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Vintage Fred

Fred Trueman is a cricketer who somehow seemed to attract all the fun cricketing anecdotes. If something interesting was going to happen, he would somehow become involved in the story. Many of these stories were apocryphal, but some of the good ones were actually true. 

This one was recalled by Don Mosey.

Yorkshire were playing against Northants in an away match in the 1954 season. 

Yorkshire batted first and Frank Tyson was in the mood of running through the Yorkshire lower middle order when Johnny Wardle came out to bat. 

He was bowled by Tyson for nought. 

"A bloody fine shot that were," snorted Trueman as he went out to bat. 

But he too met a similar fate. 

"And a bloody fine shot that were.", was Wardle's greeting to Fred.

Fred, as always, had the last word: "Aye, I slipped on the pile o' shit you left in the crease. "