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Like blood is to the vein, sports is to my brain.

24-Apr-2018 Opening the IPL

This edition of the Indian Premier League continues the tradition of openers being among the most important players.

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23-Oct-2015 An Ode to the Destroyer

The inevitable retirement of Virender Sehwag has left his numerous fans feeling Comfortably Numb.

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15-Oct-2015 Jos Buttler - England's 'Key'per

Jos Buttler will be a key player in the UAE, and he is playing for his career.

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10-Sep-2015 Mad Max - Delhi Road

Between Virat Kohli and Ishant Sharma, controlled aggression is bringing in a new phase of Indian cricket.

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13-Aug-2015 The art of set-ups

A look at some genius bowlers using brilliant strategy to outfox solid batsmen.

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23-Jul-2015 The unfair fairytale of Kevin Pietersen

Cricket and cricket-lovers will suffer from Kevin Pietersen not playing.

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16-Jul-2015 A review of the Reviewer

It's time for Shane Watson to pack up. Naturally, he'd want to review that decision.

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