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When they used the 'wrong' ball for an Ashes Test

The second Test match betweeen England and Australia in the 1924/25 Ashes has a unique place in the game's history.

England bowled first and no later than Australia scored 15 runs, the bowler, and the captain of the team, Arthur Gilligan noticed that a great piece of leather had come off the ball. He immediately showed the ball to the umpires and the two of them brought out a new ball.

Four balls were used before lunch on day one!

Then they discovered that, by mistake, a wrong packer of balls had been delivered to the ground and the match was played with no. 3 cricket balls instead of no. 1

The two captains agreed to play out the first innings with both sides using the no. 3 grade variety. 

England used eight balls before Australia scored 200 and then Australia, when their turn came, used seven balls before the visitors scored 200.