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I was always crazy about cricket from the age of 7 and used to have the names of players and their stats on my fingertips. After getting bored with aviation I decided to write on cricket combining my knowledge of the game with my aptitude for stats. I am an amateur numerologist and love reading espionage novels along with cups of filter kappi.

20-Jul-2018 Dale Steyn: Greatest Of All Time?

A stats analysis of Dale Steyn's Test cricket career with South Africa that showcases his phenomenal achievements.

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19-Jul-2018 Sri Lanka should give Mathews a break

The role of Angelo Mathews in the Test cricket side should be reconsidered. Give young talent a chance in his place.

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18-Jul-2018 Galle: The fortress of Sri Lanka

Galle has been one of the most successful grounds for the Lions in Test cricket.

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11-Jul-2018 5 things Sri Lanka need to beat South Africa

Playing the 2 Test series at home against the Proteas, Sri Lanka will still have to do a lot to emerge victorious.

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02-Jul-2018 8 exciting matches from India vs England history

When these two teams clash in ODI and T20 cricket, the results are often eventful and memorable.

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22-Jun-2018 25 years of ball tampering in cricket

7 instances of ball tampering in Test and ODI cricket, from Sachin Tendulkar to Faf du Plessis.

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12-Jun-2018 6 reasons why England are favourites

Australia are dealing with banned batsmen, injured bowlers and poor recent form going into the 5 ODI series in England.

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01-Jun-2018 8 controversies in England vs Pakistan Tests

Test matches between Pakistan and England have witnessed a number of controversial incidents over the years.

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30-May-2018 Flops of IPL 2018

10 players who grabbed the world's attention for all the wrong reasons in the Indian Premier League.

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30-May-2018 Hits of IPL 2018

10 players who grabbed the world's attention for all the right reasons in the Indian Premier League.

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