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The discovery of a Test cricketer

In March 1925, the famous South African all-rounder, Aubrey Faulkner set up the Faulkner Cricket Academy, the first permanent indoor cricket school in the world. 

In July, a 17-year old boy named Ian Peebles visited the school while on holiday from Scotland. He was then bowling something between a leg-break and a leg-cutter. 

Aubrey watched him for sometime and ran back to his office to drag his assistant into the nets: "Come and seee what I've found."

Faulkner then said to Peebles, "If you come to London you could be my secretary."

Peebles asked, "If I do, do you think I would ever play for a county."

Faulkner looked at Peebles for a few moments and then said, "If you come to me, you'll go a darn sight further than that."

Peebles made his Test debut two years later.