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Bill Edrich v Ray Lindwall

Bill Edrich and Ray Lindwall were good friends. 

Once they were discussing about tactics and on-field ethics and suddenly Edrich asked Lindwall, "Tell me, Ray, what would you do if I bowl some bumpers at you?"

"Would not worry me, Bill. I'd treat them with impunity."

Bill looked amused but said no more than, "We'll see tomorrow."

The next day Lindwall went out to bat and, incidentally, Edrich was bowling at that time.

He bounced the first five balls. Lindwall missed the first four. The fifth rose up unexpectedly and struck Lindwall on his hand. 

Lindwall, forgetting the conversation they had the previous evening, went up to Edrich and asked, "Hey, what's the idea Bill? I can bowl these a bit, you know."

Edrich was quick to smile and say, "No need to worry, Ray. Just giving you a few of your impunity balls."