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All about getting that driving licence

In the 1950s, Nottinghamshire were well served in the bowling department by two Australians: leg-spinner Bruce Dooland and left-arm fast bowler Alan Walker.

Dooland was very popular in Nottingham and here Walker narrates a story emphasizing that.

"I'd been driving a few years when I got to England and got a visitor's licence. But when I stayed I decided to get a full licence, and I did my first Test in Nottingham. Well, the guy failed me. I couldn't believe it, but apparently I wasn't paying 'due care and attention'. So I sat it again, more carefully this time, and he failed me again. When I booked for another test, I decided not to take any chances. I got Bruce (Dooland) to come with me, and we had a couple of bats in the back seat and cricket gear stewn everywhere. And I had no trouble. Bruce was a hero in Nottingham."