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I have been following this wonderful game of cricket since I was 5. Played cricket for Mumbai under 16s but then fortunately or unfortunately I was good at studies as well. So left professional cricket and pursued engineering. Sports is my passion and for giving something back to this sport, I started writing articles. Apart from writing articles I have been involved in developing softwares for sports performance analysis. So to summarize it, I am a passionate sportsman, Sachin Tendulkar devotee, Die hard fan of Rafael Nadal, Engineer by profession and an all-rounder on and off the field! Twitter- @okeamey

10-May-2017 From IPL to India

5 players who owe their selection in the India team to the IPL.

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19-Apr-2017 8 exciting young Indian cricketers in the IPL

A rookie to watch out for from each team in the IPL this year.

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16-Feb-2015 The Think Tank of IPL teams for Auctions

Let’s take a look at the brains behind the success of IPL teams.

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15-Dec-2014 Cricket needs to be rethought

It is extremely essential for sports scientists to redesign cricket equipment.

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