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Pakistan Super League 2016

Scorecard - 19th Match, Karachi Kings vs Peshawar Zalmi at Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (17 Feb 2016)

Karachi Kings

152/7 (20) RR:7.6

Peshawar Zalmi won by 5 wkts

MOM: Brad Hodge
Peshawar Zalmi

158/5 (18.3) RR:8.54

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18.0 - Sammy to Bhatti, FOUR, this time he picked up the slower delivery and waited for it, pulled it with disdain and the ball just bounced inside the ropes but over the fielder who was running across to effect a catch

13.4 - Aamer Yamin to Bopara, FOUR, length delivery outside off, Bopara makes room, opens the face of the bat and guides it to third man

11.5 - Rehman to Bopara, FOUR, straight as an arrow from Bopara, came down the track like a thunder and got closer to the pitch of the ball, muscled it down the ground and beat the bowler who tried to stop it in his followthrough, the ball scurries to the fence

10.3 - Afridi to Simmons, FOUR, width on offer outside off and Simmons will feed on those, cuts it from the crease and the ball races through the backward point region

10.2 - Afridi to Simmons, FOUR, slider down the leg-side, Simmons gets a little tickle on the flick and the ball beats the fielder at short fine leg, the ball races away to the fence

7.3 - Rehman to Simmons, FOUR, Simmons did not exactly time that one, but it had enough legs to run away to the deep mid-wicket fence. Simmons waltzes down the track, Rehman follows him, Simmons whips it towards deep mid-wicket to bisect two fielders running around the boundary rope

5.1 - Hasan Ali to Shahzaib Hasan, FOUR, fullish delivery from Hasan Ali, Hasan manufactures room and slaps it over Afridi at mid-off. It bullets to the fence

3.0 - Aamer Yamin to Simmons, FOUR, a touch of width on offer, Simmons looks to cut and gets a thickish outside edge that runs away to the third man fence. There was no third man in place there

1.3 - Hasan Ali to Simmons, FOUR, pitched up delivery and zooming in on the stumps, Simmons tries to bury it across the line and gets an inside edge that runs away past the diving short fine fielder for a boundary

0.1 - Aamer Yamin to Simmons, FOUR, Aamer Yamin bowls a half-tracker and Simmons slaps it over the mid-on fielder, and it scurries to the fence. Slower short delivery that was bowled just outside off and Simmons took a heavy toll of it

19.0 - Imran Khan to Bhatti, SIX, fuller length delivery outside off and Bhatti sinks down on one knee, flogs it high in the air and the ball just carries over the fielder, who tries to catch it with one hand after leaping high in the air

18.3 - Imran Khan to Sohail Khan, SIX, fuller length delivery on the stumps and Khan lofts it wide of long-on for a six. Much needed runs for Karachi Kings

10.0 - Rehman to Simmons, SIX, lovely shot by Simmons. With a concotion of timing and power, Simmons charges down the track, gets close to the pitch of the ball and lofts it handsomely straight down the ground. It easily sails into the stands

8.3 - Afridi to Simmons, SIX, Simmons sinks on one knee and heaves this delivery that is bowled slower through the air over the deep mid-wicket fence. He picked the bones out of that one

5.4 - Hasan Ali to Shahzaib Hasan, SIX, now, that is a good strike by Hasan. The short delivery that is bowled outside off, Hasan pulls it handsomely over the mid-wicket fence for a maximum

19.1 - Hasan Ali to Sohail Khan, out Sohail Khan Run Out!! What a great piece of fielding at mid-wicket! Yorker length delivery on the stumps, Khan wrists it to mid-wicket, who picks it up and throws at the stumps at the bowler's end to effect a direct-hit. Khan was just not in the frame. Sohail Khan run out (Sammy) 7(5) [6s-1]

18.1 - Imran Khan to Bopara, out Caught&Bowled!! After a flurry of slower deliveries the quicker one surprised Bopara, who came down the track and tried to flat bat the pull, was hurried by the pace and got it off the toe end to the right of the bowler, who dived to his right and took the catch one-handed to send Bopara back to the hut. Bopara c and b Imran Khan 23(22) [4s-2]

17.1 - Sammy to Shakib, out Caught by Rehman!! He was struggling for some time now and he has to depart. He never looked comfortable against the slower delivery and departs trying to force the issue. Pace off the ball and Shakib wanted to bury it across the line, miscued it completely and it skied high towards the fielder at long-off, who settled nicely under it. Shakib c Rehman b Sammy 11(12)

13.1 - Aamer Yamin to Shoaib Malik, out Caught by Imran Khan!! As easy as anything has ever been. Yamin splays down the leg-side and Malik flicks it straight to the fielder at short fine leg, who gobbles it up. The celebrations were halted for a while as the umpire checked for a no ball but the TV umpire was satisified with the front foot of the bowler. But it looked touch and go. Malik has to go. Shoaib Malik c Imran Khan b Aamer Yamin 15(14)

10.4 - Afridi to Simmons, out Bowled!! The wrong'un from Afridi has done the trick, googly it was and on off, Simmons went deep in the crease to cut it, was cramped for room and got a thick inside edge that crashed on the top of off-pole. Good innings from Simmons comes to an end. Simmons b Afridi 49(37) [4s-6 6s-2]

7.4 - Rehman to Simmons, out Wessels Run Out!! 1 run completed Another one bites the dust. Simmons looked to pinch a couple of runs but in that process, Wessels got run out. Simmons worked it towards mid-wicket, where Amin picked up the ball quickly and fired in a rocket throw at the bowler's end, who whipped the bails off in a flash, with Wessels finding himself short of the crease, despite looking to slide his bat in. Wessels run out (Aamer Yamin/Rehman) 3(6)

5.5 - Hasan Ali to Shahzaib Hasan, out Caught by K Akmal!! After thwacking a six, Hasan looks for another big shot and loses his wicket. He could have looked to rotate the strike after smashing the previous ball over the stands. It was nothing but a fullish delivery, Hasan aimed for the loft down the ground and ekes out an outside edge. The keeper did not have to move an inch to grab the catch with both hands. Shahzaib Hasan c K Akmal b Hasan Ali 18(17) [4s-1 6s-1]

17.0 - Amir to Sammy, FOUR, unlucky for the bowler, Sammy wants to crack it through the off-side, gets a thickish outside edge that runs away to the third man fence

15.1 - Usama Mir to Hodge, FOUR, Hodge wants to flog this quicker one across the line, gets a thick inside edge to beat the keeper and into the fine leg fence

14.3 - Amir to K Akmal, FOUR, Akmal does well this time, muscles it straight past the bowler and it races away to the fence, this time Amir bowled it on a length, making the job easier for Akmal

13.2 - Bhatti to Hodge, FOUR, a great effort by the fielder at deep mid-wicket, but all in vain. Short delivery and a slower one perhaps, Hodge whacks it off the front foot and Wessels dives to his left in the deep, gets a hand to it but the ball rolls into the fence

12.5 - Usama Mir to Hodge, FOUR, tossed up and in the arc of Hodge, he clubs it straight down the ground into the fence

12.4 - Usama Mir to Hodge, FOUR, short delivery and Hodge does well, uses the depth of the crease and pulls it away towards deep square leg, who runs to his left and puts in the dive, gets to it but the ball deflects off into the fence

11.3 - Bhatti to Hodge, FOUR, back of a length outside off and Hodge flashes hard at it off the front foot, gets a thick outside edge and the ball flies past the keeper into the third man fence, lucky four for the Aussie veteran

9.0 - Usama Mir to Allenby, FOUR, Allenby sinks on one knee and neatly paddles this delivery that is bowled on middle and leg to the fine leg fence

8.2 - Usama Mir to Hodge, FOUR, width on offer and Hodge does not need a second invitation. He blazes the cut to the deep backward point boundary

6.5 - Bhatti to Allenby, FOUR, the slower short one that is drifting down leg, Allenby hoicks it to the deep backward square leg fence. It beats the fielder in the deep with ease

5.4 - Shakib to Allenby, FOUR, Allenby sinks on one knee and sweeps it to the deep backward square leg fence. He played that stroke with the angle and hit it right off the screws

4.3 - Bhatti to Malan, FOUR, shortish delivery from Bhatti, Malan pulls it to the deep mid-wicket boundary. Much needed runs for Peshawar

4.1 - Bhatti to Allenby, FOUR, width on offer and begging to be hammered. Allenby takes advantage of it by smearing the cut to the deep backward point fence

0.1 - Amir to Hafeez, FOUR, short and wide delivery. Nice gift for Hafeez to pounce on it and blaze the cut shot square on the off-side for a boundary

18.3 - Sohail Khan to Sammy, SIX, it is all over for Karachi. A big win for Peshawar. Short delivery and Sammy flogs it over the deep mid-wicket fence. The players shake hands as they walk off the field

17.4 - Bopara to Hodge, SIX, the run feast continues, slower delivery and shorter one once again, Hodge will have those for breakfast, gets his front leg away from the line of the delivery and tonks it over the deep mid-wicket fence

17.1 - Bopara to Hodge, SIX, a back of the hand slower one and Hodge has taken a heavy toll of it, swings across the line and the ball sails well over the deep backward square leg fence

16.2 - Amir to Hodge, SIX, full toss and that has been punished, whacked it away after getting his front leg out of the way, the ball sailed over the sweeper cover fence

15.5 - Usama Mir to Hodge, SIX, the fielder from long-off could only see it sail over him, Hodge opened the off-side and cracked it to the left of the fielder, did not matter much as it sailed all the way

15.4 - Usama Mir to Hodge, SIX, flatter delivery and Hodge does not show any respect, flogs it across the line and dispatches into the stands at deep square leg

15.3 - Usama Mir to Hodge, SIX, that is a mammoth hit from Hodge, got underneath this one and lofted it over the long-off ropes, it went deep into the stands

16.0 - Usama Mir to Hodge, out K Akmal Run Out!! 1 run completed. TV umpire has been pressed into action on a run-out appeal against K Akmal and he is gone as confirmed by replays. Hodge jammed this drive to sweeper cover and called for two. Akmal for some reason ran at an angle and was caught short at the bowler's end on a good throw that was right on top of the stumps. The bowler whipped the bails off. K Akmal run out (Bopara/Usama Mir) 8(9) [4s-1]

11.5 - Bhatti to Afridi, out Lbw!! Afridi has to go but the drama was more than just the wicket. Back of a length delivery that angled into Afridi as he looked to flog it across the line. It seemed to have hit him high on the pad but the umpire acknowledged the appeal. On replays though, it was hitting the middle-stump. Afridi, on his part, was not happy with the decision. In fact, he wanted to sneak in a leg bye and collided with the bowler who was appealing in his followthrough. The good thing was that the bowler did not really get hurt, Afridi extended a helping hand to the bowler. Completely unintentional it was. Afridi lbw b Bhatti 5(5)

10.2 - Usama Mir to Allenby, out Lbw!! That looked close the moment it hit Allenby low on the back leg, he was well down to effect the slog sweep, missed the line of the delivery completely and was struck right in front, the bowler and the keeper went for the big appeal and umpire thought for a moment before raising his finger. The equation is becoming tougher for Peshawar. Allenby lbw b Usama Mir 31(29) [4s-4]

4.4 - Bhatti to Malan, out Caught by Saifullah Bangash!! The slower short delivery has done the trick for Bhatti. Malan looks to flat-bat the pull and is surprised by the off-pace delivery. He gets it off the toe-end and the keeper pouches an easy catch. Malan c Saifullah Bangash b Bhatti 8(11) [4s-1]

1.0 - Amir to Hafeez, out Caught by Wessels!! Amir has made the first incision. Good short delivery that was slanted across the right-hander, Hafeez tries to take it on with a pull. However, he gets a top-edge to Wessels at mid-wicket, who sets under the ball and gobbles it up. Nice start for Karachi Kings in this key encounter. Hafeez c Wessels b Amir 4(6) [4s-1]