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India tour of Bangladesh 2015

Scorecard - 3rd ODI, Bangladesh vs India at Shere Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka, Bangladesh (24 Jun 2015)


317/6 (50) RR:6.34

India won by 77 runs

MOM: Suresh Raina

240/10 (47) RR:5.11

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49.0 - Mustafizur Rahman to Binny, FOUR, shortish and slightly wide outside off, Binny swings hard once again, gets a thick outside edge that runs away to the left of short third man and into the fence

48.0 - Mortaza to Raina, FOUR, Raina gives the charge and almost yorks himself. He adjusts well and manages to guide it fine at the last moment. He gets it to the right of short third man and it races away to the fence

47.0 - Mustafizur Rahman to Binny, FOUR, edged and four! This was pitched up slightly wide outside off, Binny swings hard at that and gets a thick outside edge, the ball flies away to the left of short third man and crashes into the fence in no time

46.3 - Mustafizur Rahman to Raina, FOUR, in the air and safe! This was pitched up outside off, Raina goes slightly across and heaves it over mid-wicket, the fielder in the deep runs to his right, stretches his right hand but the ball evades him. To make matters worse, it ran away to the fence as the fielder took a tumble

43.5 - Mortaza to Raina, FOUR, take that! What a shot from Raina. He comes down the track and lofts this length ball inside-out over extra cover, it was timed superbly and it crashes into the fence in no time

43.1 - Mortaza to Dhoni, FOUR, slower short delivery outside off, Dhoni goes on the back foot and smashes the flat-batted pull past the bowler, splits long-off and long-on perfectly and it races away to the fence

41.5 - Mortaza to Rayudu, FOUR, back of a length delivery sliding down leg, Rayudu waits for the ball to arrive and helps it past short fine leg and it runs away to the fence

39.4 - Rubel to Dhoni, FOUR, Dhoni is looking to cut loose here. After missing out on the first two balls, this time he loft-drives this full delivery to the right of mid-off, the ball hurries across the turf and crashes into the fence

37.1 - Rubel to Dhoni, FOUR, on a length and just outside off, Dhoni advances down the track and drives it through extra cover, the ball runs away to the fence in no time

33.4 - Shakib to Dhoni, byes, FOUR, was there an outside edge? Signalled byes though! Full and outside off stump, Dhoni goes for a booming drive, misses it and the ball sneaks through the keeper's legs

32.4 - A Sunny to Rayudu, FOUR, good shot! Full and down the leg-side, Rayudu gets down on one knee and sweeps it fine past short fine leg for four

28.2 - Mortaza to Rayudu, FOUR, too short and a lot of width on offer outside off stump, Rayudu gets on top of the bounce and cuts it to the left of backward point, third man was way too fine and he had no chance

26.4 - Mortaza to Dhawan, FOUR, 108kph slower ball from Mortaza. It was nice and in the slot, with long-off inside the ring, Dhawan didn't try to over-hit the ball, just drove with the full face of the bat and hit it to the left of mid-off

25.4 - Shakib to Dhawan, FOUR, once again the length is too short, Dhawan rocks back and cuts it nicely through cover-point for a boundary

24.5 - Rubel to Dhoni, FOUR, too short and Dhoni plays the pull/hook very well. This time he saw it early, camped on the back foot and pulled it hard through mid-wicket

24.1 - Rubel to Dhawan, FOUR, full and in the slot, Dhawan leans forward and drives it all along the ground wide of mid-off, there was no one in the deep and it ran away for four

23.2 - Shakib to Dhoni, FOUR, flatter and on the leg stump, Dhoni punches it off the back foot, hits it very hard and to the left of mid-wicket

22.3 - Nasir Hossain to Dhoni, FOUR, calculated hit from the Indian skipper. Normally when a batsman advances and slogs, he would target deep mid-wicket, but on seeing that there is a man in the deep, he drags this wide and sends it to the right of the fielder in the deep

18.0 - A Sunny to Dhawan, FOUR, flighted delivery from Sunny, Dhawan sweeps it along the ground through backward square leg for four. That brings up his 14th ODI fifty as well

17.5 - A Sunny to Dhawan, FOUR, lovely shot from Dhawan. Flighted delivery outside off stump, Dhawan leans forward and square-drives it through cover-point

17.0 - Nasir Hossain to Kohli, FOUR, the use of the feet to get to the pitch of the ball and then a wristy whip across the line through mid-wicket with a strong bottom hand grip. That ball went quickly and almost went the distance

13.4 - Rubel to Dhawan, FOUR, slower delivery outside off stump, Dhawan punches it to the right of mid-off, the fielder thinks about the dive but decides to give chase and it escapes for four

11.3 - Rubel to Dhawan, FOUR, dug in short, down the leg, Dhawan goes for an ambitious pull, gets a top-edge that flies towards the fine-leg fence, lucky boundary for Dhawan

10.0 - Rubel to Dhawan, FOUR, short and wide, Dhawan waits on the back foot and punches it square of the wicket, superb timing and he is looking in good touch today

8.4 - Mustafizur Rahman to Dhawan, FOUR, full and outside off, Dhawan pounces on the gift, he leans on the front foot and punch-drives it past cover, the sublime timing takes it to the fence, no need to run for those

6.4 - Mustafizur Rahman to Rohit, FOUR, short and wide, Rohit stands still and cuts it past cover, sublime timing from Rohit, the ball raced away in a hurry

3.3 - Mortaza to Dhawan, FOUR, overpitched and deservedly punished by Dhawan, he stands still and drives it on the up, gets it past extra cover for a handsome looking boundary

1.3 - Mortaza to Rohit, FOUR, first boundary for Rohit and India, Rohit advances and converts it into a length delivery, he slices the drive over cover, the ball races away through the unprotected sweeper cover region

49.2 - Rubel to A Patel, SIX, what a shot! This was bowled slower and on a fuller length just outside off, Patel slogs hard and sends it packing over the deep mid-wicket fence for another maximum

47.2 - Mortaza to Raina, SIX, short delivery outside off, Raina goes on the back foot and muscles the pull over the deep mid-wicket fence. A cracking sound came off the bat as it made contact with the ball

44.5 - Rubel to Raina, SIX, high full toss from Rubel and Raina has thumped that. He pulls it up and over deep mid-wicket and the balls sails over the rope. Raina checks with the square leg umpire whether it was a no-ball for height, but the umpire says no

22.4 - Nasir Hossain to Dhoni, SIX, now he's slogged this over the boundary. Flighted delivery on the stumps, Dhoni steps out, gets to the pitch of the ball and muscles it over deep mid-wicket

5.2 - A Sunny to Rohit, SIX, flatter and sliding into middle and leg, Rohit advances and lofts it over the long-on fence, lovely timing and power involved on that occasion

48.4 - Mustafizur Rahman to Raina, out Bowled!! Mustafizur gets another one. This man has troubled the Indians throughout and now, Raina falls to him. This was another slower ball on the stumps, Raina was looking to slog it out of the park, he missed and the ball crashes into the top of off stump. Mustafizur also equals Ryan Harris' record for most number of wickets (13 wickets) in a three-match series. Raina b Mustafizur Rahman 38(21) [4s-3 6s-2]

45.2 - Mortaza to Dhoni, out Caught by Mustafizur Rahman!! You can't keep this man away from action. Now, he has taken a great catch to send the Indian captain back. This was the slower ball angling in on the pads, Dhoni goes for the hoick but ends up hitting half-heartedly. The ball goes high in the air and was dying down towards Mustafizur, who ran in from deep mid-wicket. He puts in a full length dive and takes the catch just inches above the ground. A good knock from Dhoni comes to an end. Dhoni c Mustafizur Rahman b Mortaza 69(77) [4s-6 6s-1]

43.3 - Mortaza to Rayudu, out Caught by Litton Das!! Rayudu is not at all happy with this decision. MS Dhoni also doesn't look pleased with the decision. It's a blunder from the umpire. Rayudu goes well across his stumps and wanted to scoop it over short fine, he fails to connect with this slower ball and it goes off the thigh pad to the keeper. The Bangladeshis started appealing and the umpire raised his finger in a flash. Rayudu was dejected after the umpire gave that out, he made his displeasure known by extending his arms in frustration. Rayudu c Litton Das b Mortaza 44(49) [4s-3]

26.5 - Mortaza to Dhawan, out Caught by Nasir Hossain!! A rank long hop but Dhawan has picked out the fielder. Excellent catch from Nasir Hossain. Dhawan can't believe that he's been dismissed. The crowd is delighted and the bowling change has worked for Bangladesh. Mortaza drops this slower ball short, Dhawan shuffles and then goes for the pull, went very hard at it but only managed to get it off the toe-end of the bat, the ball went quickly but Nasir Hossain timed his jump to perfection at short mid-wicket and took it above his head. End of a fine innings from Dhawan, he was looking very good for a big one though. Dhawan c Nasir Hossain b Mortaza 75(73) [4s-10]

19.5 - Shakib to Kohli, out Bowled!! The bowling change has worked. Shakib does the trick. This is an excellent piece of bowling. This was bowled slower through the air, Kohli gets down on one knee and plays an ugly slog-sweep, misses the ball completely and it crashes into middle and leg. The crowd is delighted and why not! This is a big wicket for Bangladesh. Kohli b Shakib 25(35) [4s-1]

7.0 - Mustafizur Rahman to Rohit, out Caught by Litton Das!! Rohit falls yet again to Mustafizur Rahman, this is the third time Rohit has been dismissed by the 19-year old, fullish and angled across, Rohit goes hard at it with no foot work, the ball takes the toe end of the bat and carries to the keeper at a comfortable height, first breakthrough for Bangladesh and the Bangla Tigers are delighted. Rohit c Litton Das b Mustafizur Rahman 29(29) [4s-2 6s-1]

40.5 - A Sunny to Rayudu, 1 run, dropped! It was a tough chance though as the ball was travelling there. Rayudu gives the charge and drills it hard to the right of the bowler, who got both hands to it, but couldn't hold on. The batsmen take a single as the ball rolls away to his right

48.5 - Mustafizur Rahman to A Patel, 1 run, run-out chance missed! This was full and just around off, Patel goes across and works it straight to backward square leg, he goes through for a single as the fielder fires a throw at the non-striker's end. Had he hit the stumps, Patel would have been out by a long way

40.2 - A Sunny to Dhoni, 1 run, a direct-hit could have made things interesting! This was floated up from Sunny, Dhoni gives the charge and looks to heave it away, drags it to backward square leg off the inside half of the bat. The fielder quickly fires a throw at the non-striker's end, he misses and Dhoni makes it in

38.5 - A Sunny to Dhoni, 1 run, comes down the track, wasn't upto the pitch of the ball but manages to work it away backward of square leg, Rayudu hurries across to the other end and with this single, Dhoni gets to his 59th ODI fifty. This is also his 3rd fifty in his last 6 innings

46.0 - Raina to A Sunny, FOUR, Raina once again drifts down leg, Sunny kneels down and sweeps the full toss fine, runs away to the fence

45.3 - Raina to Mustafizur Rahman, FOUR, Raina drags one down leg, Mustafizur goes across and clubs it over backward square leg, the ball runs away to the fence in no time

32.3 - Binny to S Rahman, FOUR, deftly done! This is excellent batting, back of a length around off, Rahman uses the pace of the bowler, opens the bat face and steers it wide of Dhoni, who dives to his right in vain

32.2 - Binny to S Rahman, FOUR, lovely shot! Rahman spotted the slower ball early, he clears his front leg and tonks it over extra cover, no need to run for those as the ball races away to the fence

31.2 - Raina to S Rahman, FOUR, every run is being cheered. Raina drops it short and outside off, Rahman cracks the cut past the diving cover-point fielder, no one at sweeper cover to stop that

29.3 - A Patel to S Rahman, FOUR, excellent hit, Rahman deliberately opened the face of the bat at the last moment and loft-drives this over backward point, the fielder chases the ball but loses the race

28.5 - U Yadav to Nasir Hossain, FOUR, poor ball and Nasir doesn't miss out. Short and outside off stump, Nasir waits for the ball and easily guides it past Dhoni for four more

28.4 - U Yadav to Nasir Hossain, FOUR, short ball, Nasir pulls well as he rolls his wrists while meeting with the ball, keeps it down and hits it to the right of the diving fielder at short mid-wicket

27.4 - A Patel to Nasir Hossain, FOUR, short and outside off stump, Dhoni doesn't like it, Nasir Hossain rocks back and cuts it hard off the back foot, it was in the air for a while but in the gap at point

27.0 - Raina to S Rahman, FOUR, too short, no one in the deep and Rahman punches it hard off the back foot after giving himself a bit of room, the ball races away through cover for four

25.4 - A Patel to Shakib, FOUR, backs away and exposes all the sticks, Patel fires it full and on the stumps, Shakib essays a lovely front foot cover-drive and there was no one in the deep

25.0 - Raina to Shakib, FOUR, steps out and takes the flighted delivery on the full, driven all along the ground, long-on runs to his right and dives but the ball wins the race. Kulkarni was the fielder there

23.3 - A Patel to S Rahman, FOUR, bowled slower through the air, but Rahman plays the slog-sweep along the ground and to the right of mid-wicket, welcome boundary for Bangladesh

15.1 - A Patel to Litton Das, FOUR, poor start for Patel. Short and on the leg stump, Das doesn't try to do anything fancy, pulls it along the ground through square leg and the fielder in the deep had no chance

13.3 - U Yadav to Litton Das, FOUR, that's a top edge and it's gone fine past Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Shortish delivery outside off stump, Das goes for the pull, gets a thick edge and it almost goes all the way

10.5 - Ashwin to Litton Das, FOUR, another top edge and it goes over leg gully. Flighted delivery from Ashwin, Das tries to fetch the sweep from outside off stump, gets the edge and gets away with it as it runs away for four

6.5 - U Yadav to Soumya Sarkar, FOUR, full and in the slot, Sarkar leans on the front foot and drives it through cover-point, he got it off the meat of the bat

6.2 - U Yadav to Soumya Sarkar, FOUR, Sarkar is looking in splendid touch and who knows this might well be his day, sliding into the pads, Sarkar clips it off his pads, into the fine leg fence, easy pickings that

4.4 - Binny to Soumya Sarkar, FOUR, short and wide from Binny, pays the price for doing so, Sarkar hangs back and cuts it through point, he really timed that well

4.3 - Binny to Soumya Sarkar, FOUR, Sarkar is looking in good touch here, Wilkins on air says "he remids me of Adam Gilchrist." This was full and in the slot, Sarkar smokes it high and over the bowler's head, into the long-off fence for a four

2.2 - Binny to Soumya Sarkar, FOUR, this is much better from Sarkar, drives it high and over cover, the ball races away to the deep extra cover fence in a hurry

1.2 - D Kulkarni to Tamim, FOUR, short and wide from Kulkarni, Tamim cuts it in the air, bisects the backward point and short third man to perfection, brilliant aggressive stuff from Tamim

12.2 - Ashwin to Rahim, SIX, that's a top quality shot from Rahim. Flighted delivery just outside off stump, Rahim dances down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball and muscles the loft over long-on. That gets the crowd going once again

5.5 - D Kulkarni to Soumya Sarkar, SIX, short and aimed at the batsman, Sarkar stays on the back foot and pulls with sheer power and intensity, high and over the deep square leg fence for a maximum

2.1 - Binny to Soumya Sarkar, SIX, wow! What a shot! Sarkar makes full use of the slow pace of Binny, he stands still to this length delivery and smokes it high and over the long-on fence

47.0 - Rayudu to Mustafizur Rahman, out Lbw!! Finally India get their consolation win. They end Bangladesh's 10-match winning streak at home in ODIs. Coming back to the ball, it was darted quicker and almost in the blockhole, Mustafizur fails to squeeze it out and wears it on the back pad. The umpire took some time before raising his finger, giving India the final wicket. Mustafizur Rahman lbw b Rayudu 9(17) [4s-1]

43.2 - Raina to Rubel, out Caught by A Patel!! Third wicket for Raina! This is his second 3-wicket haul in ODIs. Flighted just outside off, Rubel bends his front knee and goes for the slog sweep, hits it a lot straighter and picks out Axar at long-on, who didn't have to move an inch to take that catch. India are one wicket away from sealing the game. Rubel c A Patel b Raina 2(6)

39.1 - Ashwin to Nasir Hossain, out Caught by Rayudu!! Carrom ball from Ashwin has produced the wicket. That is the first time I have seen Ash use the carrom ball in this series. Nasir shimmies down the wicket, Ashwin follows him with a full delivery, Nasir goes for the hoick across the line, the leading edge lobs towards cover, where Rayudu completes an easy catch. With that wicket, the crowd has started to leave. Nasir Hossain c Rayudu b Ashwin 32(30) [4s-3]

35.4 - Ashwin to Mortaza, out Bowled!! Bangladesh are falling apart. A much deserved wicket for Ashwin, who has been excellent once again. It was nicely tossed up, invites the batsman to go for the big hit, Mortaza gives the charge and looks to slog, the ball dips and beats the inside edge, crashes into middle and leg-stump. Mortaza b Ashwin 0(9)

32.5 - Binny to S Rahman, out Bowled!! Stunned silence at Mirpur! Binny has a few words for the batsman. It is a big wicket as this partnership was looking dangerous. It was the off-cutter from Binny that gripped and turned, Rahman pushes away from the body, the inside edge crashes into leg-stump. That was a good comeback from Binny after being hit for two boundaries. S Rahman b Binny 43(38) [4s-6]

26.3 - Raina to Shakib, out Caught by D Kulkarni!! Is that the game for India? Excellent catch by Kulkarni. This is a poor shot from Shakib. He needed to play sensibly and bat through the innings, but he's thrown it away. The crowd looks stunned. Flighted delivery on the off stump, Shakib mistimes the slog-sweep, hits it very straight, long-on runs forward, dives and takes a good low catch. He ensured that the ball didn't pop out even after the elbows hit the ground. Second wicket for Raina and this is turning out to be a great spell for India. Shakib c D Kulkarni b Raina 20(21) [4s-2]

21.5 - A Patel to Litton Das, out Bowled!! The slider has done the trick for Axar Patel. Das was very late to read this one, it skidded on, sneaked through the gap between bat and pad and it crashes into the leg stump. Das was hanging back in the crease to defend, but missed it completely. That was cleverly bowled by Patel, who fired it in at 98kph. Bangladesh are in trouble at 118/4. Litton Das b A Patel 34(50) [4s-3]

19.0 - Raina to Rahim, out Caught by Dhoni!! Dhoni goes up straightaway, big appeal from Raina as well and up goes the finger. The crowd goes silent. This is a big wicket for India. Nothing great about this ball. Flatter delivery on the off stump, Rahim goes on the back foot and plays the cut, gets a thick edge, it was a big deflection but Dhoni did very well to pouch it cleanly. Probably, because of the dew, the ball is skidding and Rahim was a touch late on the shot on that occasion. Rahim c Dhoni b Raina 24(30) [6s-1]

9.2 - D Kulkarni to Soumya Sarkar, out Caught by Ashwin!! Soumya Sarkar departs as he played one shot too many, this was the slower one from Kulkarni, Sarkar steps out and looks to lift it over the bowler's head, he mistimes it completely and couldn't get the elevation, Ashwin at mid-on settles under it comfortably and takes the simplest of catches. The ball hit the bottom of the bat on that occasion. Soumya Sarkar c Ashwin b D Kulkarni 40(34) [4s-5 6s-2]

2.0 - D Kulkarni to Tamim, out Lbw!! Brilliant bowling from Kulkarni, he pitches it on a good length and swings it sharply into Tamim who was looking to block, he misses and gets struck on the pad, the umpire raises his finger in a flash as the Indians started to appeal. Much needed wicket for India as Tamim was looking dangerous. Umpire Tucker asks Tamim to wait as they check for the no-ball, but Kulkarni had some part of his foot behind the line. Tamim lbw b D Kulkarni 5(8) [4s-1]

0.3 - Binny to Soumya Sarkar, no run, dropped, on a length and angling into the batsman, Sarkar checks his drive at the last instant, the ball flies to the left of Binny, who attempts to take the catch with one hand, the ball didn't stick and deflects towards mid-on, the duo think about the single but they decide against it