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Umpire's role in Malinga's success

The first Test of the New Zealand v Sri Lanka series in 2005 was played in Napier. 

The match ended in a draw but had its fair share of controversies. 

The New Zealanders claimed that the umpires played a role in Malinga's success. 

"We can't see him when it's a bit overcast and late in the evening", complained Fleming on the last day. He added, "Last night Hamish Marshall, who's in great form, just couldn't see the ball. We asked the umpires to change the colour of their trousers. There's a period when it gets lost in their trousers."

The umpires didn't quite do that but on the first day they did agree to take off their dark ties and on the last day umpire Bucknor tied a sweater round his waist as a sort of personal sightscreen.