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WC 2015

Scorecard - 1st Semi-Final, New Zealand vs South Africa at Eden Park, Auckland, New Zealand (24 Mar 2015)

South Africa

281/5 (43) RR:6.53

New Zealand won by 4 wkts

MOM: Grant Elliott
New Zealand

299/6 (42.5) RR:6.98

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42.4 - Corey Anderson to Duminy, FOUR, dropped! Nathan McCullum on as a substitute misjudges it completely. Full and outside off, Duminy stretches out and lofts the drive, McCullum standing at the edge of the ring at extra cover, jumps and gets a finger on it, but he can't hang on

41.1 - Southee to D Miller, FOUR, Southee is not helping Baz here. Continues bowling length deliveries, even though it was a off-speed ball, it was on a length, Miller hammers it past mid-off, no chance for the Kiwi skipper to stop that

40.1 - Corey Anderson to D Miller, FOUR, after rain, it is raining fours from Miller's bat. Length delivery from round the wicket, Miller goes for a wild heave across the line, the top-edge flies over short third man, almost travels the distance

39.5 - Southee to D Miller, FOUR, fourth boundary off the over and Southee is under pressure. Slower delivery around off, Miller drills it past AB at the non-striker's end, Baz dives over the ball at mid-off and it races away to the fence

39.4 - Southee to D Miller, FOUR, Southee once again misses the yorker, ends up dishing out a full toss outside off, Miller relies on placement, he lofts it to the right of mid-off, Baz has no chance of stopping that

39.2 - Southee to D Miller, FOUR, poor delivery from Southee, goes for the wide yorker, provides plenty of width, Miller reaches out and squeezes it to the third man fence. No chance for the fielder in the deep as it went fine

39.1 - Southee to D Miller, FOUR, smashed! Stand and deliver stuff from Miller. Full delivery from round the wicket, right in the arc for Miller, who clears his front leg and goes straight, mid-off was inside the ring and it goes on the bounce to the boundary

38.0 - Boult to du Plessis, FOUR, Boult misses the yorker and bowls a low full toss outside off stump, du Plessis doesn't try to overhit the ball, with mid-off very square, places it close to the non-striker and it races away. The hundred partnership is up off just 71 balls

37.4 - Boult to de Villiers, FOUR, freakish hit that! With third man inside the ring, de Villiers, who was standing across the stumps, went deep in the crease and waited for the short of length delivery to come. He guided it at the last moment to send it between backward point and short third man

35.5 - Corey Anderson to de Villiers, FOUR, 6, 4, 4 after being dropped. That's why you don't drop a guy like de Villiers. Gentle length ball from Anderson, de Villiers steps out and drives it along the ground past the non-striker. That brings up his 46th ODI fifty, de Villiers raises his bat to acknowledge the applause

35.4 - Corey Anderson to de Villiers, FOUR, full and outside off stump, de Villiers drives it wide of mid-off and the fielder had no chance as it was hit to his left

35.0 - Matt Henry to de Villiers, FOUR, deft touch! There was a man at fly slip, but McCullum moved him wide for this ball and de Villiers has picked the gap between the keeper and slip. Great placement there from de Villiers. He waited for the short of length delivery to come and just opens the face of the bat at the last moment to dab it fine to the third man boundary

34.0 - Corey Anderson to de Villiers, FOUR, this is a poor bowling from Anderson. Bangs the slower ball short, it is not short enough to fox the batsman either, de Villiers waits on the back foot and pulls it easily through mid-wicket. Expensive over that, 13 came off it. South Africa are shifting gears nicely before the batting powerplay

33.3 - Corey Anderson to du Plessis, FOUR, short and outside off stump, du Plessis fetches the pull nicely, hits it from the middle of the bat and rolls his wrists over the ball to keep it down and it raced away to the deep mid-wicket boundary. That brings up the 50-run stand as well

32.5 - Matt Henry to de Villiers, FOUR, de Villiers is turning it on now. Goes deep in his crease and drills the full ball wide of mid-on. Used the depth of the crease well there. Miller has a smile, as does de Villiers

32.1 - Matt Henry to de Villiers, FOUR, classy from de Villiers. Rocks back and punches the slower delivery from Matt Henry wide of mid-on. Dead-straight bat from de Villiers as he transferred his weight back and then found the gap. The followthrough was great too

31.5 - Vettori to de Villiers, FOUR, that is smashed. de Villiers comes down the track and takes it on the full, drills it past the left-hand of Vettori, long-off had no chance as that was hit with immense power

31.3 - Vettori to du Plessis, FOUR, now an outside edge runs through vacant slip. Vettori is disappointed. But gave du Plessis the width, cut and edged, beats Henry at short third. Raced away

21.0 - Southee to du Plessis, FOUR, the mid-off fielder was taken out and put in at slip after du Plessis had hit a four over the man earlier in the over. B Mac's move has backfired there, Southee went for the yorker, du Plessis advanced and took it on the full, driven past the left-hand of Southee. Easy boundary

20.3 - Southee to du Plessis, FOUR, down the track and there is no one at long-off. Safe hit that! Good length delivery outside off stump, du Plessis steps out and lofts the drive over the infield and brings up the fifty partnership

18.5 - Southee to Rossouw, FOUR, inside edge but it's gone past the stumps. Fullish and just outside off stump, Rossouw drives with hardly any feet movement, the ball takes the edge and escapes the stumps. Southee has his hands on his head

13.3 - Boult to Rossouw, FOUR, too full from Boult and that's a perfect on-drive from Rossouw. Shows the full face of the bat and leaves mid-on on his knees. Driven to the long-on fence. Timing, class and all that jazz

9.4 - Boult to du Plessis, FOUR, edged and wide of the two slips in place. Room was there, short of length outside off, du Plessis opens the face of the bat to play that. Beats Southee's dive at third man

4.0 - Boult to du Plessis, FOUR, superbly played by du Plessis. It was the attempted yorker from Boult and he almost got it right out, but du Plessis flicked that past backward square leg, just the uncorking of the wrists at the right moment and the ball raced away

3.0 - Southee to Amla, FOUR, and now on the pads, Amla won't miss out. Flicked wide of mid-wicket. Cleanly struck and that spoils the over

2.5 - Southee to Amla, FOUR, poor bowling. Southee loses his patience, drifts a half-volley outside leg, all it needed was bat and Amla flicked it away to the fine leg fence. Too easy

1.5 - Boult to de Kock, FOUR, dropped by Ronchi! Big moment. Brilliant delivery from Boult, full and late swing, on off, de Kock made the mistake of playing to leg, closed the bat face and the outside edge went to the left of the diving Ronchi, it was right in between Ronchi and first slip. Credit to Ronchi for going for it, went full length but could only palm it away to the third man fence. The left mitt got there, but only the edge of the mitt. Not the middle. de Kock gets away

1.2 - Boult to de Kock, FOUR, edged and just wide of the third slip diving to his left. Boult brought de Kock forward and the defensive stroke found the edge, but it eluded the diving fielder's outstretched left-hand

42.1 - Corey Anderson to D Miller, SIX, Miller starts the over with a six. The catch is dropped in the crowd. Fuller and around off, Miller shuffles across and tonks it over long-on, it landed on the second tier

40.5 - Corey Anderson to D Miller, SIX, that is more like it. It was in the arc and was sent soaring out of the park. Length ball close to off, Miller steps forward and plays the pick up shot over deep mid-wicket. The ball travelled a long way

40.4 - Corey Anderson to D Miller, SIX, what a shot! The short boundaries helping Miller. Short of a length delivery, Miller comes down the track and backs away to the leg-side and flat-bats it over the bowler's head, goes flat and for a 69 metre six

35.3 - Corey Anderson to de Villiers, SIX, straightaway he starts to hurt! Short of a length delivery from Anderson, de Villiers advances and smashes the pull very hard and it goes high over deep mid-wicket

30.5 - Matt Henry to du Plessis, SIX, du Plessis has a smile on his face after that six. Down the track and then lofted straight back over the bowler's head. Carries a long way into the stands. This is a small ground and once you connect, it goes a long, long way

24.4 - Elliott to Rossouw, SIX, very short boundary straight and that's gone for six. Just a lofted hit from Rossouw, through the line and hit very straight. Clean striking

42.2 - Corey Anderson to D Miller, out Caught by Ronchi!! A magnificent innings comes to an end. ABD congratulates him on his way. Miller missed out equalling the fastest World Cup fifty. It was cleverly bowled by Anderson, saw the batsman moving away to the leg-side, pushed it well wide of off, Miller had to reach out and he could only manage a feather through to Ronchi. D Miller c Ronchi b Corey Anderson 49(18) [4s-6 6s-3]

38.2 - Corey Anderson to du Plessis, out Caught by Ronchi!! Anderson goes up for a caught behind appeal, but nothing from Ronchi. But, Baz has gone for the review. Umpire Gould even signalled it a wide. The front foot is good says the third umpire. Can you zoom in on the glove? Asks the TV umpire. He wants a much closer look on that. The RTS is coming up now. There is a spike on the Snicko. Ian, I have got clear evidence. You are on camera, you can change your decision. The finger is raised and Faf is walking back to the pavilion. That was a top review from Anderson, who convinced Baz. Coming to the ball, it was short and down leg, du Plessis goes for the pull and looks to help it on the way, the ball kisses the glove on the way to Ronchi. The keeper was not sure, but the bowler was. du Plessis c Ronchi b Corey Anderson 82(107) [4s-7 6s-1]

26.1 - Corey Anderson to Rossouw, out Caught by Guptill!! What.A.Catchhhhhh! The crowd come to life once again. Caught one-handed and Corey Anderson strikes. The golden arm of the Black Caps has done it again. Short of a length outside off, Rossouw opens the face of the bat and punches, it was flying to the right of point and swerving away from Gups, but he moved and stretched his long right-hand and voila it stuck. That was a screamer - one more added to Gups' ever-increasing collection of astounding catches. Rossouw c Guptill b Corey Anderson 39(53) [4s-2 6s-1]

7.5 - Boult to de Kock, out Caught by Southee!! Boult is now the highest wicket-taker for New Zealand in World Cups. He has 21 to his name. de Kock is dragging himself off Eden Park. He doesn't want to leave. That was a poor stroke. Charged Boult, wanted to go over cover, but the late swing took the outside edge and landed safely in third man's hands. Southee didn't have to move an inch. Boult is all smiles as he is surrounded by his mates. de Kock c Southee b Boult 14(17) [4s-2]

3.4 - Boult to Amla, out Bowled!! Look at the Eden Park faithful roar. Boult is all smiles. He has knocked Amla over, albeit off an inside edge. It was full and wide outside off, was there for the drive, but Amla had been nervy all innings, the feet didn't move on the drive and the inside edge clattered back onto the stumps. Did the ball swing back in a bit? No. It went across with the angle. Amla b Boult 10(14) [4s-2]

35.2 - Corey Anderson to de Villiers, no run, in the airrrrr and dropped. My word! How costly is it going to be? Good length delivery outside off stump, de Villiers slaps it hard, doesn't bother to keep it down, Williamson moves to his left at cover, gets both hands to it but spills it

30.3 - Matt Henry to du Plessis, 2 runs, du Plessis gets to fifty with a pull over mid-wicket, hit in the air and in the gap too. Raises his bat and de Villiers walks up to him, shakes his hand. The South African contingent are up on their feet applauding

42.3 - Steyn to Vettori, FOUR, oh boy! Steyn is livid! How has he managed to hit that for four? Full toss and wide outside off stump, Vettori backs away and then somehow manages to stretch and guide it past backward point, third man is very fine and he can't get there

41.5 - M Morkel to Elliott, FOUR, what a shot! Morkel misses the length and bowls a juciy full ball outside off stump, Elliott doesn't try to over-hit the ball, just lofts it over extra-cover and it races away for four

39.5 - Tahir to Ronchi, FOUR, what a shot! Just a flick of the wrists and away she went, someone would say! Flatter delivery on the leg stump, Ronchi flicks with a strong bottom hand grip and hits it over mid-wicket to pick up a much needed boundary

37.0 - de Villiers to Corey Anderson, FOUR, short and pulled in the air, more importantly pulled in the gap. Anderson wasn't impressed after playing the shot and shook his head as he knew it was airborne and not too far away from Amla, who moved to his left. Short and down the leg-side, Anderson sends it between backward square leg and short fine leg

35.4 - Tahir to Elliott, FOUR, excellent hit to bring up fifty. Flighted delivery outside off stump, Elliott doesn't try to over-hit the ball, just lofts it over extra-cover with the spin and gets four more. Big cheer from the capacity Eden Park crowd

35.1 - Tahir to Corey Anderson, FOUR, short and outside off stump, cut very hard, Amla dives full length to his left but it's not good enough. Amla moved from cover-point but Anderson hit it in the gap

34.5 - M Morkel to Corey Anderson, FOUR, goes aerial, there is no one at long-off and it's a misfield as well. Fullish delivery outside off stump, Anderson goes for the loft, he was looking to go straight but the bat turned in his hands and it went wide of mid-off, AB gave chase from mid-off, he dived very early, the ball hit his elbow and then the knee pushed the ball to the rope. AB is very disappointed

32.1 - M Morkel to Corey Anderson, FOUR, smashed! Full and outside off stump, Anderson drives very hard, mid-off was very square and he had no chance. That was hit with immense power

32.0 - Steyn to Elliott, FOUR, Morne Morkel can't stop it at third man. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, Elliott guides it gently, the Giraffe runs to his right, tries to stop it with his right hand, but the pace on the ball was too much for him and he couldn't make a clean stop

26.4 - Philander to Elliott, FOUR, full and in the slot, an excellent front foot drive and even a full length dive to the left by the fielder at cover wasn't good enough. Elliott didn't try to over hit the ball, just timed it to perfection and it raced away. Philander bowled three dots balls in the over, but all the good work has been undone

23.5 - Duminy to Elliott, FOUR, poor bowling from Duminy. Darts it in just outside leg, Elliott goes down on one knee and sweeps it hard and fine, Miller had 10 metres to move and he couldn't get there as the ball rocketed to the fence

23.2 - Duminy to Corey Anderson, FOUR, Anderson should look to be positive. Quicker on leg-stump, Anderson goes quickly onto his knee and sweeps it behind square, there was a fielder in the deep but he was a mere spectator as that was hit hard

22.5 - Philander to Corey Anderson, FOUR, that should make him feel better, pitched up around off, Anderson presents the full face of the bat and drives it past Elliott, the fielder at mid-off was square and he couldn't cut that off

20.1 - M Morkel to Elliott, FOUR, fabulous shot! But it looked a bit pre-meditated. Back of a length delivery on off, Elliott shuffles a long way across and glances it fine, beats the man in the deep. He just used the pace of Morkel there

19.0 - Steyn to Ross Taylor, FOUR, top shot to end the over. Full and on off, it was not a bad delivery, just that it was a tad overpitched, Taylor got well forward and flicked it beautifully to the right of mid-on, the timing was excellent as the ball raced away to the fence

17.2 - Tahir to Elliott, FOUR, nice way to open the account, Tahir had his hands on his head, but Elliott had played that well, flighted on off, Elliott kneels down and kneels down and paddles it to the fine leg fence

16.3 - Philander to Ross Taylor, FOUR, Miller is not happy with himself, he hits the turf hard with hand in disappointment. Short from Philander, Taylor fetches it from outside off and pulls it in front of square, Miller runs to his left from deep square, dives full length and pulls it in, but the ball hits his right hand and rolls away to the fence

16.1 - Philander to Guptill, FOUR, superb shot! Guptill almost took off Taylor's head. Fullish delivery on off and middle, Guptill presents the full face of the bat and hammers it past the non-striker, mid-on inside the ring had no chance

10.3 - M Morkel to Ross Taylor, FOUR, bad delivery from Morkel. Short and wide, plenty of width on offer, Taylor pounces onto it, he goes back and cuts it in front of square on the off-side, no sweeping on the off-side

9.4 - Duminy to Ross Taylor, FOUR, Duminy errs in line and Taylor makes him pay for that. Quicker and on leg-stump, bowled at 87.4kph, Taylor kneels down and paddles it fine, no chance for the short fine fielder to stop that

8.4 - M Morkel to Williamson, FOUR, lovely shot! It was trifle short and Williamson was onto it in a flash. He goes back and pulls it in front of square to the right of mid-on, the timing was superb as the ball raced away

7.5 - Philander to Guptill, FOUR, fullish on off, Guptill goes for the flick, the bat turns in his hands, he wanted to go through mid-wicket, but the ball goes behind square, Morkel doesn't even bother to chase it from fine leg

4.5 - Steyn to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, McCullum is toying with the field now. This is a terrific shot from the skipper. Fuller and around off, McCullum opens the bat face at the last instant, drives it between point and cover, the ball speeds away to the fence

4.4 - Steyn to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, this is carnage at Eden Park. The premier fast bowler in the world is being taken to the cleaners. Low full toss down leg, McCullum gets some wood and tickles it fine, fielder in the ring and it is easy pickings

4.2 - Steyn to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, brute power! This is all muscle from the Kiwi skipper. Steyn has a wry smile on his face. Short of a length delivery, McCullum advances down the wicket and flat-bats it to the right of mid-off, ABD could only watch it go past him

4.0 - M Morkel to Guptill, FOUR, Morkel bowls a juicy full ball on middle and leg, Guptill says thank you very much and puts it away. He leans forward and flicks it elegantly, the timing on that takes it to the fence

3.4 - M Morkel to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, even mistimed shots are going to the boundary. McCullum was waiting for the short of length delivery, he swivels and toe-ends the pull through mid-wicket. Even though it rained, the ball travels to the fence

3.1 - M Morkel to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, McCullum greets Morkel to the crease with a boundary. Short of a length, McCullum goes back and pulls it over mid-on, goes on the bounce to the rope. He almost took out the camerman there

2.5 - Steyn to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, South Africa are bowling to McCullum's strength. Short and plenty of room on offer, McCullum flays it just over mid-off, ABD runs to his left, jumps up but can't reach

2.0 - Philander to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, poor first over from Philander. Baz has straightaway put pressure on him. Remember he is playing his first game after many days. Back of a length delivery, McCullum gets inside the line and whips it behind square leg, fine leg was inside the ring and that was easy pickings

1.3 - Philander to Brendon McCullum, FOUR, Philander not learning from his mistakes. Keeps it short of length on off and middle, McCullum pulls it in front of square, didn't get it off the middle, hence the ball didn't travel the distance

1.1 - Philander to Brendon McCullum, byes, FOUR, Philander sees the batsman skip out of the crease, digs it in short, McCullum decides to take it on, but the ball get big on him, he misses and QDK can't reach it even with a leap. Bonus runs for New Zealand

42.5 - Steyn to Elliott, SIX, New Zealand have qualified for a World Cup final for the first time. What a blow from Elliott. What an innings he's played. Look at that roar from the Eden Park crowd. Ian Smith goes berserk on air. Short of a length delivery from Steyn, a shocking ball at this stage of the innings, Elliott takes his front leg out of the way and smashes it high over long-on. AB de Villiers is down on his knees. Oh my word! This is heartbreak for South Africa. Such a good team they have, but they somehow did not manage to hold their nerve under pressure. Morne Morkel is crying. Parnell consoles Morkel. Faf du Plessis looks gutted as well

38.4 - de Villiers to Elliott, SIX, in the airrrr and all the way! Timely hit this from Elliott. Too short from de Villiers, no pace whatsoever to trouble the batsman, who rocks back and pulls it high over deep square leg

34.1 - M Morkel to Elliott, SIX, has he hit that well enough? Yes, he has! Short of a length delivery just outside off stump, Elliott slogs across the line and sends it high over deep square leg, there is no one in the deep and that is a safe shot. Great start to the over for the Black Caps

29.0 - Duminy to Corey Anderson, SIX, he's lost it! A friendly full toss and Anderson is not going to miss out. South Africa will have to be very tight with the ball if they are to pull this off, can't offer freebies and Anderson has absolutely smashed this over long-off

25.0 - Philander to Corey Anderson, SIX, horrible delivery from Philander, he once again releases the pressure off the last ball. Banged in short, not much pace on that, Anderson rocks back and muscles the pull over deep square. That was hit flat and travelled all the way

11.3 - Duminy to Guptill, SIX, that is a typical Guptill shot. He doesn't bother to watch the ball. Floated up on off, Guptill kneels down and slog sweeps it into the crowd at deep mid-wicket. He only saw the ball when it was sailing into the crowd

4.3 - Steyn to Brendon McCullum, SIX, What a man! McCullum gets to his 31st ODI fifty in just 22 balls. Banged in halfway down the wicket, McCullum rocks back and pulls it over backward square, the crowd are enjoying the onslaught. He raises the bat and acknowledges the applause from the Eden Park faithfuls

4.1 - Steyn to Brendon McCullum, SIX, monster hit! McCullum is tearing the South African bowling apart. The 50 comes up in just the 5th over. Gives the charge to Steyn, converts it into a length delivery, he hammers it straight down the ground and it is the biggest six of the game

1.2 - Philander to Brendon McCullum, SIX, can't bowl short to Baz, it was on leg-stump as well, McCullum swivels across and pulls it over backward square for his second six. He is up and running already and so is this crowd

0.4 - Steyn to Brendon McCullum, SIX, what a way to get going. Shortish and sat up nicely for Baz outside off, McCullum stands up and forehands it over extra cover, short boundaries carry the ball all the way

40.1 - Steyn to Ronchi, out Caught by Rossouw!! What have you done Luke Ronchi? A nothing shot and it's a simple catch at deep square leg. He can't believe it! Short of a length delivery on the leg stump, a harmless ball in fact, Ronchi flicks but doesn't bother to keep it down, the fielder waits for the ball to come and swallows it easily. Maybe Ronchi was trying to go over mid-wicket. Anyway, Steyn has given a breakthrough for South Africa at a crucial time. Ronchi c Rossouw b Steyn 8(7) [4s-1]

38.0 - M Morkel to Corey Anderson, out Caught by du Plessis!! Is there a twist in the tale? This is the just the breakthrough South Africa wanted at this stage. Slower delivery shortish and outside off stump, Anderson goes for the pull but gets a top edge, it goes high in the air, square leg settles under it and holds on to the skier. That was a very good catch from Faf, who had his hands outstretched in joy, while he was flat on the ground. Faf is pumped and he gets a pat from Steyn. Oh hang on! They are checking if the ball hit the spider cam. Anderson is waiting near the boundary. Not sure if the ball flicked the string on its way down. The third umpire says it's fine and Anderson has to go. Remember, if the ball had touched the wire, it would have been a dead ball. End of a terrific knock from the all-rounder. Corey Anderson c du Plessis b M Morkel 58(57) [4s-6 6s-2]

21.4 - Duminy to Ross Taylor, out Caught by de Kock!! The part-timer has struck. QDK went up straightaway and the umpire obliged. Another big wicket for South Africa and they keep plugging away. It was touch quicker and turned as well, Taylor looks to glance, but gets it too fine, QDK moves quickly to his left and hangs onto a good catch. Ross Taylor c de Kock b Duminy 30(39) [4s-4]

17.1 - Tahir to Ross Taylor, out Guptill Run Out!! A wicket gifted away by New Zealand. The double centurion from the previous game has been sent back. There is always tension when Taylor is running. He taps the leg break towards point, takes a couple of steps and hesitates, Guptill was late to take off, Amla moves forward, picks up the ball and under-arms it to QDK, who does the rest. Taylor was distraught as he saw Guptill not making his ground. This could just be the turning point in the game. Guptill run out (Amla/de Kock) 34(38) [4s-3 6s-1]

8.5 - M Morkel to Williamson, out Bowled!! Dragged on! Once again Morkel provides the crucial breakthrough for South Africa. Williamson is a disappointed man as he hangs his head back as soon as he heard the death rattle. Short of a length around off, Williamson went for the pull, it was too close to his body, the inside edge finds its way back onto the stumps. The Proteas are right back in it. Williamson b M Morkel 6(11) [4s-1]

6.1 - M Morkel to Brendon McCullum, out Caught by Steyn!! "Game on Doully", says Graeme Smith on air. Huge moment in the game and the South Africans know it. Steyn throws the ball up after completing the catch. He knows the importance of this wicket. It was a short of length delivery, McCullum comes down the track, goes leg-side and flat-bats, he was trying to go over mid-on, can't get the elevation and offers a simple catch to Steyn. Brendon McCullum c Steyn b M Morkel 59(26) [4s-8 6s-4]

42.0 - M Morkel to Elliott, 2 runs, he's mistimed it. And ohhhh! Behardien was right under the ball but Duminy came right across him and they spill it. Behardien had it covered. It was an easy catch for him but Duminy dived in front of him and put his mate off. Short delivery outside off stump, Elliott mistimes the pull high in the air, it should have been a wicket, but Duminy collided with Behardien. Meanwhile, both the Black Caps batsmen were ball watching and weren't running for a while

40.3 - Steyn to Elliott, 2 runs, oh dear, Quinton de Kock. A run-out chance goes begging. Short of a length delivery on the leg stump, Elliott flicks it to backward square leg and wants two, rushes back, Rossouw fires a good throw adjacent to the stumps but in anxiety, de Kock fumbled and whipped the bails off without the ball. Elliott was well short despite a full length dive

35.2 - Tahir to Corey Anderson, 1 run, a sensational fifty under pressure from the youngster. He's scored at a brisk pace as well. This is his 4th ODI fifty. Flighted delivery outside off stump, Anderson drives it to long-off and raises his bat to acknowledge the applause

5.4 - Tahir to Guptill, no run, flighted on off and middle, Guptill kneels down and misses the sweep, is struck on the back thigh. Tahir thought he had his man, so did QDK as the pair asked ABD to go for the review. Hawk-Eye showed that the ball pitched in-line and was going over the stumps. That was a top decision from umpire Tucker

2.2 - Steyn to Guptill, 1 run, run-out chance missed! Guptill was out by a long way. It just needed a direct hit. Good length ball around off, Guptill taps it towards point, sets off before being sent back, Duminy runs to his right and fires at the striker's end, Guptill was not even in the picture. They collect an overthrow as there was no one backing up