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Yogesh Gandhi

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I am a simple Cricket fan, just like you. I played Cricket after school, bruised my knees, and then stayed up the night to see a gigantic Curtley Ambrose bowl to a little wonder called Sachin Tendulkar. He woke me up the next day when India played Australia in Benson & Hedges cup, back in ’92. Come to India, and I jumped with joy when Siddhu danced down the track to Murali and cursed the umpires when Sachin was given out Shoulder before the wicket in Australia. Play fair I said. I changed classes in the interim. One thing remained constant- my mind’s eye- which was perennially glued to the television whenever the game was on. Things did not change when I entered college and regularly took my engineering lessons, whenever India was not playing. When my profs spoke of angles, I wondered how many degrees did the ball of the century turn when it got the mickey out of bearded Gatting? When I play, I can’t chose between the bat or the ball. I love them both. For the seam of the new ball captivates me as much as the curve of the blade that sends is for a run around the ground. If I have a choice, I will keep watching the cat and mouse that the bat and the ball play with each other. And if I get a chance to share that joy with you- why not? When it comes to sharing the joy of Cricket i firmly believe- the more we share, more we get in return. So come on in buddy. Read on. I promise you fun. Some joy, under the Cricketing sun!

04-Sep-2014 Shades of Sachin at Edgbaston

Rahane did what Sachin had done for more than 25 years.

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