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Australia tour of England 2015

Scorecard - 4th ODI, England vs Australia at Headingley, Leeds, England (11 Sep 2015)


299/7 (50) RR:5.98

England won by 3 wkts

MOM: Eoin Morgan

304/7 (48.2) RR:6.29

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48.4 - Willey to Wade, FOUR, in the air and in the gap. Slower delivery on the leg stump, Wade waits for the ball to come and slogs over square leg, deep mid-wicket runs to his left, but can't get there in time

48.1 - Willey to Wade, FOUR, cheeky and effective. Willey tries the yorker, but bowls a low full toss, Wade moves off-side and helps it fine, sends it to the left of short fine leg, who had no chance

47.2 - Mark Wood to Wade, FOUR, that's a lucky boundary for Wade and Australia, all Wood can do is just smile back at the batsman. He knows that he didn't do much wrong there. Short of a length delivery just outside off stump, Wade walks across the stumps and tries to scoop it over fine leg, gets an outside edge that flies over short third man

44.5 - Plunkett to Hastings, FOUR, this lad can bat, John Hastings! Friendly full toss on the stumps, Hastings clears his front leg out of the way and slogs it over mid-wicket, that was a freebie and Hastings didn't miss out

44.2 - Plunkett to Hastings, FOUR, Plunkett tries the bumper but it doesn't rise much and sits up nicely, Hastings waits on the back foot and nails the pull shot to perfection for a one-bounce four over mid-wicket

43.4 - Mark Wood to Hastings, FOUR, finally Hastings opens his account and he plays a lovely shot to do so. Shortish and outside off stump, enough width on offer for Hastings to free his arms, Hastings doesn't go hard at it, just places the cut past the diving backward point fielder and beats third man as well

38.3 - Plunkett to Bailey, FOUR, overpitched and punished! Plunkett bowls this way too full, Bailey doesn't try to over-hit the ball, just waits for the ball to come and clips it to the right of the man at mid-wicket, it went at a catchable height past the infield but it was in the gap

26.0 - Moeen Ali to Bailey, FOUR, floated up around off, Bailey kneels down and reverse sweeps it in the gap between backward point and short third man, no need to run for those

24.1 - Adil Rashid to Maxwell, FOUR, in the air and just over the fielder! This was a full toss outside off, Maxwell comes down the track and whips it over a leaping short mid-wicket, it wasn't that high but just clears the man there, runs away to the fence

23.1 - Moeen Ali to Maxwell, FOUR, 100 of the partnership comes up for these two. This was tossed up by Ali, Maxwell brings out the reverse sweep and sends it square of the wicket on the off-side, another boundary for Maxwell

22.4 - Adil Rashid to Maxwell, FOUR, Maxi is turning it on now. Full delivery well wide outside off, Maxwell lofts it inside-out over extra cover, long-off runs to his left but the ball beats him to the fence

22.0 - Stokes to Bailey, FOUR, great shot to end the over. This was short and well outside off, Bailey stays back and cuts it to the left of backward point, third man runs to his right and runs away to the fence

21.1 - Stokes to Maxwell, FOUR, smashed! This was banged in short and Maxwell was hurried for pace there, he pulls it and sends it in front of square on the on-side and it races away to the fence, no chance for the fielder in the deep

17.4 - Stokes to Bailey, FOUR, lovely shot from Bailey. Full and just outside off, Bailey leans forward and caresses the drive through the gap between short extra cover and mid-off, there was no stopping that one

16.0 - Plunkett to Maxwell, FOUR, superb shot! Nice way to end the over. Fullish and around off, Maxwell moves forward and drives on the up to the right of mid-off, the timing was excellent as the ball raced to the fence

15.4 - Plunkett to Bailey, FOUR, shortish and outside off, Bailey had the width to free his arms, he slaps it in front of square on the off-side, sweeper had no chance of stopping that

13.2 - Plunkett to Maxwell, FOUR, fabulous shot! This counter-attack from Maxi has surprised England. Fuller and on off, Maxwell presents a straight bat and drives straight down the ground, wide of mid-on and the ball raced away

11.1 - Plunkett to Maxwell, FOUR, Plunkett greeted with a boundary. The runs have started flowing for Australia. Pitched up just outside off, Maxwell comes on the front foot and caresses through extra cover, the timing takes it to the fence

11.0 - Willey to Bailey, FOUR, overpitched outside off, Bailey gets a good stride forward, bends his back leg and drives to deep extra cover, Taylor runs to his right, dives and gets a hand, but the ball hits his body and rolls away to the fence

10.3 - Willey to Maxwell, FOUR, back-to-back boundaries and Maxwell is already hurting England. Pitched up outside off, Maxwell leans forward and drives through extra cover, placed it wide of Morgan at mid-off and picked up four more

10.2 - Willey to Maxwell, FOUR, that is a Maxi special. Nothing much wrong with the delivery, on a length just outside off, he opens the bat face at the last instant and drives through cover-point, was in the air but in the gap as well

9.4 - Mark Wood to Maxwell, FOUR, Maxwell wanted to hit this out of the park, but has to be content with four. He backs away to the leg-side, Wood follows him, the batsman manages to splice it over the bowler, Morgan gives chase from mid-off only to come second

7.5 - Mark Wood to Finch, FOUR, lovely shot! Back of a length delivery outside off, Finch goes on his toes and punches through extra cover, it was sweetly timed as the ball kept racing away to the fence. That should ease some nerves in the Australian dressing room

0.4 - Willey to Finch, FOUR, same kind of delivery as the previous one, but Finch got some wood this time around, straying down leg, Finch glances it fine and past the man at 45. He opens his account with a boundary

0.3 - Willey to Finch, leg byes, FOUR, Willey errs in line, there is a bit of swing for him. Starts on leg-stump and curls in, Finch can't meet with the glance, the ball brushes the pad and runs away to the fine leg fence

49.4 - Mark Wood to Wade, SIX, Mark Wood goes round the wicket but it doesn't matter to Wade, who smacks it over deep square leg in style. Full and angling in, Wade swings it across the line, the connection is very good and it goes into the stands

49.2 - Mark Wood to Wade, SIX, gee! He's scooped that back over the keeper's head for a maximum. High full toss, Wade moves early into the off-side and finds the middle of the bat as well, the ball hits the sightscreen beyond the boundary

47.4 - Mark Wood to Wade, SIX, just 77mph on this one as Wood takes pace off the ball, Wade picked it early, waited for it to come and slogs it hard over wide long-on, it went a long way up in the air, but more importantly cleared the rope

46.3 - Willey to Hastings, SIX, this is a handy innings from Hastings. Willey misses the yorker by a yard or so and that was good enough for Hastings to get under it, he lofts this easily over long-on

45.2 - Mark Wood to Hastings, SIX, what a hit! Gee! Hastings was sedate for his first 7 balls, but now he's taking the attack to the bowlers to keep the crowd silent. Full and outside off stump, Hastings smashes it hard over the bowler's head for a maximum

34.5 - Adil Rashid to Bailey, SIX, smashed! Bailey comes dancing down the track, gets to the pitch of this floaty delivery just outside off and lofts it through the line, sends it soaring over the long-on fence for a maximum

22.3 - Adil Rashid to Maxwell, SIX, a long hop from Rashid and it gets the punishment it deserved. Short and well wide outside off, Maxwell rocks back and pulls it over the deep mid-wicket fence for another six. he didn't quite get it off the middle but it had enough to clear the fence

22.2 - Adil Rashid to Maxwell, SIX, that's been tonked! Fifty for Maxwell as well. Another friendly full toss from Rashid and this time Maxwell doesn't miss out, he heaves it over the deep mid-wicket fence for a maximum

41.4 - Moeen Ali to Stoinis, out Caught by Adil Rashid!! Oh no, Marcus Stoinis! This is his first ODI and he attempts a fancy looking reverse sweep to gift his wicket away. This is a great comeback by England. Surely, it is very tough for Australia to get to 290-300 now. Flighted delivery from Moeen Ali, Stoinis mistimes the reverse-sweep straight to short third man. Australia have lost their last 3 wickets for 5 runs. Stoinis c Adil Rashid b Moeen Ali 4(5)

40.3 - Plunkett to Bailey, out Caught&Bowled!! Oh dear! What have you done George Bailey? Plunkett has take two wickets in the space of three balls now. Nothing but a fullish ball outside off stump, Bailey plays a half-hearted drive and hits it straight back to the bowler, who took it well in his followthrough. Bailey c and b Plunkett 75(110) [4s-6 6s-1]

40.1 - Plunkett to Mitchell Marsh, out Caught by Willey!! That's an easy catch for Willey. The big-hitting Mitch Marsh walks back early. Full ball from Plunkett, Marsh plays across the line as he tries to send this over wide mid-on/mid-wicket, gets a leading edge, because the side of the bat is so thick, it goes all the way to long-off, who reverse-cupped it easily. This wicket could make a difference of 15-20 runs to the final score as Marsh has the ability to score quickly towards the end. Mitchell Marsh c Willey b Plunkett 17(24)

29.4 - Moeen Ali to Maxwell, out Bowled!! One shot too many for Maxwell. He fails to get to a hundred, but his knock has pulled Australia out of trouble. This was the quicker one from Ali on leg stump line, Maxwell tried to play the reverse sweep and was fooled by the extra pace. He fails to connect, the ball brushes the thigh pad and knocks the leg stump out of the ground. Ali is delighted to see the back of Big Show. Maxwell b Moeen Ali 85(64) [4s-10 6s-2]

8.3 - Willey to Finch, out Caught by Bairstow!! Third wicket for Willey. Australia slip further. The bowler went down after delivering the ball, but still turned back to appeal. It was comical, but not if you are an Australian supporter. On a length and in channel around off, Finch could have let it pass, but instead goes poking at it, the thin outside edge is gobbled up by Bairstow. Finch c Bairstow b Willey 15(27) [4s-2]

6.2 - Willey to Smith, out Lbw!! Top delivery! Trouble for Australia. Willey pumps his fist and the whole England team celebrate with him. Smith has a discussion with Finch whether to review or not, decides against it and walks back. An inswinging yorker aimed right at the base of stumps, Smith is late in bringing his bat down, is hit on the back foot, ball would have crashed into middle. There were two sounds, but it was the bat making contact with the turf. Smith lbw b Willey 5(12)

2.5 - Willey to Burns, out Bowled!! That should be Taylor's wicket. The run he saved the previous ball kept Burns on strike. It was a nothing shot. A harmless short of length delivery angled across off, Burns was neither going hard nor looking to defend, he just hung his bat away from the body, the ball took the inside edge and clattered into the stumps. Willey is delighted. Burns b Willey 2(7)

10.0 - Mark Wood to Maxwell, 1 run, was that a drop? Yes, it was. Jason Roy is the culprit. Wood is a disappointed man. Goes wide of the crease and angles it in, Maxwell is drawn into the booming drive, the outside edge goes low to the right of second slip, Roy is late to react, he gets both hands, but the ball escapes. How costly would that be?

49.5 - Mark Wood to Wade, 1 run, full and on the stumps, Wade drives it to long-on and that brings up his 7th ODI fifty, another good knock for Wade in the series

28.1 - Plunkett to Bailey, 1 run, 17th ODI fifty for Bailey! This was shortish and outside off, Bailey stays back and cuts it to sweeper cover for a single

15.3 - Plunkett to Bailey, no run, England have wasted their only review. It was Bairstow and Plunkett who convinced Morgan to go for the review. Nips back in from a length, Bailey falls over on the flick, is rapped on the pads. The impact was on middle and leg, the ball was sliding down and height was an issue as per Hawk-Eye

46.4 - Maxwell to Moeen Ali, FOUR, and Moeen Ali gets a boundary. Flighted delivery on the off stump, the batsman gets down on one knee and sweeps it all along the ground through backward square leg, fine leg runs to his right but loses the race

44.1 - J Pattinson to Plunkett, FOUR, Plunkett's not going to hang around. Length delivery in the slot, width on offer as well, Plunkett drives over the man at short cover and it crashes into the fence. Great start to the over for England

42.5 - Maxwell to Plunkett, FOUR, in the airrrrr but in the gap. Flighted delivery just outside off stump, Plunkett swings across the line and sends it to the left of the man at mid-wicket, off the mark in style

41.2 - P Cummins to Bairstow, FOUR, cut away nicely and it's in the gap as well. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, Bairstow goes on the back foot and cuts it to the left of the diving backward point fielder and third man had no chance

38.3 - Mitchell Marsh to Bairstow, FOUR, overpitched and punished. Full and outside off stump, Bairstow leans forward and drives it hard, this time to the right of the man at short cover and mid-off had no chance

38.0 - J Pattinson to Bairstow, FOUR, cracking drive on the rise. Wow! That rockets to the fence. Fullish and outside off stump, Bairstow is nicely balanced as he leans forward into the shot and sends it to the left of the man at cover

37.1 - J Pattinson to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, shot! Such a delightful hit that from the England skipper. Full and outside off stump, Morgan leans forward and drives all along the ground through cover, sweeper cover runs to his left but it beats him comfortably

36.4 - Hastings to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, edgedddd but safe. Lucky for Morgan that it didn't go to hand. No one at slip, it was a shortish slower delivery, Morgan goes for the cut, gets a thick edge that goes past the diving Matthew Wade to the third man boundary

36.2 - Hastings to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, oh that's nicely done by Morgan. Nothing wrong with the delivery, length just outside off stump, Morgan allows the ball to come, watches it nicely onto the bat and just opens the face at the last moment to run it fine past the keeper to the third man boundary

35.4 - Mitchell Marsh to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, stand and deliver stuff from the England skipper, full and in the slot, Morgan uses his hands to reach it and smashes it over Bairstow, no chance for long-off

34.0 - Mitchell Marsh to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, cracking shot! Marsh goes short and wide outside off, Morgan reaches for the cut, places it to the right of backward point and doesn't bother to run. Second time in as many overs, Marsh has conceded a four off the last ball

32.0 - Mitchell Marsh to Stokes, FOUR, that ruins a good over. Too full and too straight from Marsh, Stokes walks across his sticks, gets inside the line and clips it behind square leg, no chance for the fielder in the deep

29.5 - Stoinis to Stokes, FOUR, that is the boundary they were looking for. Short of a length around off, Stokes is quick to rock back and pull it over mid-wicket, there was a fielder in the deep, but he was square

27.2 - Stoinis to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, not convincing, but effective. Another short delivery from Stoinis, Morgan was aiming to go over mid-wicket with the pull, instead flat-bats it over the bowler, mid-on was inside the ring and his chase goes in vain

25.0 - J Pattinson to Stokes, FOUR, third boundary of the over and it was the best of the lot. Pitched up close to off, Stokes presents the full face of the bat and drives, the timed it beautifully and placed it straight down the ground

24.4 - J Pattinson to Stokes, FOUR, second boundary of the over. Poor delivery and deserved the treatment. Well down the leg-side, Stokes swivels and helps it along the way, no chance for the fielder in the deep

24.2 - J Pattinson to Stokes, FOUR, peach! Stokes had no clue about that, short of length and climbs up on Stokes, who was squared up and the outside edge flies through the vacant slip region. Third man was square and couldn't get there in time

23.0 - Maxwell to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, fabulous shot! Morgan slowly starting to switch gears. Flighted outside off, Morgan drives through extra cover, sweeper tries to get around and stop it, but can't. Good over for England, 13 runs came off it

17.5 - Mitchell Marsh to Eoin Morgan, FOUR, "catch" shouted Marsh, but it was over Maxi at backward point. There were two fielders in the point region, Morgan went chasing at a wide delivery, slashed it in the air and cleared Maxwell, sweeper was square and had no chance of stopping that

13.5 - Mitchell Marsh to James Taylor, FOUR, lovely shot from Taylor! This was pitched up and right in the slot, Taylor leans forward and drives it to the right of mid-off, who had no chance of stopping that. Runs away to the fence in a jiffy

10.0 - Hastings to James Taylor, FOUR, nice way to end the mandatory powerplay. Taylor gives the charge this time around, converts it into a length delivery and lofts it over mid-off, another four runs for Taylor

9.1 - Hastings to Jason Roy, FOUR, up and over mid-off! This was a length ball just outside off, Roy comes forward and lofts it through the line, the ball bounces twice before it hits the fence

8.5 - J Pattinson to Jason Roy, FOUR, exquisite! Half-volley from Pattinson and Roy latches onto it. He drives it to the left of mid-off and the fielder had no chance of cutting that off, another boundary for the batsman

8.2 - J Pattinson to Jason Roy, FOUR, on a length and outside off, Roy shuffles across and heaves it over mid-on, one bounce and the ball rams into the camera by the rope as well

7.1 - Hastings to Jason Roy, FOUR, glorious drive! Angling in on the stumps, Roy comes on the front foot and drives it past the non-striker, mid-on had no chance of stopping that it races away to the fence. 50 also comes up for England

6.0 - Hastings to Jason Roy, FOUR, lucky for Roy! On a good length and just outside off, Roy once again was lured to go for the drive, he goes hard at it, gets an inside edge that rolls away past the leg stump and runs away fine. He is lucky that he didn't drag it back onto the stumps

5.5 - Hastings to Jason Roy, FOUR, lovely shot from Roy. Half-volley outside off, Roy leans forward and drives it through extra cover, races away to the boundary rope

5.0 - J Pattinson to James Taylor, FOUR, a misfield costs Australia four runs! Slightly slower from Pattinson but it was short and wide again, Taylor cuts it in the air and the ball drops in front of backward point, where Maxwell allows the ball to go through his hands and it runs away to the fence

4.5 - J Pattinson to James Taylor, FOUR, short and well wide outside off, Taylor's eyes lit up seeing the width, he cracks the cut to the left of cover-point, who dives across but fails to get a hand on it. Runs away for another boundary

4.1 - J Pattinson to James Taylor, FOUR, poor delivery from Pattinson, bowls a half-volley on the pads and Taylor doesn't miss out, he clips it to the left of mid-wicket, who gives chase but the ball wins the race

3.4 - P Cummins to Jason Roy, FOUR, now Roy gets his first boundary of the innings. Pitched up outside off, Roy comes forward and drives it in the gap between cover and mid-off, the ball hits the fence in no time

3.2 - P Cummins to James Taylor, FOUR, back-to-back fours for Taylor! On a length and outside off, Taylor drives it on the up, the ball hits the square hard and bounces over the fielders at cover-point and backward point, runs away to the fence in a jiffy

3.1 - P Cummins to James Taylor, FOUR, caressed! Excellent shot from Taylor. Pitched up and just outside off, Taylor leans forward, gets to the pitch of the ball and drives it beautifully to the left of mid-off, no need to run for those

2.0 - P Cummins to James Taylor, FOUR, lovely shot from Taylor to get off the mark. Full and angling in, Taylor comes across and clips it in the gap between mid-wicket and mid-on, runs away to the fence

48.2 - Hastings to Willey, SIX, in the airrrrr and he's muscled that. What a way to finish the game! This is an excellent run chase from England and they've now squared the series 2-2, with one game to go. Slower ball right in the slot, Willey waits for the ball and hits it a long way back over long-on

44.4 - J Pattinson to Plunkett, SIX, wowwwww! What a timely hit! Full and on the stumps, Plunkett muscles it high into the sky and sends it deep into the crowd beyond the long-on boundary

42.1 - Maxwell to Moeen Ali, SIX, taken by the fielder, oh he steps on the rope. Flighted delivery on the stumps, Moeen Ali gets down on one knee and slog-sweeps it hard, it went flat to Burns at deep mid-wicket, Burns took it above his head, but the momentum was taking him back and he stepped on the rope, he takes a tumble and looks very disappointed

41.4 - P Cummins to Bairstow, no ball, SIX, full toss, helped away all the way for six and it's a no-ball for height as well. This was well above waist height, Bairstow sends it over backward square leg, the fielder in the deep was interested for a moment but it sailed well above his head. Free-hit coming up

34.5 - Hastings to Eoin Morgan, SIX, that is out of the ground. Some connection that was from Morgan. He charges down the wicket, converts it into a length delivery, swings through the line and clears the long-on fence. That landed on the roof. To get such power even with the back leg in the air, terrific!

22.3 - Maxwell to Eoin Morgan, SIX, massive! England needed that as the pressure was being built. Morgan doesn't look at the ball, he knew that he had connected. Flighted on the stumps, Morgan kneels down and slog sweeps it over deep mid-wicket

45.1 - P Cummins to Plunkett, out Caught by Maxwell!! If his catch to dismiss Morgan was great, this is spectacular. My word! He was so cool under pressure, despite being so close to the rope. Wicket number four for Cummins. Good length delivery on the stumps, Plunkett goes for a slog and mistimes it completely, it went high up in the air, Maxwell jumped at deep mid-wicket and reverse-cupped it, but he was too close and was falling back, he released the ball before he stepped beyond the rope, then recovered quickly, ensured that his feet were off the ground and grabbed it again with his left hand before jumping back in. He made it look so easy there. Pretty needless shot from Plunkett. Is there a twist in the tale? Plunkett c Maxwell b P Cummins 17(10) [4s-2 6s-1]

42.4 - Maxwell to Bairstow, out Caught by Wade!! England lose another set batsman. Flighted delivery outside off stump, it was very full to reverse-sweep, but Bairstow goes for it and gloves it to the keeper. There was a mark on Hot-Spot and a small spike on Real-Time Snicko as well. Australia reviewed and got the on-field call overturned. Bairstow c Wade b Maxwell 31(27) [4s-3 6s-1]

39.4 - P Cummins to Eoin Morgan, out Caught by Maxwell!! What a catch by Glenn Maxwell at backward point. Needed something special to dismiss Morgan and Maxwell has taken a stunner. The crowd acknowledges Morgan's effort and gives him a standing ovation as if he's made a double-hundred in a Test match. Full and outside off stump, Morgan reaches out and square-drives it hard, it looked as if it was heading for four, but Maxwell dives full length to his right and takes it horizontal to the ground with his right hand. End of an excellent knock from Morgan. Is this the wicket Australia needed to turn things around? Eoin Morgan c Maxwell b P Cummins 92(92) [4s-8 6s-2]

33.3 - Mitchell Marsh to Stokes, out Bowled!! How many times does he do it? A partnership is going on, Marsh comes on and breaks it. He is delighted and runs straight to his skipper to celebrate. Stokes is disappointed with himself. An off-speed yorker aimed at the base of off-stump, Stokes is early into the shot, the ball sneaks under the bat and crashes into the off-pole. Stokes b Mitchell Marsh 41(54) [4s-5]

15.4 - Mitchell Marsh to James Taylor, out Caught by Wade!! Third time in the series, Taylor falls for a score in the forties. It was not a wicket-taking delivery by any means, but Marsh and the Australians wouldn't mind it one bit. This was angling down the leg-side, Taylor comes across and looks to tickle it fine, gets enough bat on it but Wade flies to his left, extends his left-arm and takes a one-handed stunner. England are in a spot of bother here. Taylor walks back bearing a disappointed look on his face. James Taylor c Wade b Mitchell Marsh 41(42) [4s-8]

10.1 - P Cummins to Jason Roy, out Caught by Finch!! Cummins comes back for his second spell and strikes first ball. The 72-run stand is broken. This was a scrambled seam delivery on a length and outside off, might have extracted some extra bounce as well. Roy was looking to drive, but checked his shot at the last moment. He ends up spooning it in the air and Finch at mid-off takes the simplest of catches. Jason Roy c Finch b P Cummins 36(33) [4s-7]

1.2 - P Cummins to Hales, out Lbw!! Another beautiful ball from Cummins, yorker aiming at the base of the stumps, Hales can't dig it out and the ball catches him low on the pad. There was a loud appeal but umpire Dharmasena raised his finger after giving it a thought. The angle though could have taken it down leg, but Hales didn't go for the review. This is also the third time in five innings that Hales has gotten out to Cummins. Becoming quite the bunny there. Hales lbw b P Cummins 0(2)

44.0 - P Cummins to Moeen Ali, no run, dropped. Wade, who took a stunner, spills this crucial catch. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, Moeen Ali tries to run this down to third man, plays away from the body and gets a thick outside edge, Wade dives to his left, it went very low to him, he got his left hand to it but couldn't hold on. In fact the replay shows that it hit him near the wrist

44.3 - J Pattinson to Moeen Ali, leg byes, 1 run, appeal for LBW, not given and Australia have reviewed. Poor call from Smith as the ball clearly pitched outside leg. "Fair delivery. Can I get Hot-Spot? There's nothing there. Can I get RTS please? No bat involved, can we go to ball-tracking? Pitching outside leg, Michael stay with your original decision," says third umpire Joel Wilson. Length delivery on the stumps, Ali misses the flick and is hit on the pad but the ball pitched outside leg

31.1 - Mitchell Marsh to Eoin Morgan, 2 runs, fifty for Morgan. His third consecutive fifty. Raises his bat to the dressing room, shakes hands with Stokes and gets on with things, short of length and outside off, Morgan shuffles across and cuts it past the diving backward point fielder, completes the second run with ease