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When BCCI valued friendship more than money

When Australia arrived in India in 1959/60, they had a few issues at hand.

When the hosts were late delivering their telegraphic receipt for the second Test match at Kanpur, Aussie manager Sam Loxton (an invincible), confronted the BCCI's assistant secretary. 

"Do not let us spoil a beautiful friendship over money", said the assistant secretary of the BCCI.

"Try me, I want it please. I have instructed Richie (Benaud, the captain) that no player is to get togged until I have the money.", said Loxton.

"But what about the game?", queried the official.

Loxton's reply was clear: "That's not my problem. You know the rules."

Loxton's receipt arrived just in time for the match to commence.

The Aussies wished it hadn't.

Jasu Patel took 14 wickets and India won the match.