal, lay-man involved in stock markets (assuming he has an IQ higher than that of Andre Nel, Shaun Tait and the top-level executive mentioned above) would suggest that we draw analogies between each cricket team and the actual company from the real trading world that matches it the most. That way you get a clear idea about the general profile of the cricket team and their possible stock performances.

We will go with the latter since it is the less complicated, more concise, more efficient and errr....a great deal easier to execute.

So, here are the teams with the real world company that seem to define them the best, based on whatever has been seen of the teams so far. Changes will be updated here as and when they occur.

Well, here goes.

Kolkata---Reliance Power?

The Kolkata side is a young, hyped, highly-publicized, 'glamourized' unit with a lot of star value. Their performance so far has been good, the returns have been high, and the team has a high fan following, but there are enough doubts on whether the performance can be sustained over a long term because McCullum will be leaving, Gayle is unlikely to play and the support cast hasn't been very reassuring.

So, much like Reliance Power, the past and the present is good but there are a few doubts over the future returns.


The Bangalore unit is filled with experienced, reliable, dependable performers such that you will usually get a basic level of competence (say, a 140-150 score) but you are very unlikely to get wind-fall returns, like a 200+ score.

The performance and the returns will be steady - note that most of their games have been reasonably close (save the first match, which is, well, an exception). So you are likely to get steady returns but it is unlikely that you will get extraordinary rates of growth.


In general Mumbai is associated with success and high-adrenaline in an overall sense, but the  city's IPL team is in sharp contrast to that. Like IFCI, they have been facing both, on-field issues and internal conflicts and problems within the team.

Its star value and popularity is dependent heavily on one major player -Tendulkar. Their performance so far has been poor with just one win in five games, and things do not necessarily look like they are going to see a major improvement. It will take an exceptional surge in performance levels to make them a top-level contender.


The Jaipur side is a team with limited resources and a short supply of 'superstars', were not expected to achieve great heights, but have managed to do really well. Not only are they providing decent returns given their price they are also offering good returns even by general, top-level standards, and are expected to be one of the semi-finalists.

Like SAIL, their success has come through optimum utilization of existing resources, good, strong leadership, well-defined roles and good, efficient, competent performances from most of the team rather than a few lone rangers.


Hyderabad comes with some strong pedigree, has a big name & established performers, and so, much is expected of them. However they are underperforming a bit, despite the Gilchrist surge. There have been consistent batting performances but there hasn't been the flood of victories that one expected of this side. Like Wipro, it hasn't been a 'great' stock to have though it would seem so on paper.

But that doesn't mean they are down and out. They are still considered to be a unit capable of giving better returns....in fact, a unit expected to give 'great' returns as the tournament progress, so worth still holding on to.

Chennai---L&T / Infosys?

Chennai is a top ranked, high-performance company like L&T which has lived up to its pre-tournament billing and more. They seem to have all round strengths in batting and bowling. Their performances so far have been dominant. They have a very mature, adult demeanour about them and they also have an all-win record so far. A pretty strong, reliable share to hold, but one that won't come cheap.

Mohali---UB Group meets Reliance Natural Resources?

The Mohali side is filled with a lot of glamour and 'star' value around, with plenty of poster boy cricketers. A 'good looking', fashionable company, so to speak, much like the UB group, whose own team, ironically, is completely unlike their general image.

Performance wise they are more like Reliance Natural Resources. Their potential is high, the delivery hasn't been great, but there is plenty of hope for a revival and better returns in the near future, with two back-to-back wins and things looking like they are beginning to fall in place.

Delhi---Bharti Airtel?

A strong team with a very strong local strength base. Delhi possesses good overall strength in batting and bowling. But it is not a flaw-less unit, since the strengths hide one or two weaknesses, such as a weak middle-order.

They have a good record so far with two very dominant, powerful wins and one defeat. One of the favourites to reach the semis or even the finals.
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