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The voice of cricket

The poetry producer of the Eastern Service of BBC was summoned to the room of Donald Stevenson, the head of BBC Eastern Service. It was January, 1946.

DS: Isn't there an Indian cricket team coming this summer?
The poetry producer (henceforth PP): Yes, there is.
DS: Oh yes, I remember from your interview that you're keen on cricket. When do they start?
PP: First Wednesday in May
DS: Where?
PP; Worcester
DS: Where then?
PP: Oxford
DS: How do you know?
PP: Because I've got the fixture list in my pocket
DS: Have you ever done any cricket broadcast?
PP: Yes (in reality, all he did by then was a fifteen minute talk on Hambledon)
DS: Would you like to do it?
PP: Yes (gasps).

The name of the poetry producer was John Arlott.