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A cricket enthusiast striving to convey the finer details of the game in a capsule. I hope to present a bird's eye view of the game as I see it to the readers. PS: I am smitten by the likes of ABD but crush on pace bowlers who can make the ball talk. Twitter: @rohitsn216

21-Jul-2017 In praise of Harmanpreet Kaur

Legends lined up to praise Harmanpreet Kaur's dream knock against Australia in the World Cup semi final.

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11-Jul-2017 The curious case of Jasprit Bumrah

One no ball should not undo all the excellent work that this young bowler has done so far.

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05-Jul-2017 South Africa need to play a new brand of Test cricket

The Proteas' problems are more to do with attitude, though they need to get their personnel and players right.

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05-Jul-2017 The huge challenge awaiting South Africa's batsmen

The Proteas' inexperienced batting will have to survive a powerful England bowling attack in difficult conditions.

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29-Jun-2017 India's wicket-keeper conundrum

With MS Dhoni closer to retirement from international cricket, India need to manage his successors.

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29-Jun-2017 5 Afghan & Irish players set to delight Test cricket

These players from Afghanistan and Ireland will soon have a chance to show their skills in Test matches.

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21-Jun-2017 4 takeaways for India from Champions Trophy 2017

While India are a strong team, their performance in the tournament showed what they can work on.

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19-Jun-2017 Two missed chances and a bizarre run out

Pakistan beat India to win the Champions Trophy final thanks to a few key moments.

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17-Jun-2017 All signs point towards an India victory

If you're superstitious, you would have noticed that the omens say that India will win the Champion Trophy.

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16-Jun-2017 Rejuvenated Pakistan is a real threat

India will have their work cut out for them in the final of the Champions Trophy 2017.

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