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The Ashes 2015

Scorecard - 5th Test, England vs Australia at Kennington Oval, London, England (20 Aug 2015)


481/10 (125.1) RR:3.84

Australia won by an innings and 46 runs

MOM: Steven Smith

149/10 (48.4) RR:3.06

286/10 (101.4) RR:2.81

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125.0 - Stokes to Lyon, FOUR, Lyon has a wry smile after middling the shot, full and outside off. Driven like a top-order batsman wide of mid-off, even Stokes is pleased with that shot

122.5 - Stokes to Starc, FOUR, fuller and in the slot, Starc leans forward a tad and goes for the square drive, ball raced away as Starc middled it

122.2 - Stokes to Starc, FOUR, angled across around off, Starc goes for the drive with laden feet, thick outside edge dribbles wide of the fourth slip fielder, lucky runs these for Starc and Australia

120.2 - Stokes to Smith, FOUR, this is deliberate from Smith, opens the face of the bat and guides this short of a length delivery wide of the slip cordon. There was no third man and it raced away

118.3 - Stokes to Starc, FOUR, Starc is nearing his fifty already, on the pads, Starc flicks it through the mid-wicket region for another boundary, timed it very well

118.2 - Stokes to Starc, FOUR, length ball on the stumps, Starc looked to defend. Gets a thick outside edge which dribbles through gully for a four

118.0 - Root to Smith, leg byes, FOUR, loopy full toss down leg, Smith went for the slog, missed and ball runs away off the pad into the fine leg fence

115.5 - Moeen Ali to Starc, FOUR, Davey Warner must be loving watching this stuff from the dressing room, flighted delivery again, Starc leans and slogs it over mid-on, middled it well

114.5 - Stokes to Smith, FOUR, Smith seems to be toying with the bowling. He saw that there was no one at third man, waits for the back of a length delivery, opens the bat face and steers it wide of Cook at first slip, who dived in vain

114.0 - Moeen Ali to Starc, FOUR, that was a gift and Moeen Ali once again concedes a boundary off the last ball. Rank long hop outside off, Starc picked his spot and cut it in front of square on the off-side, no need to run for those

112.3 - Mark Wood to Starc, FOUR, lovely drive! It was fullish and outside off, Starc drives it on the up, was in the air but there was no one at extra cover, the ball races away to the fence

112.0 - Moeen Ali to Smith, FOUR, ends the over with a boundary. It was a nicely tossed up on the stumps, Smith kneels down and bottom edges the sweep to long leg, Broad had a long way to run, he gets there, dives but the ball escapes to the fence

109.3 - Moeen Ali to Starc, FOUR, Starc picks up another boundary, but it was not convincing. Lovely drift on this off-break, Starc drives away from the body, slices it uppishly through cover-point, Root gives chase only to come second

107.3 - Moeen Ali to Starc, FOUR, poor delivery from Moeen Ali, short and outside off, Starc gets on top of the bounce and cuts it square of the wicket, no one at sweeper to stop that

106.1 - Mark Wood to Smith, FOUR, Smith gets going with a cracking pull shot. He has so much time to play the shot. Back of a length around off, Smith swivels and pulls in front of square, no one in the deep to stop that

105.2 - Moeen Ali to Nevill, FOUR, thick outside edge on the drive but it beats slip to his right. The man was wrong-footed and the edge went to ground quickly. It was tossed up outside off and Nevill went for the drive

104.3 - Root to Nevill, FOUR, Nevill comes down the track and flicks over mid-wicket, shouts of 'catch' but Nevill got it in the gap, beats the chase from the fielder

103.2 - Moeen Ali to Smith, FOUR, down leg again, nurdled wide of leg-slip and beats the dive of Broad at backward square, he gets up and gives the chase, but can't pull it back. Tried to boot it back and couldn't. Cook manages a smile

100.2 - Stokes to Nevill, FOUR, Stokes knows it is a poor delivery and walks back in disappointment, down leg, easy for Nevill as he helps it on its away beating long leg who was very square. Nice gift to get off the mark

96.1 - Stokes to Smith, FOUR, full and outside off, Smith reaches out and drives, wide of cover and gets a boundary. Smith was stretching out to reach the pitch and managed to put it away. Just a hit away from another Test hundred

91.5 - Finn to Smith, FOUR, patience pays for Smith. He waited for the loose ball and when it came he cuts it square of the wicket, short and wide outside off, Smith hits the gap. Moves into the nineties

90.5 - Stokes to Voges, FOUR, when the bad ball comes, Voges puts it away, short and wide outside off, Voges stands tall and cuts square of the wicket, no-one out there and it is a boundary

89.4 - Finn to Voges, FOUR, full and on the stumps, Voges likes it there, clipped through square leg and it runs away

87.5 - Mark Wood to Voges, FOUR, that's a good pull shot. Short on the stumps, near the stomach and Voges pulls to deep backward square leg, beats Moeen Ali at long leg

85.5 - Mark Wood to Smith, FOUR, first runs for Smith this morning. Full and wide outside off, Smith leans into the cover drive and places it in the gap. Nice looking shot as it raced away

84.2 - Broad to Voges, FOUR, 50 for Voges. Fraction short outside off, Voges went back and cut that hard wide of backward point. The fielder didn't move at all. A raise of the bat and a handshake with Smith. Nice innings from the Western Australian

78.4 - Stokes to Voges, FOUR, well, Voges is a tad lucky there. It was a short delivery that was bowled outside off, Voges goes for the pull, but it was in the air. Bairstow at square leg dives to his right and tries to pouch the catch, but it goes past him for a four

77.5 - Finn to Voges, FOUR, woah! That's a good hit by Voges, leans forward and flicks this full delivery through mid-wicket, no need to run for those

73.3 - Finn to Smith, FOUR, here we go again, lost count on number of edges that haven't carried today. Very full and in the slot, Smith edged the flashy drive which fell short of second slip. Sneaked through the gap and raced away into the third man fence

71.5 - Finn to Voges, FOUR, another boundary for Voges, but this time off the thick outside edge. Pitched on a good length and in the channel outside off, Voges looks to block off the front foot, outside edge rolls between second slip and the gully fielder

71.4 - Finn to Voges, FOUR, sprays this one onto Voges' pads, he clips it behind square on the leg-side and collects a boundary for himself

70.0 - Broad to Voges, FOUR, angled in on middle and leg, Voges helps it on its way towards the fine leg fence. Fine leg fielder was wide and had absolutely no chance of stopping that

67.5 - Broad to Voges, FOUR, brilliant stroke by Voges, flicked it handsomely off his pads, very full and on middle and off, Voges times the flick wide of mid-on. Mark Wood gave the chase but in vain

66.5 - Mark Wood to Smith, FOUR, from wide of the crease, Mark Wood bowls this one short and wide, Smith takes a full toll of it by bringing out the cut and collects a boundary through third man. He is keeping his wrists down while trying to play the cut shot now

63.1 - Moeen Ali to Smith, FOUR, tossed up delivery and outside off, Smith tries to drive, gets a thick outside edge that rolls away through square third man. The fielder in the deep runs to his left, but can't get to it

62.2 - Stokes to Voges, FOUR, now that was a gift of a delivery from Stokes. It turns out to be a high full toss, Voges just drives it through backward point for a boundary. Maybe Stokes was trying the inswinger there

62.1 - Stokes to Voges, FOUR, width on offer from Stokes, Voges takes a heavy toll of it by cutting it square of the wicket on the off-side for a boundary

60.3 - Stokes to Smith, FOUR, Smith gets to his 13th fifty. He has played with calmness in this innings and deserved that fifty. Coming back to the ball, it was a very full delivery, Smith just leant into the drive and collected a four through the cover-region

59.1 - Moeen Ali to Smith, FOUR, loosener from Moeen Ali as he bowls a half-volley, Smith is a fine player of spin and certainly won't miss out on such gifts. He drives it through extra cover to collect a boundary

57.5 - Finn to Smith, FOUR, good batting from Smith there. He gets on top of the bounce and keeps his wrists down to cut this short and wide delivery through backward point for a four

56.0 - Finn to Smith, FOUR, oops! That was in the air. Smith tried to cut a short and wide delivery, but he couldn't keep it down and it goes wide of the man at gully for a boundary. Smith would have had his heart in his mouth for a second or two

47.4 - Moeen Ali to Clarke, FOUR, that's Clarkey for you, the fearless batsman we've known for long. Advances and lofts this flighted delivery over mid-on, one bounce and into the ropes

44.3 - Finn to Smith, FOUR, brilliant stroke by Smith, full and in the slot, Smith presents the full face and drives it wide of mid-off. Looked in perfect position while executing the shot

43.1 - Moeen Ali to Warner, FOUR, too full from Moeen Ali, Warner bisected both the short cover fielders to perfection. Drove that hard and nice and got the desired result

40.2 - Finn to Warner, FOUR, crunched by Davey Warner! full and just outside off, Warner got into good position as he drives it past the non-striker, got it off the middle

39.1 - Stokes to Smith, FOUR, pitched up in the corridor of uncertainty, Smith went for the push, thick inside edge escapes the stumps and races away to the fine leg fence. It wasn't far away from the leg-stump, Smith got lucky there

36.5 - Finn to Smith, leg byes, FOUR, Smith once again shuffles across and Finn fires in on middle and leg, Smith fails to glance it fine, the ball though runs away fine off the thigh pad, another four runs added to the Australian total

34.4 - Broad to Warner, FOUR, short delivery on leg stump line, Warner tries to play a controlled pull, gets a top-edge that goes very fine and crashes into the fence in no time

31.5 - Mark Wood to Chris Rogers, FOUR, well played! This was overpitched just outside off, Rogers push-drives it to the left of mid-off and it races away to the fence

31.0 - Broad to Chris Rogers, FOUR, lovely shot! 100 of the partnership comes up with this boundary. It was pitched up outside off, Rogers comes forward and drives it through the cover region, hits the fence in no time

29.5 - Mark Wood to Warner, FOUR, nicely done by Warner. It was a short of length delivery outside off, Warner hangs back, opens the face of the bat and guides it to the right of backward point, who can't stop the ball after diving to his right, the ball hurries across the turf and crashes into the fence in no time

29.0 - Broad to Chris Rogers, FOUR, that's a beautiful shot! Pitched up outside off, Rogers opens the face of the bat and drives it in the gap between cover-point and backward point, races away to the fence in a jiffy

27.5 - Mark Wood to Warner, FOUR, that's a lovely shot from Warner. Another one that's full and angled across off, Warner leans into the drive and sends it uppishly through the cover region, no need to run for those

24.1 - Finn to Warner, FOUR, Clarke claps from the balcony after Warner reaches fifty. Full and outside off, he gets forward and drives wide of mid-off. This is his first fifty in the first innings of this Ashes series. All the other ones have come in the second essay. Raises his bat and acknowledges the cheers

23.2 - Moeen Ali to Warner, FOUR, no-one in the deep for the sweep and Warner gets four. It was tossed up on middle and leg, Warner kneels down and gets it away down to deep backward square leg. Middled that well

20.4 - Stokes to Warner, FOUR, well played again. This one nips back in and cramps Warner for room, he rocks back and then steers it to the right of gully, beats the dive and races away. Controlled shot that one from Warner and he adjusted well at the last moment to play it wide of the fielder

20.3 - Stokes to Warner, FOUR, smashed! Not all that short outside off, Warner went back and muscled it wide of Broad at mid-on. Kept it down too and got a boundary

19.1 - Moeen Ali to Chris Rogers, FOUR, first ball from Moeen Ali is fraction short from round the wicket, Chris Rogers rocks back and cuts it late, beats slip and backward point giving chase. Used the depth of the crease to play the shot. Executed it well

18.5 - Stokes to Warner, FOUR, good work by Broad? No! Flicked wide of him at mid-on, he gives chase and tries to pull it back. But he was in contact with the cushions as he pulled it back. Slid and the feet were touching. The third umpire rules it as four

17.5 - Finn to Chris Rogers, FOUR, nice punchy shot from the crease. It was a good length delivery outside off, Chris Rogers punched it wide of Stokes at point and the ball raced away. Came right off the middle of the bat

16.4 - Stokes to Chris Rogers, FOUR, short of length outside off, Chris Rogers has rocked back and punched it wide of gully. Was in the air but in the gap. Stokes is a disappointed man and shakes his head. Was an airy fairy shot and Chris Rogers got away with that

15.0 - Stokes to Chris Rogers, FOUR, first boundary for Chris Rogers in this game. Off his 43rd delivery. Very full and wide of off, Chris Rogers reached out and drove it along the ground through the vacant cover region

14.4 - Stokes to Warner, FOUR, dug in short and Warner is onto it in a flash, rocks back and pulls it to deep square leg, and it races away

115.4 - Moeen Ali to Starc, SIX, that's muscled! Good one by Starc, waited for the tossed up delivery on off and smacked it high and over the long-on fence. Stand and admire stuff

101.4 - Moeen Ali to Smith, SIX, now Smith uses his feet and gets six. To the pitch of the ball and he lofts it nicely and over long-off. Clean strike. The extension of the arms to generate the power as Smith went through the line of the ball

61.5 - Moeen Ali to Smith, SIX, superb use of feet from Smith there. He came down the track to a flighted delivery from Moeen Ali, got close to the pitch of the ball and essayed a loft over long-off for a six

125.1 - Finn to Siddle, out Caught by Lyth!! There it is, the final wicket. Fullish and around the off-stump line, Siddle went too deep inside the crease to drive, thick outside edge flies to the right of gully. Lyth dives full length and grabs a well-judged catch. So 481 it is, Clarke must be happy with the score after being asked to bat under overcast conditions. Siddle c Lyth b Finn 1(9)

123.0 - Stokes to Starc, out Lbw!! Full and slanting into the pads of Starc, that ball swung too. Starc looked to drive and missed, gets rapped on the back pad. Stokes appeals but Dharma is unmoved, they ponder about the review and go for it, It proved to be a fruitful one though. Starc got hit on the back pad knee roll. Pitching - in line, impact - in line, hitting - leg-stump. So Dharma has to reverse his decision and it will be 'OUT'. This is only the second occasion in this Ashes series that an onfield verdict is reversed. Starc lbw b Stokes 58(52) [4s-9 6s-1]

121.1 - Finn to Smith, out Bowled!! ohhhhh boy! Finally England get the wicket of Steven Smith, he walks back to a standing ovation. Steven Finn badly deserved this wicket, got him out on 92 but that was a no-ball though. Length delivery outside off, Smith flashes hard and drags it back onto the stumps. So, can we see the declaration coming, Clarke?? Smith b Finn 143(252) [4s-17 6s-2]

105.5 - Moeen Ali to Johnson, out Bowled!! Moeen Ali gets two in one over. Pitched middle and beats Johnson's forward defence, slight turn away and that castles Johnson. Johnson was playing inside the line of that and hears the death rattle. That will be lunch as well. Johnson b Moeen Ali 0(2)

105.3 - Moeen Ali to Nevill, out Caught by Buttler!! Once again Nevill is caught down the leg-side. In this series he was out like that to the seamer, now to a spinner. Short and down leg, Nevill went to pull and the ball brushed the underside of the glove and an excellent catch by Buttler. He moved well and took it without any fuss. Dar raised the finger and Nevill walked off. Replays show that glove was involved. Nevill c Buttler b Moeen Ali 18(27) [4s-3]

97.5 - Finn to Mitchell Marsh, out Caught by Bell!! There it is. Finn is relieved. He has his 100th Test wicket. Nice delivery, outside off and lifting, Mitchell Marsh went to defend and the thick outside edge carried well to Bell at second slip who reverse-cupped it above his head. This time they don't check for the no-ball. Finn celebrates. Mitchell Marsh c Bell b Finn 3(13)

93.0 - Stokes to Voges, out Lbw!! That came out of nowhere and has cut short Voges' innings. Nipped back in sharply and caught Voges on the crease, struck below the kneeroll and that was plumb. Dharmasena had the finger up in a jiffy. A review wasted by Voges. Voges lbw b Stokes 76(130) [4s-12]

54.4 - Stokes to Clarke, out Caught by Buttler!! Clarke in his final Test is dismissed. It is again Stokes, who is the man of the moment for the hosts. It was a back of a length delivery that angled in and then seamed away from Clarke and the on-field umpire straightaway gave him out with Clarke getting the outside edge. However, Clarke went for the review and on the review it showed that there was a spike mark on RTS and the original decision was upheld. Stokes deserved that wicket as he also extracted bounce on that delivery. He certainly has that ability to produce magic deliveries from nowhere. Clarke c Buttler b Stokes 15(29) [4s-1]

45.1 - Moeen Ali to Warner, out Caught by Lyth!! Warner's dream of scoring a century in this Ashes series might not come true. He was playing so well and he walks back disappointed. That's a soft, soft dismissal though, tossed up just outside off, Warner pushed it with hard hands, thick outside edge was nicely held by Lyth at first slip. Moeen Ali continues to pick wickets. Warner c Lyth b Moeen Ali 85(131) [4s-11]

33.2 - Mark Wood to Chris Rogers, out Caught by Cook!! Finally, England have their first breakthrough. A short of length delivery angled across off, there is some extra bounce on the ball as Rogers looks to force it through the off-side off the back foot, he pokes at it away from his body and ends up getting a thick outside edge that flies to the left of Cook at first slip. The English captain moves across and gets both hands to it, the ball though pops out of his hands but he manages to take it on the second attempt. End of a gritty knock from Rogers. Chris Rogers c Cook b Mark Wood 43(100) [4s-7]

117.5 - Root to Starc, 1 run, arm-ball on the pads, Starc flicks it unconvincingly, Mark Wood at backward square leg dived full length to his right, got both hands to it but couldn't hold on. Once he got there, he should've held on. Definitely carried to him

123.3 - Finn to Siddle, 1 run, run-out chance missed, Siddle turns this to the right of short mid-wicket and ran for a quick single, Bairstow picked it up at short mid-wicket and fired a throw at the bowler's end, missed it. Siddle wasn't even in the picture

119.4 - Root to Starc, 1 run, fifty for Starc, this could prove to be a crucial innings. Clarke and co. applaud the knock from the dressing room, Starc gets there with a push towards backward point

101.2 - Moeen Ali to Smith, 1 run, 100 for Smith. Stokes fumbled at mid-on and that allowed the quick single to be taken. It was wristed to the right of Stokes and if not for the fumble would've been a tight run. A kiss of the crest on the helmet. Clarke claps as do the others in the dressing room

79.2 - Finn to Smith, leg byes, 1 run, back of a length delivery that angles back into the right-hander. Finn extracts extra bounce on that delivery too. Smith tries to work it through the on-side, gets hit on the body. The stand between the two is now 100

71.2 - Finn to Smith, leg byes, 1 run, full delivery on the pads, Smith falls on the flick as he shuffled across. Looked close to the naked eye but was comfortably missing leg. Finn and Cook were confident as they went for the review

47.4 - Lyon to Moeen Ali, FOUR, Moeen Ali has decided to take on Lyon here. It was tossed up outside off, Moeen Ali went for another big loft and timed it well, straight down the ground, one bounce over the ropes. Will Lyon toss the next one up?

47.3 - Lyon to Moeen Ali, FOUR, flighted on off and Moeen Ali goes over mid-on. Lofted well and it beats the fielder easily. Over the head of the man

46.5 - Mitchell Marsh to Mark Wood, FOUR, that is a bad ball and Mark Wood puts it away. Short and wide outside off, Mark Wood plays a square cut and beats backward point to his left

46.4 - Mitchell Marsh to Mark Wood, FOUR, Clarke shakes his head as he isn't happy. On a back of a length outside off, Mark Wood stays beside the line and steers it wide of backward point, raced away once it beat the fielder

46.0 - Siddle to Moeen Ali, FOUR, third boundary in the over and that's the most convincing of the lot. Overpitched from Siddle and Moeen Ali leant on the off-drive, beats Mitch Marsh at mid-off and the ball has enough legs to go all the way. When he plays like that he looks so elegant

45.2 - Siddle to Moeen Ali, FOUR, another outside edge on the forward defence and this time it beats Warner to his right at gully. Won't make Siddle happy. It was a good delivery, on off and middle, got the edge but it died down quickly and beat Warner

45.1 - Siddle to Moeen Ali, FOUR, straight through gully. Siddle isn't happy. Warner the fielder. Full outside off, Moeen Ali drove and the ball bounced before Warner, straight through his hands and raced away

44.3 - Mitchell Marsh to Mark Wood, FOUR, again Mark Wood drives and gets it wide of Mitch Johnson at mid-off. Mitch didn't dive and he needed to. Driven on the rise as Mitchell Marsh went full and wide outside off

42.5 - Starc to Mark Wood, FOUR, superb drive from Mark Wood. On the rise. Full and outside off, Mark Wood came half forward and laced a drive through cover

40.1 - Starc to Mark Wood, leg byes, FOUR, big cheer from the crowd as the ball runs off the thigh pad and deflects away to the fine leg fence, it was swinging down leg and Mark Wood failed to get bat on the flick

39.2 - Siddle to Moeen Ali, FOUR, on the leg-stump line, Ali looks to glance, gets an inside edge onto thigh pad and it raced away to the fine leg fence

37.0 - Mitchell Marsh to Mark Wood, FOUR, short of length delivery and outside off, Wood punches it through gully and backward point for a four. The crowd cheered as England reached 100

36.3 - Mitchell Marsh to Mark Wood, FOUR, from mid crease, Mitchell Marsh bowls it on a back of a length and extracts extra bounce. Wood gets into an awkward position and just hangs his bat out there and it scoops over the gully fielder for a four

27.3 - Lyon to Stokes, FOUR, edged and safe, slightly short and outside off from Lyon, Stokes pushed hard at it, outside edge flies wide of the lone slip fielder. Raced away into the third man fence

27.1 - Lyon to Bairstow, FOUR, nice stroke by Bairstow, full and straight, Bairstow drives it straight down the ground. Timed it so well and it raced away

26.1 - Mitchell Marsh to Stokes, FOUR, slightly fuller and in the slot, Stokes plays a classy punch wide of mid-off, gets off the mark with a four. No chance for the fielder to cut that off

18.0 - Siddle to Bell, FOUR, from wide of the crease, Siddle looks to create the angle, but Bell comes forward to this full delivery and threads the gap through extra cover for a boundary. If that boundary hadn't been hit, it would have been five maiden overs in a row

12.3 - Siddle to Root, FOUR, short and wide delivery from Siddle, Root goes up and over as he brings out the cut shot to smash it over backward point for a four

11.3 - Lyon to Lyth, FOUR, another dragged down delivery, Lyth cuts it off the back foot square of the wicket on the off-side for a four

7.4 - Lyon to Lyth, FOUR, Lyon drags it short, Lyth goes back in the crease and cuts it square of the wicket on the off-side for a four. A rare loose delivery from Lyon

6.0 - Lyon to Cook, FOUR, not that short but Cook makes it count this time. On a length and width on offer, Cook goes back and cuts it to the left of backward point, collects a four to his name

4.1 - Starc to Cook, FOUR, good length delivery around off, Cook went for a soft push, thick outside edge runs away wide of gully, Lyon gives the chase and puts in the dive but to no avail

4.0 - Johnson to Lyth, FOUR, on the pads again, but this time Rogers can't get there. Lyth middles the flick through mid-wicket, ends the over on a high

3.2 - Johnson to Cook, FOUR, short and at the batsman, Cook got into good position as he middled the pull wide of square leg. First convincing boundary from the bat of English skipper

1.1 - Johnson to Cook, FOUR, that's a corker from Johnson, he overstepped though, the umpire didn't spot it. Pitched on a good length and swung late around middle and off, Cook was squared up as he was looking to defend, outside edge raced away wide of gully, Cook too is off the mark with a four

0.3 - Starc to Lyth, FOUR, very full and wide of off, Lyth squeezes it wide of the slip cordon, the pace on the ball took it to the boundary ropes, Lyth off the mark with a four

48.4 - Johnson to Moeen Ali, out Caught by Nevill!! Two in two. Moeen Ali pushed out at a length ball outside off and got a thick edge, it was going to the keeper's left and he dived to take it. Nice catch. Moeen Ali should've left it alone but flirted at it and paid the price. Moeen Ali c Nevill b Johnson 30(61) [4s-6]

48.3 - Johnson to Mark Wood, out Caught by Starc!! The short ball gets Mark Wood out. End of a little cameo from Mark Wood. This one hurried onto Mark Wood, beaten for pace as he splices the pull straight up in the air, Starc runs in from mid-wicket and takes an easy catch. They check for the no-ball but Johnson was fine. Mark Wood c Starc b Johnson 24(41) [4s-6]

34.5 - Mitchell Marsh to Broad, out Caught by Voges!! Well, England are in dire straits now. This one was bowled on a back of a length and Mitchell Marsh extracted extra bounce on that delivery, Broad was again hanging back in the crease, got an outside edge and it went to Voges at 1st slip, who did well to take the catch with both his hands and above his head. Broad c Voges b Mitchell Marsh 0(4)

34.1 - Mitchell Marsh to Stokes, out Caught by Nevill!! What has Stokes done?? He tries to pull a back of a length delivery, gets a top-edge and Nevill takes the catch. It was up in the air for a long time, but Nevill kept his eyes on the ball all the way through to take it. Marsh too deserves some credit for hitting good areas. On the other hand, Stokes has just shown that he is an instinctive batsman, who can on occasions throw his wicket away on a platter. He was looking in fine touch today. Stokes c Nevill b Mitchell Marsh 15(25) [4s-2]

29.2 - Lyon to Buttler, out Bowled!! Australia are all over England here, Buttler's horrid series with the bat continues. They are checking for a no-ball but Lyon is fine. Tossed up on middle, Buttler goes for a loose drive. Ball turns in and sneaks through the bat-pad gap and knocks middle and leg. Lyon is ecstatic and so are the Aussie fielders, no intensity from the English batters today. Buttler b Lyon 1(3)

28.3 - Johnson to Bairstow, out Caught by Lyon!! Bairstow gone too!! Mitchell Johnson gets his first wicket of this Test match. The umpires are checking for the no-ball, but Johnson is fine on that account. Plenty of pace on this short delivery, Bairstow fetches the pull from outside off and hits it high in the air. Ball swirled in the air towards Lyon who was stationed at deep backward square leg, he makes no mistake as he takes it comfortably. Bairstow c Lyon b Johnson 13(15) [4s-1]

24.4 - Mitchell Marsh to Root, out Caught by Nevill!! Mitchell Marsh gets the world's number one batsman, he must be a happy man. Pitched on a good length and straightened just outside off, Root went too deep and looked to block. Clarke and Nevill didn't go for the appeal initially but Marsh was convinced that he had his man. He was proved to be right in the end. In real time it looked like Root might have missed that. Clarke after having a brief chat with his bowler went up for the review. Snicko showed a tiny spike and Dharma was asked to change his verdict. Root c Nevill b Mitchell Marsh 6(39) [4s-1]

23.3 - Siddle to Bell, out Bowled!! Peter Siddle - you little beauty!! What a ball, Siddle has bowled brilliantly so far, after watching this spell, the Australian selectors would surely feel that they have missed a trick (by not picking Siddle so far in this series). Siddle deserved this wicket. Pitched on middle and got it to straighten past the outside edge, Bell had no clue as he looked to block from the crease, ball hits the bails on the middle stump and Siddle is all smiles. Bell b Siddle 10(42) [4s-1]

12.2 - Siddle to Lyth, out Caught by Starc!! Siddle's second ball of the series has done the trick for Australia. It was more of a loosener from Siddle as he dug it short, but Lyth gets it off the toe-end of the bat on the pull and it goes straight to the fielder at mid-on who makes no mistake by completing the catch. The days of Lyth scoring 1,619 runs and 7 hundreds in County cricket in 2014 seems to be a long time ago now. Lyth c Starc b Siddle 19(42) [4s-4]

7.1 - Lyon to Cook, out Bowled!! Much needed wicket for Australia just before tea. Cook walks back with a grim face. Pitched on middle and leg and spun past the outside edge of a tentative defending Cook, he is castled (off-stump is knocked over). Cook was too deep inside the crease and that allowed the ball to spin past his blade. That will be tea on day 2. Cook b Lyon 22(21) [4s-4]

100.5 - Mitchell Marsh to Moeen Ali, FOUR, Moeen Ali is enjoying himself. On a length and outside off, Moeen Ali plays a flashy square drive, wide of point. Was in the air but in the gap as well. Free-flowing stroke

100.3 - Mitchell Marsh to Moeen Ali, FOUR, drifting down leg, Moeen Ali has it easy and glances it very fine, was a buffet ball and Moeen Ali cashed in. Got a tiny bit of bat and it raced away fine

99.4 - Siddle to Finn, FOUR, right in between the two gullies. Siddle has his hands on his head. Full on the stumps, Finn drove and the edge died on the way, beating the two men. Clarke grimaces

96.5 - Mitchell Marsh to Moeen Ali, FOUR, Moeen Ali plays another of his favorite drives. This time he gets forward and lofts it in the gap at cover. Bent his front knee and put it away. Mitchell Marsh overpitched and saw the ball disapppear

94.2 - Johnson to Moeen Ali, FOUR, Moeen Ali gets lucky. He wanted to pull out of the hook but the ball kisses the hanging bat and evades the leaping Nevill. Pacy short delivery and Moeen Ali wanted to leave it as he realised it was getting big on him

90.4 - Starc to Moeen Ali, FOUR, yorker length outside off, Moeen Ali squeezes it wide of gully and since there is no third man, Moeen Ali will get a boundary. Had to hit the gap which he did

89.1 - Siddle to Moeen Ali, byes, FOUR, the late swing befuddles Nevill and runs away for four byes. It suddenly dipped on him at the last moment and deflected off his gloves and went away. Moeen Ali had left that alone and then it swung

88.3 - Mitchell Marsh to Moeen Ali, FOUR, when it is pitched up Moeen Ali latches on. Drives wide of the cover fielder, opens the face of the bat and then gets it in the gap, lovely sweet extension of the arms as Moeen Ali drove that

88.0 - Siddle to Broad, FOUR, nice punch from Broad and that's four. Spoils Siddle's attempt at getting another maiden over. On a good length and on the stumps, Broad gets forward and punches it through cover, raced away

83.3 - Siddle to Mark Wood, FOUR, frustration for Siddle and Australia. Pitched up outside off, Mark Wood went for a big drive and the thick outside edge went over the gully fielder. Mark Wood didn't hold back there and that ensured the edge carried over the fielder

83.0 - Johnson to Buttler, leg byes, FOUR, dug in short and Buttler ducks under that, it brushes the back and goes over the keeper. Will count as leg-byes as Buttler was taking evasive action

82.3 - Johnson to Buttler, FOUR, pitched up outside off and Buttler plays a lovely drive straight down the ground, that came right out of the screws, leant on the shot and put it away

78.0 - Lyon to Buttler, FOUR, a little too full and straight from Lyon, Buttler skips out and wrists in the gap through mid-wicket, timed it well and it raced away

76.2 - Smith to Buttler, FOUR, that is a waist high full toss from Smith, Buttler takes advantage of it by punching it through deep backward for a boundary

67.4 - Lyon to Cook, FOUR, short and Cook had all the time in the world to rock back and cut it through cover. Timed it well and fielder in the deep had no chance

56.1 - Starc to Buttler, FOUR, full and tempting the drive, Buttler is rooted to the crease and gets a thick outside edge past the diving gully fielder for a boundary. It went low and to the left of the man. Buttler got lucky as he went with hard hands

55.3 - Lyon to Cook, FOUR, low full toss, Cook takes it on the full and flicks it to deep mid-wicket for a boundary. Rare boundary for England

49.2 - Mitchell Marsh to Cook, leg byes, FOUR, well, Cook was lucky there as he shuffled across towards the off-stump, Marsh bowled it down the leg-side, Cook misses the flick, but it just went past the leg-stump for four leg-byes. He shuffled across too much there and that caused the problem

49.0 - Siddle to Bairstow, FOUR, back of a length delivery and outside off, Bairstow opens the face and guides it past the slip cordon for a boundary. Yet again one finds that there is no third man in place and that results in a boundary. This is the first boundary scored of Siddle in this innings

41.0 - Johnson to Bairstow, FOUR, another edge and Johnson doesn't know what to do, has a wry smile on his face. Short and wide, Bairstow looks to stab and gets a thick edge which goes in the gap between the slip cordon and gully. Had there been another gully, it would have been a regulation catch for him

40.2 - Johnson to Bairstow, FOUR, another edge and another four, this time Bairstow went for the push outside off, healthy outside edge flies between the slip cordon and the gully fielder

40.1 - Johnson to Bairstow, FOUR, slightly fuller and around the sixth stump line, Bairstow hangs his bat outside off. Ball catches the outside edge and flies wide of gully. Lucky boundary that

38.4 - Johnson to Bairstow, FOUR, full and straight from Johnson, Bairstow punches (in the air) it to the right of the bowler who puts in the valiant dive. Johnson missed it by a couple of inches, it looked so close to the naked eye. He landed awkwardly while attempting to take the catch, looked in some pain. Commendable effort though

36.3 - Johnson to Root, FOUR, short and wide from Johnson and he pays the price for it, Root jumps high and cuts it high and wide of point. Raced away into the fence

32.2 - Starc to Cook, FOUR, a firm push and what more do you need when you can middle the ball so well. On a length and wide of off, Cook middles it through the non-existent cover fielder and inches closer to his fifty

30.0 - Mitchell Marsh to Cook, FOUR, a little short again and Cook scores his third boundary of the over, this time cuts it more elegantly through cover, no need to run for those

29.4 - Mitchell Marsh to Cook, FOUR, full and width on offer, Cook drives it on the up but placed in the gap through cover. Cook's bat handle turned as he played that shot. Clarke might have missed a trick by not placing a short cover there

29.3 - Mitchell Marsh to Cook, FOUR, this one is slightly short and Cook takes full toll of it, punches it past a diving point and it raced away

25.2 - Mitchell Marsh to Bell, FOUR, another drop and this time it's Rogers, it's Bell again. This was not that short but Bell decides to pull it from outside off, burst through Rogers' hands at mid-wicket, Bell hit that hard and it raced away. Rogers dived to his left and still allowed the ball to burst through his hands. He might have done something to his webbing and he is off the field

24.3 - Johnson to Cook, FOUR, short of a length and well outside off, Cook stabs at that, manages to keep it down and finds the gap between fourth slip and gully, another boundary for Cook

23.1 - Mitchell Marsh to Bell, FOUR, Bell has more fortune, this was a short of a good length and nipped away late, Bell was caught in two minds, makes a late call to let it go. The ball went off the face of the bat and runs away past the slip cordon

22.3 - Johnson to Cook, FOUR, edged and four, more luck for England. Johnson follows the short ball with a fuller one, in that channel outside off, Cook is drawn into poking at that, gets a thick edge that races away past the diving gully fielder for a boundary

22.2 - Johnson to Cook, FOUR, lovely shot, Johnson banged in short and well outside off, Cook swivels across, rolls his wrists and pulls it past square leg, the timing is sweet and the ball races away to the fence

20.1 - Johnson to Bell, leg byes, FOUR, Johnson is troubling Bell with the short delivery, this was a hostile bouncer, directed on Bell's body, he took his eyes off as he ducked under the ball, it hits him on the forearm and races away to the long leg boundary

15.1 - Lyon to Bell, byes, FOUR, turning down leg, beats Nevill and races away. The keeper was slow to move

13.4 - Lyon to Cook, FOUR, bad ball and Cook cuts it away. Short and outside off, kept a bit low but Cook chopped it wide of backward point. Hit the gap and raced away

7.4 - Lyon to Cook, FOUR, fraction short and Cook puts it away, went deep in the crease and cuts it square of the wicket, beats backward point to his left. He had to hit the gap which he did to a nicety

4.5 - Johnson to Lyth, FOUR, now a back foot punch. Bit of width from Johnson, outside off, sat up to be punched and Lyth went deep in his crease to play the stroke. Through cover-point and it raced away. Was in the air but in the gap

4.4 - Johnson to Lyth, leg byes, FOUR, short ball and takes the elbow of Lyth and runs away to fine leg. It was into the ribs, grazes the right elbow and beats Nevill. When the short ball is directed at his body, he seems to be in trouble

4.3 - Johnson to Lyth, FOUR, short and wide outside off, Lyth leaps off his feet and square cuts in the air, over gully and gets a nice boundary. Had to leap to get the balance on the shot right

101.4 - Siddle to Moeen Ali, out Caught by Nevill!! Australia win! But it is England who have won the Ashes. Fittingly Siddle finishes things off. Length outside off, Moeen Ali went for a big drive and edged it behind. Clear deflection and Nevill catches it to his left. Clarke gets a winning send-off. Moeen Ali knew he had edged it and didn't even think of a review. Moeen Ali c Nevill b Siddle 35(57) [4s-6]

97.2 - Siddle to Broad, out Bowled!! Siddle knocks over Broad. The off stump is sent out of the ground. Top of off. That's a fast bowler's dream. Full and nipped back in, beat Broad's loose drive and sent the stump flying. Siddle has his arms raised in triumph. Just a wicket away now. Broad b Siddle 11(28) [4s-1]

86.2 - Mitchell Marsh to Buttler, out Caught by Starc!! Good tumbling catch at mid-off. End of Buttler. He shakes his head on the way back. Full and outside off, Buttler went for a big drive and Starc made good ground to snaffle that low to his left. Buttler should've kept it down. Australia inch closer. Buttler c Starc b Mitchell Marsh 42(107) [4s-4]

83.5 - Siddle to Mark Wood, out Lbw!! Siddle strikes and sends the nightwatchman back. To the naked eye it looked like there was an inside edge onto the pad when one saw it initially. But there was no bat. Pitched up, curving in, strikes Mark Wood below the kneeroll on the pad. Hitting leg and Dharmasena overturns his original decision. Clarke and Siddle thought about it and it turned out to be a very good review. Mark Wood lbw b Siddle 6(16) [4s-1]

77.0 - Smith to Cook, out Caught by Voges!! Clarke's move to bring Smith has done the trick. The cornerstone of England's batting line-up is gone. It was a leg-break from Smith, Cook came half-forward, got an inside edge onto the pad and straight to the fielder at short leg, who completes the catch. Cook has repelled everything that was thrown at him today, but he finally loses his wicket. Cook is still waiting for his first Ashes hundred at home. Remember, he played his first Ashes series at home back in 2009. Cook c Voges b Smith 85(234) [4s-11]

52.0 - Lyon to Stokes, out Caught by Clarke!! Another batsman pushing out in front of his pad and has paid the price for it. This time it is Stokes, who is the culprit. It was a tossed up delivery and was bowled outside off, Stokes came forward and played what you can call as a half-hearted drive without any conviction behind it and it went to Clarke at first slip, who completed the catch. A puff of dust came off the track after it pitched. Stokes c Clarke b Lyon 0(4)

51.2 - Lyon to Bairstow, out Caught by Voges!! Lovely bowling from Lyon has resulted in Bairstow losing his wicket. Lyon tossed it up, got it to drift and then it gripped off the surface, too. Bairstow came half-forward, got an inside edge and it went to the fielder at short leg, who showed sharp reflexes to take the catch. Actually, while trying to take the catch, it wobbled off Voges' chest, before he took it on the rebound. Well, well! Mikey Holding on air has spotted that Bairstow's dismissal shouldn't have stood. The ball went onto Voges' grille and then came down before being caught. According to the laws of the game once it hits the fielder's protective equipment - in this case the helmet - it shouldn't be out. Bairstow saw that on the television just now and was disappointed. Not the first time it has happened. Bairstow got out like that in India once. Got to know the laws of the game. If he had known that, he would've straightaway pointed out that it came off the grille. Bairstow c Voges b Lyon 26(48) [4s-5]

36.5 - Johnson to Root, out Caught by Starc!! Ohhh no!! Just when Root looked in good shape he falls to a short delivery. However, he has been the best English batsman this summer. He can walk back with his head held high. He looks very disappointed though. Short delivery on the stumps, Root pulled and mistimed it completely, got a big top-edge on that. Starc at fine leg went back and took it easily, just inches inside the ropes. Root c Starc b Johnson 11(30) [4s-1]

25.3 - Mitchell Marsh to Bell, out Caught by Clarke!! That drop doesn't cost much and Belly has to walk back. He never looked comfortable at the crease, Clarke who has dropped him earlier has made amends. It was a length delivery that bounced extra around the off-stump line, Bell was looking to defend, ball kisses the bat handle and goes to the right of second slip who takes it easily, this time. Bell was surprised by the bounce and that undid him. Bell c Clarke b Mitchell Marsh 13(40) [4s-2]

12.1 - Siddle to Lyth, out Caught by Clarke!! End of Lyth and perhaps the end of his Test career for the foreseeable future as well. His miserable tour and series is over. He walks back with a grim expression on his face. That line and length, around off, seam movement and Lyth is neither here nor there, caught on the crease, the outside edge carries low and nicely to 2nd slip where Clarke makes no mistake. Siddle screams in delight. Lyth c Clarke b Siddle 10(33) [4s-2]

21.2 - Mitchell Marsh to Bell, no run, edged and dropped, Clarke has dropped a catch in his last Test. Marsh looks gutted as well. This was a lovely delivery, pitched up and nipped away at the last moment, lures Bell into the drive, he goes for it with hard hands, gets a thick edge - high and to the right of Clarke at second slip. He was late to spot it, gets both hands and shells it. Voges attempts to take the rebound from first slip, but it fell well wide of him

81.4 - Siddle to Buttler, no run, what was Mark Wood doing? He set off for a run and has to dive back to make it in. It deflected off Buttler's thigh pad and for some reason Mark Wood wanted a quick single, sent back and despite his dive, had Rogers hit the stumps, he would've been gone. Not far from the direct hit was Rogers. Mad thinking from the nightwatchman, Buttler rightly shakes his head. There was no single there

36.2 - Johnson to Cook, 1 run, there it is, much needed fifty for Alastair Cook, will he make his first Ashes hundred in England? He has looked patient throughout the innings. He reaches the milestone with a tuck through mid-wicket

19.0 - Johnson to Bell, no run, that's an excellent call from umpire Dar. This was a ripper of a short delivery from Johnson, it reared onto Bell from a length, he was hopping across on the defensive push, drops his gloves and looks to sway out of the line. The ball clipped his shoulder and looped to Voges at first slip. The Australians were convinced, but Bell stood still